How many paper do you need to craft a book in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game where players can build structures, explore an open world, gather resources, craft items and engage in combat. One of the many items that players can craft in Minecraft is the book. Books allow players to document their adventures, write stories and leave notes for other players to find. But how much paper do you need to craft a book in Minecraft?

Quick Answer

You need 3 pieces of paper to craft 1 book in Minecraft. Paper is made from sugar cane which can be found near water in the Minecraft world. Each piece of sugar cane converts into 1 piece of paper. So to make a book, you need:

  • 3 sugar cane to make 3 paper
  • 1 leather to make the book cover

Combine the 3 paper and 1 leather in the crafting grid to make 1 book in Minecraft.

Collecting Sugar Cane for Paper

The first step in crafting books in Minecraft is collecting sugar cane, which can be processed into paper. Here are some tips for collecting sugar cane:

  • Look for sugar cane growing near water – it generates naturally in swamp, desert and beach biomes.
  • Sugar cane can grow up to 4 blocks tall. Harvest it when it reaches 3 blocks for maximum efficiency.
  • Replant the sugar cane after harvesting so it continues to grow.
  • Use shears to harvest sugar cane instantly – it won’t get destroyed.
  • Build an automated sugar cane farm using pistons or flowing water to harvest large amounts.

You’ll know when you have enough sugar cane when you have at least 3 pieces, since 3 sugar cane makes 3 paper.

Turning Sugar Cane into Paper

Once you’ve collected at least 3 sugar cane, you can turn it into paper to make books:

  1. Open your crafting table or inventory crafting grid.
  2. Place 1 sugar cane in any of the 9 slots. This will yield 1 piece of paper.
  3. Repeat to convert all 3 sugar cane into 3 paper.

Some key things to note when making paper:

  • Each piece of sugar cane converts to 1 paper.
  • Stacks of sugar cane will convert to full stacks of paper.
  • No fuel or other ingredients are needed, just sugar cane.

Crafting Books from Paper

Once you have 3 pieces of paper, you can combine them with leather to craft a book in Minecraft:

  1. Place the 3 paper in the middle 3×3 crafting grid slots.
  2. Place 1 leather in the bottom middle slot under the 3 paper.
  3. This will yield 1 book in the output slot.

Some tips for crafting books efficiently:

  • Set up an automated cow farm to get a steady supply of leather.
  • Craft books in bulk by keeping paper and leather in your inventory.
  • Customize books by adding titles, authors and descriptions.
  • Store books in libraries, archives or trading halls.

Where to Get Leather for Books

In addition to 3 paper, you also need 1 leather to craft each book in Minecraft. Here are some ways to get leather:

  • Cows – Breed cows and harvest their hides from adult cows. Leather drops when cows are killed.
  • Horses, Donkeys, Mules – These mobs drop 1-3 leather when killed. But take care of your live animals!
  • Llama Trader – Wandering traders sometimes offer llama hides for emeralds.
  • Chests – Check desert temple, jungle temple and woodland mansion chests for leather.
  • Fishing – Leather drops as a “junk” item from fishing.
  • Mob Farm – Build a general mob farm to collect passive mob drops like leather.

How Many Books Can You Craft from 1 Stack of Paper?

Since it takes 3 paper to craft 1 book, here is how many books you can craft from 1 stack of paper in Minecraft:

  • 1 Stack of Paper = 64 Paper
  • 3 Paper = 1 Book
  • 64 Paper / 3 Paper per Book = 21 Books and 1 Paper Left Over

So in summary, 1 full stack of 64 paper will allow you to craft 21 books, with 1 paper left over.

How Many Stacks of Paper for 1 Chest of Books?

A full double chest can hold 27 stacks of items. If you want to fill it with books, here is how much paper you would need:

  • 27 Stacks x 64 Paper per Stack = 1,728 Paper
  • 1,728 Paper / 3 Paper per Book = 576 Books

So you would need approximately 27 stacks or 1,728 paper to craft 576 books to fill a double chest.

Tips for Managing Large Book Projects

Creating vast libraries or archives with hundreds of customized books requires some logistics in Minecraft. Here are some tips for large book projects:

  • Build auto sugarcane and cow farms to generate passive resources.
  • Craft and store paper in bulk to reduce crafting time.
  • Set up a dedicated book crafting area with furnaces, chests and crafting tables.
  • Build an efficient storage room for organized book access and retrieval.
  • Use item frames and custom names to label and identify book contents.
  • Employ minecarts, hoppers, droppers and chest minecarts to transport books around your base.

With the right infrastructure, you can craft and manage thousands of books to create massive in-game libraries filled with unique stories and information.

Redstone Book Machines and Contraptions

The humble book has many uses beyond reading and storing information in Minecraft. Books can also be used to build complex redstone contraptions and machines. Here are some examples:

  • Hidden doors – Place books in specific patterns on lecterns or shelves to open secret passageways.
  • Item transports – Pass books via hoppers or droppers to move items around.
  • Locks – Use a written book in an item frame as a key that activates a door lock.
  • Randomizers – Load books with codes into a shuffle system to generate random outputs.
  • Messaging – Write books to other players and pass them via hopper or rail systems.

With enough books and some redstone know-how, you can construct all kinds of unique book-based builds in your world.

Book and Quill vs Written Book in Minecraft

There are two main types of books you can craft in Minecraft:

  • Book and Quill – An editable book you can write in but not read. Uses an ink sac and feather.
  • Written Book – A finished, readable book. Crafted from a book and quill or just paper/leather.

The main differences between book and quill vs written book:

Book and Quill Written Book
Can be edited and rewritten Content is fixed and read-only
Does not render text visibility Displays text when opened or in item frames
Uses ink sacs as “ink” for writing No resources needed
Mainly used for book authoring Used for reading, storing information

So in summary:

  • Use book and quill to write books.
  • Convert to written book to finalize the content.
  • Written books are used for reading and utility.

Curating Libraries and Archives

Books provide an awesome way to curate custom libraries and archives in Minecraft. Here are some tips for creating unique book collections:

  • Themes – Pick subjects like history, magic, technology to focus your library’s purpose.
  • Collaborating – Have other players write books on topics to expand your collection.
  • Organize – Use shelves, signs, item frames to organize your books by topic or author.
  • Display – Show off rare or special books in lectern stands or behind glass cases.
  • Locations – Build your library inside towers, archives below ground or aboard ships.

Libraries are a great way to document your adventures, create lore and legacy in your Minecraft world. Share your unique stories through the magic of books!

Fun Book Ideas

Beyond the informational and practical uses of books, you can also craft books just for fun in Minecraft! Some ideas:

  • Literature – Write novels, epics, poetry and other literary works.
  • Quest journals – Document adventures through books given at key story points.
  • Mazes and puzzles – Write clues and secrets that lead to hidden rewards.
  • Messages in a bottle – Send book “letters” out into the ocean for other players.
  • Histories – Craft histories of in-game events, characters and locations.
  • Sheet music – Pen your own musical compositions in book form.

By tapping into your creativity, you can craft unlimited unique books for entertainment in Minecraft’s infinite worlds.

Storing and Transporting Books

Once you start mass producing books or building vast libraries, you need to store and transport them efficiently. Some good methods include:

  • Chests – Store books in labeled chests categorically. Use shulker boxes to carry more.
  • Shelves – Bookshelves hold books nicely for compact storage.
  • Hoppers – Move books around automatically with hopper chains and minecarts.
  • Dropper systems – Retrieve specific books on demand from label-coded dropper arrays.
  • Trading – Build book trading halls to buy/sell books to villagers.

With the right storage and transportation infrastructure, you can setup extensive in-game libraries and archives across your world.

Enchanting Books

An often overlooked use of books in Minecraft is enchanting them to create special enchanted books. These allow you to add enchantments to items without using an enchantment table. To enchant books:

  1. Craft regular books from paper and leather.
  2. Place books in the enchanting table input slot.
  3. Power the enchanting table with nearby bookshelves.
  4. Use lapis lazuli and XP to enchant books.

You can get any standard enchantment on books, except for Soul Speed. Some popular options are:

  • Protection, Fire Protection, Blast Protection for defense on armor.
  • Sharpness, Smite, Bane of Arthropods for weapon attacks.
  • Efficiency, Fortune, Silk Touch for tool capabilities.

Enchanted books provide flexibility. You can apply the enchantments later or combine books in an anvil.

Trading Books with Villagers

Villagers are always interested in books and some specialized villagers will trade exclusively in books. Here’s an overview of villager book trading:

  • Librarians – Buy and sell enchanted books. Build libraries in their houses.
  • Clerics – Buy books for emeralds during tier 2 trading.
  • Cartographers – Trade paper for emeralds in tier 2 trading.
  • Fisherman – Buy books with good rod enchantments in tier 4.

Some tips for trading books with villagers:

  • Cure zombie villagers to get huge discounts on all trades, including books.
  • Level up librarians and clerics for the best book offers.
  • Make sure you have lots of emeralds before trading!


Books are incredibly useful items in Minecraft for documenting adventures, creating lore, building machines and more. To craft books, you need 3 paper and 1 leather. Paper comes from sugar cane, while leather can be collected from cows and other mobs. One stack of paper yields 21 books, so you need around 27 stacks to fill a double chest with books. Books open up endless possibilities through writing, libraries, transportation systems, villager trading and enchanting. Unleash your creativity by filling the infinite Minecraft worlds with written works!

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