How many Oz does a Brita hold?

Brita is one of the most popular brands of water filter pitchers. Their pitchers come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 5 cups up to 18 cups. But how many ounces of water does each size actually hold? In this article, we’ll break down the ounce capacity for every Brita pitcher.

Standard Brita Pitchers

Here are the ounce capacities for Brita’s standard pitcher lineup:

Brita Pitcher Ounce Capacity
Slim Pitcher (5 Cup) 40 oz
Round Pitcher (6 Cup) 48 oz
Standard Pitcher (10 Cup) 80 oz
Large Pitcher (10 Cup) 120 oz

As you can see, the capacity ranges from 40 oz for the 5-cup version up to 120 oz for the large 10-cup model. The standard 10-cup pitcher holds 80 oz.

Brita Slim Pitcher

The Brita Slim pitcher is the smallest model in their standard lineup. It has a 5 cup capacity, which equates to 40 oz. The slim design makes it great for fitting in fridge doors or other tight spaces. The filter can handle up to 40 gallons before needing a replacement.

Brita Round Pitcher

Next up is the Brita Round pitcher with a 6 cup or 48 oz capacity. It has a compact round shape that can sit nicely on refrigerator shelves. The filter provides up to 40 gallons of filtered water before a change is needed.

Brita Standard Pitcher

The Brita Standard pitcher comes in both a 10 cup and 10 cup large size. The standard model holds 80 oz of water. It features an oval shape that fits well on shelves and in fridges. One filter lasts through 120 gallons or about 2 months.

Brita Large Pitcher

For maximum capacity, go for the Brita Large pitcher which holds 120 oz or 1.5 gallons of water. It has the same oval design but scaled up to hold 50% more than the standard version. The filters have a 2 month lifespan before replacement is required.

Brita Longlast Pitchers

Brita also offers Longlast pitchers with enhanced filters that last up to 6 months or 120 gallons:

Longlast Pitcher Ounce Capacity
Round Pitcher (6 Cup) 48 oz
Standard Pitcher (10 Cup) 80 oz
Large Pitcher (10 Cup) 120 oz

The Longlast line includes the same 6-cup, 10-cup, and 10-cup large models. The capacities are identical at 48 oz, 80 oz, and 120 oz respectively. The key difference is the improved filters that only need replacing once every 6 months.

Brita Round Longlast Pitcher

The Brita Round Longlast has a 6 cup or 48 ounce capacity. It can deliver up to 120 gallons of filtered water before the filter needs changing. The compact round shape takes up minimal space in the refrigerator.

Brita Standard Longlast Pitcher

With a 10 cup capacity, the Brita Standard Longlast pitcher holds 80 ounces of water. Each filter provides up to 120 gallons of filtered water over a 6 month period. The classic oval design fits well in most fridge configurations.

Brita Large Longlast Pitcher

The Brita Large Longlast pitcher is the highest capacity option, holding 120 oz or 1.5 gallons of water. Just like the smaller Longlast models, it delivers up to 120 gallons per filter. So you get 50% more water compared to the standard version before needing a filter change.

Brita Space Saver Pitchers

Brita makes Space Saver pitchers designed to maximize capacity while taking up less shelf space. Here are the available sizes and ounces capacities:

Space Saver Pitcher Ounce Capacity
7 Cup Slim Pitcher 56 oz
10 Cup Slim Pitcher 80 oz

As you can see, even the slimmer streamlined shapes can hold decent capacities. The 7 cup model holds 56 oz while the 10 cup pitcher has an 80 oz capacity.

Brita 7 Cup Space Saver

Brita’s 7 cup Space Saver pitcher can hold 56 ounces of water while taking up minimal space. It features a slim profile that easily fits in tight fridge spots. With one filter it provides up to 40 gallons of filtered water.

Brita 10 Cup Space Saver

For just a bit more space, you can get the larger 10 cup Brita Space Saver model. It holds 80 ounces of water which is equivalent to the capacity of the traditional Brita Standard pitcher. The slim shape makes storage easy while still delivering up to 120 gallons per filter.

Brita Dispensers

Brita also makes water dispensers which sit on your counter or tabletop and hold large capacities:

Dispenser Ounce Capacity
Compact Dispenser 192 oz
Standard Dispenser 192 oz
Grand Dispenser 384 oz
UltraMax Dispenser 384 oz

Dispensers range from 192 oz (1.5 gallons) up to a massive 384 oz (3 gallons). That’s 4-6x the capacity of most pitchers!

Brita Compact Dispenser

The Brita Compact Dispenser holds 192 oz or 1.5 gallons of water. It features a slim countertop-friendly design. Each filter can handle up to 120 gallons before needing replacement. An LED indicator lets you know when it’s time to change the filter.

Brita Standard Dispenser

The Brita Standard Dispenser matches the capacity of the compact model at 192 oz or 1.5 gallons. It has a wider body that still fits nicely on a counter or tabletop. Like the compact version, it delivers 120 gallons per filter.

Brita Grand Dispenser

Step up to the Brita Grand Dispenser for double the capacity at 384 oz or 3 gallons of filtered water. The larger reservoir means less frequent refilling. It uses the same filters as the smaller models, each one handling up to 120 gallons.

Brita UltraMax Dispenser

With the same 384 oz capacity as the Grand model, the UltraMax Dispenser can hold a whopping 3 gallons of water! A top-mounted reservoir allows for easy refilling. It also uses Brita’s advanced filters that last for 120 gallons.

Brita Bottles

In addition to pitchers and dispensers, Brita makes reusable plastic bottles in various sizes:

Bottle Ounce Capacity
Standard 18 oz bottle 18 oz
Standard 26 oz bottle 26 oz
Metro 26 oz bottle 26 oz
Metro 40 oz bottle 40 oz

Options range from 18 oz portable sizes up to 40 oz large bottles. The Metro series features soft-sided designs.

Brita 18 oz Standard Bottle

The 18 oz Brita bottle holds 18 ounces and fits in most cupholders. It comes with a looping cap for easy grabbing and a filtered straw to get clean water on the go. Replaceable filters last up to 3 months.

Brita 26 oz Standard Bottle

With a 26 oz capacity, this Brita bottle can hold over 1.5 cups of water. An ergonomic design makes the bottle easy to hold and drink from. Each replaceable filter provides up to 40 gallons of purified water.

Brita 26 oz Metro Bottle

The Brita Metro bottle has a soft, squeezable body that holds 26 ounces of water. An included carrying loop and sport cap allow for easy transport. Metro filters last through 40 gallons before needing a change.

Brita 40 oz Metro Bottle

Maximize your portable water capacity with the 40 oz Brita Metro bottle. The soft-sided design can collapse down when empty for easy storage. It comes with two filter options for customization – a 40 gallon sport filter or 120 gallon advanced filter.

Specialty Brita Pitchers

Brita also offers pitchers designed for specific needs:

Specialty Pitcher Ounce Capacity
Baby Bottle Prep Pitcher 24 oz
Slim Pitcher with 1 Filter 40 oz
Fill & Enjoy Pitcher 24 oz
Pour-Through Pitcher 64 oz

These include the Baby Bottle Prep pitcher for 24 oz, a slim 40 oz model with 1 filter, the Fill & Enjoy pitcher at 24 oz, and the Pour-Through pitcher with a 64 oz capacity.

Baby Bottle Prep Pitcher

The Brita Baby Bottle Prep Pitcher provides 24 oz of filtered water designed for mixing baby formula or cereals. The filter reduces chlorine and other contaminants, while a dispenser lid allows easy one-handed pouring.

Slim Pitcher with 1 Filter

Brita’s Slim Pitcher comes with 1 filter and holds 40 ounces of water. It features an extra slim design to save fridge space. With one filter it can produce up to 40 gallons of purified water.

Fill & Enjoy Pitcher

The Fill & Enjoy pitcher combines a 24 oz capacity with an easy-fill locking lid. It comes with a filter that can handle up to 40 gallons before replacement is needed. An ergonomic handle makes lifting and pouring simple.

Pour-Through Pitcher

Brita’s Pour-Through Pitcher has a 64 ounce capacity. It’s designed for use with faucet filtration systems. An open lid allows you to easily fill the reservoir right from the tap. It then filters water into the lower holding tank.

Replacement Brita Filters

After reaching the end of a filter’s lifespan, Brita offers several replacement filter options:

Filter Pitcher Compatibility
Standard Filters Most pitchers
Longlast Filters Longlast pitchers
Advanced Filters Select pitchers and dispensers
Bottle Filters Brita bottles
Faucet Filters Faucet filtration systems

The most widely compatible are the Standard filters which work with most Brita pitchers. Longlast, Advanced, Bottle, and Faucet filters are designed for their respective systems. All provide 6+ months or 120+ gallons of use.


Brita pitchers come in a wide range of sizes from compact 5-cup models up to 18-cup dispensers. The ounce capacity ranges from just 40 ounces for the smallest pitchers up to a massive 384 ounces for dispensers. Standard pitchers typically hold between 48 and 80 ounces. Specialized models like baby prep pitchers and pour-through pitchers offer 24-64 ounce capacities. And don’t forget Brita bottles which range from 18-40 ounces. So whether you need just a little cold filtered water or enough to service an entire family or office, Brita has a pitcher or bottle to meet your needs.

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