How many pounds is 1000 Nectar points worth?

Quick Answer

1000 Nectar points are worth around £5 in cash value at most major UK supermarkets and stores. However, the exact monetary value depends on how you choose to redeem the points. Nectar points can be redeemed for money off at Sainsbury’s, or for rewards like flights and experiences.

How the Nectar loyalty scheme works

Nectar is a loyalty scheme run by Sainsbury’s in partnership with other major brands like British Airways and Expedia. Customers collect Nectar points when they shop at participating stores, with 1 Nectar point typically being worth 0.5p. Points can then be redeemed in various ways:

  • Redeem for money off shopping at Sainsbury’s – each point is worth 0.5p, so 1000 points gives you £5 off your shop
  • Redeem for flights with British Airways – points are worth 0.8p to 1.6p each depending on cabin class
  • Redeem for activities, days out and experiences – points are worth around 0.4p to 0.7p each
  • Redeem for donations to charity – points are worth 0.5p each

So in summary, 1000 Nectar points are worth around £5 if redeemed for money off Sainsbury’s shopping. But the value can range from £4 to £16 depending on how you choose to redeem them.

Earning Nectar points

There are several ways to earn Nectar points:

Shopping at Sainsbury’s

You get 1 Nectar point for every £1 spent at Sainsbury’s stores, either in-store or online. So spending £100 would earn you 100 points.

Occasionally Sainsbury’s runs bonus point events, where you can earn extra points per £1 for a limited period.

Shopping with other Nectar partners

As well as Sainsbury’s, you can collect Nectar points when shopping at other partner stores like Argos, eBay, and Expedia. The points earnings rate varies by retailer – for example, with eBay you get 1 point for every £5 spent.

Using a Nectar credit card

The Sainsbury’s Bank Nectar credit cards allow you to collect Nectar points on your everyday spending. For example, the standard Nectar card earns 1 point per £5 spent, while the dual Nectar-British Airways card earns 1.5 points per £1 spent.

Promotions and special offers

Nectar frequently runs promotions offering bonus points – for example “Earn 500 bonus points when you spend £40”. Keep an eye out for these deals to boost your points balance.

Online surveys

You can earn points by providing feedback through online surveys on the Nectar website. Each survey is worth between 50 and 400 points.

How many points can you earn per month?

How many Nectar points you can earn per month really depends on your shopping habits:

– For a regular Sainsbury’s shopper spending £200 a month, you could expect to earn around 200 points per month.

– As a rough guide, a family doing a £100 weekly grocery shop at Sainsbury’s would earn around 400 points per month.

– Buying petrol at Sainsbury’s as well could add anything from 50 to 200+ points a month.

– Using a Nectar credit card for all your spending could potentially rack up 1000s of points per month.

– Occasional eBay or online shopping through Nectar could earn an extra 50-100 per month.

So realistically, a regular user buying groceries, petrol and using a Nectar card for other purchases could potentially earn 500-1000 Nectar points per month. Avid collectors who maximise promotions and offers might exceed 1500-2000 monthly.

Tips for making the most of Nectar points

Here are some handy tips to maximise the value you get from Nectar points:

Use a Nectar credit card for all spending

As points can quickly rack up through credit card use, this is one of the easiest ways to earn. Make sure to pay off the balance each month to avoid interest charges.

Sign up for bonus partner offers

Look out for sign-up promotions offering bonus points for new customers at Nectar partner stores. Offers come and go – but signing up to all partner loyalty schemes can earn you hundreds of bonus points.

Download the Nectar app

The app makes it easy to keep track of points offers and redeem on the go. You can even scan your shopping and scan offers at Sainsbury’s to earn points automatically.

Always scan your Nectar card

It’s easy to forget, but make sure you scan your card at every opportunity – whether instore or online – so you don’t miss out on points.

Don’t forget e-receipts

If shopping online at Sainsbury’s or other partners, remember to opt-in to send e-receipts to Nectar to automatically collect points.

Shop smart and look for point boosts

Stock up on higher points earning items like fuel, pharmacy items and promotions to maximise your points per shop.

What’s the best way to redeem 1000 Nectar points?

With 1000 Nectar points to spend, here are some of the best options to get maximum value:

£5 off Sainsbury’s shopping

If redeemed for supermarket discounts, 1000 points would give you £5 off your Sainsbury’s shop. While not the highest monetary value, this is still an easy and convenient use for points.

£8 towards a British Airways flight

Using 1000 Nectar points through British Airways Executive Club would get you around £8 towards a BA flight booking. Good value for flights.

Donate £5 to charity

You can donate Nectar points to various charities at a rate of 1 point = 0.5p. It’s an easy way to give to a good cause.

300 bonus points on top

Look out for promotions offering bonus points when you redeem your points, to squeeze extra value from your points balance.

Save up longer for greater value

Rather than use 1000 points now, you could start saving towards a higher points reward like a hotel stay or flight to get more value per point.

Pros and cons of collecting Nectar points

Here are some of the key advantages and potential disadvantages of using the Nectar loyalty scheme:


  • Easy to collect points on grocery shopping at Sainsbury’s
  • Huge range of redemption options like flights and activities
  • Can rack up points quickly using Nectar credit card
  • Often bonus point promotions available
  • Points don’t expire as long as account is active


  • Redeeming for cash equivalents gives less value per point
  • Limited to earning at mostly Sainsbury’s and affiliated partners
  • Points value can vary hugely depending on redemption
  • Offers not always easy to keep track of
  • May encourage overspending to chase points

Is Nectar better than other loyalty programmes?

Nectar has some advantages over other major loyalty schemes:

More flexibility than Tesco Clubcard

While Tesco Clubcard is very similar, Nectar has a wider range of redemption options with 300+ partners like Expedia and BA. Clubcard is limited mainly to Tesco vouchers.

Better for groceries than Boots Advantage Card

While offering advantages for pharmacy purchases, the Boots scheme is not as good as Nectar for grocery shopping.

Better rewards value than My Morrisons

Morrisons loyalty points are only worth the same as Nectar when redeemed for Morrisons shopping vouchers. Nectar offers wider redemption options and bonus point deals.

More choice than Asda Rewards

The Asda Rewards scheme is purely focused on money off at Asda. Nectar offers much more flexibility.

So while not perfect, Nectar arguably offers the most convenient and flexible loyalty programme for UK grocery shoppers. The extensive partnership network gives it an advantage over competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Nectar points expire?

Nectar points don’t expire as long as you scan your card or earn points at least once every 2 years to keep your account active. If inactive for 2 years, any unused points will then expire.

Can you redeem Nectar points for cash?

No, Nectar points cannot be directly redeemed for cash. The closest option is redeeming for shopping vouchers at Sainsbury’s, where 1000 points = £5 off your shop.

How long do e-vouchers last?

When redeeming Nectar points for e-vouchers, they are valid for up to 12 months from the date of issue. Make sure to use vouchers for Sainsbury’s, eBay or other stores before they expire.

What’s the maximum Nectar points you can earn per month?

There is no official limit to how many Nectar points you can earn per month. It depends how much you spend and where. Big shoppers using a Nectar credit card could potentially earn 5000+ points monthly.

Can you use Nectar points in Sainsbury’s cafes?

Yes, Nectar points can be redeemed in Sainsbury’s Cafes by presenting either your physical Nectar card or digital card on the app at the checkout. 1 point = 1p in Cafe’s.


While the monetary value can vary, 1000 Nectar points will get you around £5 worth of reward value if used for money off Sainsbury’s shopping. But with savvy redemption via flights or experiences, the value could be almost doubled. Regular collectors could easily earn 1000 points or more per month through grocery shopping and credit card spending. Overall Nectar offers a flexible and convenient loyalty scheme for shoppers.

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