How many points do you need to qualify for Contender Cup?

The number of points needed to qualify for the Fortnite Contender Cup varies based on region and platform. Generally, you will need to earn points by placing high in matches and getting eliminations. The top scoring players will qualify for the Contender Cup finals. Here are some quick answers about points needed:

NA East Contender Cup Points

On NA East servers for the Contender Cup:

  • PC players typically need around 80-100 points to qualify
  • Console players typically need around 50-70 points to qualify

NA West Contender Cup Points

For NA West Contender Cup:

  • PC players usually need 60-80 points
  • Console players often need around 40-60 points

Europe Contender Cup Points

In the Europe region:

  • PC players need around 100-120 points
  • Console players need 70-90 points

Asia Contender Cup Points

For Asia servers:

  • PC players need 80-100 points
  • Console players need 50-70 points

Oceania Contender Cup Points

And in Oceania:

  • PC players need around 60-80 points
  • Console players need 40-60 points

Middle East Contender Cup Points

In the Middle East region:

  • PC players need around 70-90 points
  • Console players need 50-70 points

How Points are Scored

Here is how points are earned in the Contender Cup:

Placement Points
1st 25
2nd-3rd 20
4th-5th 15
6th-10th 10
11th-15th 7
16th-20th 5
21st-25th 3
26th-30th 2
31st-35th 1

You also get 1 point for each elimination. So getting high placements and getting elims is key.

Tips to Qualify

Here are some tips to help you qualify for the Contender Cup finals:

  • Play aggressively – don’t just camp or hide to placement, look for elims
  • Play for end game – make it to end circles for big placement points
  • Learn the meta – study winning strategies and use strong weapons/items
  • Find a good trio – having a solid squad will improve your coordination
  • Practice your mechanics – work on building, editing, and aim
  • VOD review your matches – analyze your mistakes to improve
  • Learn the best landing spots – choose spots with good loot and mats
  • Manage your mats well – conserve materials and farm efficiently
  • Play your life – don’t take unnecessary risks, play for endgame

Point Thresholds Each Week

The points needed to qualify will also depend on the week of the Contender Cup. Typically, later weeks require more points as more top players compete. Here are approximate thresholds each week:

Week PC Points Console Points
Week 1 60-80 40-60
Week 2 70-90 50-70
Week 3 80-100 60-80
Week 4 90-110 70-90
Week 5 100-120 80-100

As you can see, the points required gradually increase each week of the competition. So make sure to bring your A-game each week!


Here are the typical prizes for qualifying for the Contender Cup finals:

  • $2,500 awarded to each winner in finals
  • In-game cosmetic prizes
  • Opportunity to advance to higher tier Fortnite competitions

The money and cosmetic prizes are awarded to the top performers in each region during the Contender Cup finals. Doing well in the finals can also allow you to advance to larger tournaments with bigger prizes like the Champion Cup.


In summary, to qualify for the Contender Cup you’ll need to earn points through placements and elims during the qualifying weeks. The number of points needed varies based on region and platform, but is generally around 80-120 points on PC and 50-90 points on console.

Work on your skills, find a good trio, and play aggressively for elims and endgame placements. Analyze your matches to improve your strategies. The point thresholds tend to increase each week, so bring your best gameplay.

Qualifying for the Contender Cup finals gives you a chance to win cash prizes and in-game cosmetics. It can also open doors to advancing to more prestigious Fortnite competitions. Good luck in your Contender Cup matches! With practice and dedication, you can earn the points needed to qualify.

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