How many seats are in a row at the Smoothie King Center?

The Smoothie King Center, located in New Orleans, Louisiana, is home to the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans. With a capacity of over 16,000 for basketball games, the Smoothie King Center is an impressive venue that hosts not only Pelicans games but also major concerts and events.

Quick Answer

There are typically 22 seats in a row at the Smoothie King Center for Pelicans games.

Seating Capacity

The Smoothie King Center has a maximum seating capacity of 16,867 for basketball games. This includes over 14,000 lower bowl seats and about 2,400 upper bowl seats. The lower and upper bowls are divided into seating sections, with rows of seats in each section.

Lower Bowl Seating

The lower bowl at the Smoothie King Center contains all seats between rows A and O, excluding luxury suites and club seating areas. Lower bowl seats start right near courtside and go up into the upper sections of the lower level. There are generally between 22 and 24 seats in each row in the lower bowl sections.

Upper Bowl Seating

The upper bowl sections at the Smoothie King Center include rows P through V. These upper sections have a steeper incline than the lower bowl. Rows in the upper bowl typically have around 22 seats as well.

Number of Seats Per Row

The exact number of seats per row can vary slightly depending on the location within the Smoothie King Center. However, most rows will have 22 or 24 seats, with 22 seats being the most common.

Courtside and Lower Bowl

In the first few rows on the floor level and lower sections, there may be fewer seats in each row. For example, the courtside rows right next to the court may have around 16 to 20 seats. As you go up into the lower bowl, rows typically have 22 or 24 seats.

Upper Bowl

The upper bowl has a more uniform layout, with most rows having 22 seats. There are no major fluctuations in seats per row as you go around the upper level.

End Sections

The end sections along the sidelines on both levels may also have slightly fewer seats per row, due to space limitations. End stage seats sometimes have 20 seats per row instead of 22.

Factors Impacting Number of Seats Per Row

There are a few architectural factors that can impact the number of seats that fit into each row at the Smoothie King Center:

  • Stadium layout – The curved oval shape and seating tiers limit space for seats.
  • Aisle placements – Aisles breaking up sections also limit the number of seats.
  • Seat width – Wider, more comfortable seats take up more space per row.
  • Access points – Entryways into seating sections also break up seat rows.
  • ADA compliant seating – Handicapped accessible seats may take up space in a row.

Keeping seat rows manageable in size is important for fan comfort and ability to navigate. The architects and stadium planners have optimized the number of seats per row taking these kinds of factors into consideration for the Smoothie King Center.

Pelicans Games

For New Orleans Pelicans home games, the capacity at the Smoothie King Center is 16,867. The NBA court and team benches take up space on the arena floor, which reduces seating for basketball compared to other events. A full house for a Pelicans game still creates an incredible atmosphere with thousands of screaming fans supporting the team.

Lower Bowl Seating

In the lower bowl, Pelicans season ticket holders and other fans are seated in sections 101 to 118. There are between 22 and 24 seats in most rows for Pelicans games in the lower sections surrounding the court.

Upper Bowl Seating

In the upper bowl for Pelicans games, fans are seated in sections 301 to 325. Upper bowl rows also predominantly have 22 seats across each individual row. Whether sitting courtside or in the upper deck, Pelicans fans are guaranteed an excellent view of the action.

Other Events

The full capacity of the Smoothie King Center is utilized for major concerts and other entertainment events. When the arena floor is configured for a stage and floor seating, the maximum capacity can be over 18,000.


For major concerts at the arena, extra floor seating is added in front of the stage on the arena floor. This allows anywhere from 1,000 to over 3,000 additional seats on the floor level, increasing overall capacity.

Other Sports and Events

Other sporting events may also use the full arena capacity. The Smoothie King Center can be configured for arena football, professional wrestling events, UFC fights, and more. Row seat numbers are typically similar to Pelicans games for most other sporting events.

Family Shows

Family shows like Disney on Ice also utilize all the seating. For these types of events, the whole floor may be used for reserved seating, allowing maximum capacity upwards of 18,000.

Seating Charts

Detailed seating charts for Pelicans games and other events show the exact layout of each section and number of seats per row at the Smoothie King Center. Fans can check out the charts on the arena website when looking to purchase tickets.

Pelicans Seating Chart

The Pelicans seating chart shows the lower and upper bowl sections, courtside seats, club areas, and suite levels. The lower bowl row seat numbers are visible, highlighting that most rows have 22-24 seats.

Concert Seating Chart

For concerts, floor seats are added and overall capacity is increased. Lower and upper bowl seat rows remain similar to Pelicans games in terms of seat numbers per row.

Row Seat Numbers by Section

The exact row seat totals per section at the Smoothie King Center are:

Section Number of Seats Per Row
Lower Bowl Sideline 22
Lower Bowl Corner 22
Lower Bowl Baseline 24
Upper Bowl Sideline 22
Upper Bowl Corner 22
Upper Bowl Baseline 22

This breakdown shows that the baseline sections in the lower bowl have slightly more seats, at 24 per row. Otherwise, 22 seats per row is standard in most areas.

Courtside Seats

Courtside seats at the Smoothie King Center are the most coveted spots for Pelicans games. There are under 150 courtside seats surrounding the court.

Rows A-C

The first few rows right up next to the court have between 16 and 20 seats per row. These seats start at row A and go up to row C before expanding out further away from the court.

Premium Experience

Courtside seats provide an incredible viewing experience, putting fans right in the middle of the action. Courtside ticket holders also get access to exclusive lounge areas. Pelicans players even occasionally interact with fans seated courtside during games.

Limited Availability

With less than 150 total seats, single game courtside tickets are hard to come by. Most courtside seats for Pelicans games are owned by season ticket holders or businesses. Getting courtside seats generally requires knowing a season ticket holder willing to sell their tickets.

Club Seats and Suites

In addition to the main bowl seating sections, the Smoothie King Center has premium club seats and luxury suites.

The Loft

The Loft is a club area with around 400 premium seats located on an exclusive balcony level. Seats are accessed via private club entrances and include in-seat food and beverage service.


There are 70 luxury suites located on the suite level of the Smoothie King Center. Suites accommodate anywhere from 10 to 24 guests with an exclusive viewing area inside the suite and premium amenities.

VIP Treatment

Club seats and suites give fans a VIP experience at Pelicans games and events. With premium amenities, relaxed seating areas, and exclusive lounges, these seats provide an elevated level of comfort and service.

Wheelchair and Accessible Seating

There are dedicated wheelchair and accessible seating areas located throughout the Smoothie King Center. These seats comply with ADA standards for accessibility.

Lower and Upper Bowl

Both the lower and upper bowl have designated wheelchair seating platforms and companion seats. These are positioned in sections near entry gates for easy access.


There is dedicated wheelchair seating courtside as well, providing floor level access. Courtside wheelchair spots have customizable platforms.


Information on purchasing accessible seating and additional services for guests with disabilities can be found on the arena accessibility webpage. This includes services like ASL interpretation, assistive listening devices, and more.


Most seating rows in the Smoothie King Center have 22 seats. This standard number of seats per row can be found throughout the lower and upper bowl areas for New Orleans Pelicans games and most arena events. Factors like the curved oval shape of the arena limit space available for extensive seat rows. Strategic aisle and entryway placements also break up long rows of seating. The total capacity can be over 18,000 with floor seating, allowing the Smoothie King Center to accommodate major concerts and performances. Understanding the layout and number of seats per row helps fans pick the perfect spot to experience the energy and excitement the arena has to offer.

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