How many Pampers size 1 should I buy?

Quick Answers

The number of Pampers size 1 diapers needed depends on how often your baby needs changing and how many you want to stock up on. Here are some quick estimates:

  • For 1 day’s use – plan on 8-12 diapers
  • For 1 week’s use – plan on 56-84 diapers
  • For 2 weeks’ use – plan on 112-168 diapers
  • For 1 month’s use – plan on 240-360 diapers

Read on for more details on how to estimate your needs and stock up smartly.

How Many Diapers Does a Newborn Use Per Day?

Newborns need their diapers changed 8-12 times per day on average. Here are some factors that affect how often they need changing:

  • How much they eat – more feedings means more dirty diapers!
  • Whether they are breastfed or formula-fed – breastfed babies often poop more frequently
  • Diaper material – super absorbent diapers like Pampers hold more so need less frequent changes
  • Baby’s age – newborns under 6 weeks may need up to 12 changes per day

As a general rule of thumb, plan on changing your newborn’s diapers:

  • Every 1-3 hours during the day
  • Every 3-4 hours at night

This averages out to about 8-12 diaper changes per day.

Diapering Frequency by Age

Here’s a guide to how often babies need their diapers changed at different ages:

Age Average Diaper Changes Per Day
Newborn (0-6 weeks) 8-12 changes
2 months 8-10 changes
4 months 8 changes
6 months 6-8 changes
9-12 months 6-7 changes

As babies get older and start eating solid foods, their bowel movements tend to become less frequent, allowing you to go longer between diaper changes.

How Many Newborn Diapers Do I Need Each Day?

Based on the estimate of 8-12 diaper changes per day, here’s a simple guide for how many newborn diapers you’ll need each day:

  • 8 diapers per day – plan for the low end if your baby doesn’t pee/poop frequently
  • 10 diapers per day – a safe average amount for most newborns
  • 12 diapers per day – plan for the high end if your baby is very frequent

10 diapers per day is a reasonable average for most newborn babies. However, every baby is different. Track your own newborn’s needs for a few days to get a personalized estimate.

Diapering Needs by Weight

As a rough estimate, you can plan for about 2-3 diapers per pound of body weight each day for newborns. So if your baby weighs:

  • 7 lbs – plan for 14-21 diapers per day
  • 8 lbs – plan for 16-24 diapers per day
  • 9 lbs – plan for 18-27 diapers per day
  • 10 lbs – plan for 20-30 diapers per day

Again, 10 diapers per day is a safe average, but monitor your specific baby’s needs.

How Many Diapers Will I Need for One Week?

To estimate how many newborn diapers you’ll need for one week’s use:

  • Take your daily diaper usage amount
  • Multiply by 7 days

So if your baby uses 10 diapers per day, you would need approximately:

10 diapers x 7 days = 70 diapers per week

Here are some estimates based on different daily diaper usage amounts:

  • 8 diapers/day x 7 days = 56 diapers per week
  • 10 diapers/day x 7 days = 70 diapers per week
  • 12 diapers/day x 7 days = 84 diapers per week

As a general rule of thumb, plan on having 56-84 size 1 diapers on hand per week for a newborn.

Adjusting Your Diaper Supply

Monitor your baby’s actual diaper usage during their first couple weeks. If you notice you’re running low during the week, adjust your weekly supply up. It’s smart to have extra on hand.

How Many Diapers Will I Need for 2 Weeks?

To estimate your newborn diaper needs for 2 weeks, simply:

  • Take the amount needed per week
  • Multiply by 2

So using the example above of needing 70 diapers per week:

70 diapers x 2 weeks = 140 diapers for 2 weeks

Based on average newborn usage amounts, here are some estimates for 2 week’s supply:

  • 56 per week x 2 = 112 diapers
  • 70 per week x 2 = 140 diapers
  • 84 per week x 2 = 168 diapers

Plan on having 112-168 size 1 diapers available for a 2 week newborn supply.

How Many Diapers Will I Need for 1 Month?

You can estimate your newborn’s diaper needs for 1 month by:

  • Taking the amount needed per week
  • Multiplying by 4 weeks in a month

Using our example of 70 per week:

70 diapers x 4 weeks = 280 diapers for 1 month

Here are some estimates based on different weekly amounts:

  • 56 per week x 4 weeks = 224 diapers
  • 70 per week x 4 weeks = 280 diapers
  • 84 per week x 4 weeks = 336 diapers

Plan on having 224-336 size 1 diapers available for your newborn’s first month at home.

Buying Diapers for Multiple Months

Stocking up on 2-3 months’ supply of newborn diapers at once means fewer shopping trips. Just take the 1 month estimates above and multiply accordingly.

For example, for a 3 month supply buying 280 per month:

280 x 3 months = 840 diapers for 3 months

How Many Diapers Should I Buy for Hospital?

The hospital will provide all the diapers your newborn needs during your stay after delivery. But here are some tips for what to bring:

  • Pack about 6 diapers in your hospital bag to have extras just in case
  • Bring 1 travel pack of wipes
  • If using cloth diapers, pack 3-6 with travel wipe cloths

You don’t need to buy diapers specifically for your hospital stay – focus on having enough for when you get home!

What Size Diapers Do I Buy?

For newborns:

  • Under 10 lbs – buy newborn size
  • 8-14 lbs – buy size 1

However, all babies are shaped differently. Try both newborn and size 1 when you first bring your baby home. See which fits better around their waist and legs.

If the diaper doesn’t fully contain leaking, size up. Move to the next size when there’s less than one inch of room at the waist.

Weight Ranges by Diaper Size

Diaper Size Weight Range
Newborn Up to 10 lbs
Size 1 8-14 lbs
Size 2 12-18 lbs
Size 3 16-28 lbs
Size 4 22-37 lbs
Size 5 Over 27 lbs
Size 6 Over 35 lbs

Go up in size as your baby’s weight increases. Diaper sizes are generally based on weight, not age.

Buy Diaper Brands You Trust

All major diaper brands like Pampers, Huggies, and Luvs are highly effective at containing messes. To choose, consider:

  • Fit – Try different brands on your baby and see which fits best around legs and waist
  • Price – Compare cost per diaper between brands and shop sales/bulk packs
  • Special features – Look for wetness indicators, absorbency layers, stretch sides, etc

Pampers Swaddlers are a top choice for many parents because of their snug fit, umbilical cord cutout, and color-changing wetness indicator.

Recommended Diaper Brands

Brand Key Features
Pampers Swaddlers Umbilical cord cutout, wetness indicator, 12-hour protection
Huggies Little Snugglers Gentle on newborn skin, pocketed waistband, leakage protection
Luvs Ultra Leakguards Nightlock lining, moisture strips, money-back guarantee
Seventh Generation Free of dyes/fragrances/chlorine, hypoallergenic

Try a brand designed specifically for newborns. Look for umbilical cord cutouts, soft fabric, and leak protection.

Stock Up on Diapers When They’re on Sale

Watch for sales on diapers at major retailers or wholesale clubs. Buying diapers on sale lets you stock up for less. Some deals to watch for:

  • Buy 1, Get 1 Free or Buy 2, Get 1 Free deals at stores
  • Coupons from Pampers or Huggies websites/apps
  • Savings up to 25% off at Amazon, Target, Walmart
  • Bulk packs of 100+ diapers at warehouse stores like Costco

Sign up for rewards programs and download apps from diaper brands to receive coupons and alerts on deals.

Buying Diapers Online vs In-Store

Here’s a comparison of buying diapers online or in-store:

Online In-Store
Often cheaper prices/sales Can inspect product before buying
More selection of brands/sizes Immediate access to diapers
Convenient shopping/delivery Can buy smaller packs as needed

Online offers big bulk pack deals. In-store lets you get smaller packs on demand. Combine the two for the best value and convenience!

Make Sure to Stock Up on Wipes Too

When buying diapers, don’t forget baby wipes! You’ll go through lots of wipes for all those diaper changes.

  • Buy wipe packs with flip-top dispensers for convenience
  • Fragrance-free wipes are ideal for sensitive skin
  • Stock up when wipes go on sale – they’re often bundled with diapers
  • Travel packs are great for diaper bags and small spaces

Plan on at least 20-30 wipes per day. Buy extra packs so you never run out of these essential diapering supplies.


Estimating your newborn’s diaper needs may take some guesswork at first. Plan on having at least 8-12 diapers per day on hand in the early months. Stock up on 56-84 diapers per week, or 240-360 per month to start.

Buy quality brand name diapers in newborn or size 1. Look for sales and deals when stocking up. Make sure to get plenty of baby wipes too. With the right diapering supplies, you’ll be prepared for anything your little one dishes out!

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