How many ounces is in a cream cheese brick?

Cream cheese is a popular softened cheese with a creamy texture that is often used in cooking and baking. It comes packaged in foil-wrapped rectangular bricks. But how many ounces are actually in a standard cream cheese brick?

Quick Answer

A standard brick of cream cheese contains 8 ounces of cream cheese. Most major cream cheese brands like Philadelphia cream cheese sell their cream cheese in 8 ounce brick packages.

What is Cream Cheese?

Cream cheese is a soft, mild-flavored fresh cheese made from milk and cream. It has a smooth, creamy, spreadable texture. Cream cheese is not naturally matured and is not aged or ripened. It has a higher fat content than other cheeses, typically around 33% milkfat. Philadelphia cream cheese and New York style cream cheese are among the most popular brands. Cream cheese has a slightly tangy, yet sweet flavor and is versatile being used in many sweet and savory applications.

How is Cream Cheese Made?

Cream cheese is made by mixing milk and cream and heating it slightly before adding cultures and enzymes to thicken it. The milk coagulates and separates. The curds are then drained from the whey, cooled, and stabilized. Stabilizers and salt are often added and the curds are packaged without ripening or aging. The process for making cream cheese is faster than for aged cheeses.

Types of Cream Cheese

There are several varieties of cream cheese:

  • Regular cream cheese – This is the most common. It has a smooth, creamy texture.
  • Whipped cream cheese – This has air beaten into it making it lighter and fluffier.
  • Neufchatel – This is lower in fat and calories than regular cream cheese.
  • Light or low-fat cream cheese – These have 25-30% less fat than regular cream cheese.
  • Fat-free cream cheese – These are made with skim milk and milk protein concentrate.
  • Flavored cream cheese – Popular flavors include chive and garlic, garden vegetable, cinnamon raisin, strawberry, and jalapeño pepper.

Standard Cream Cheese Brick Size

The most common size for a brick of cream cheese is 8 ounces. The standard packaging for a brick of cream cheese, like Philadelphia brand, is:

  • 8 ounces
  • 5.5 inches long x 2.5 inches wide x 1.5 inches tall

So when you buy a brick of cream cheese at the grocery store, it typically contains 8 ounces of cream cheese.

Other Cream Cheese Package Sizes

While 8 ounces is the standard brick size, cream cheese can also be found in:

  • 16 ounce packages (containing 2 – 8 ounce bricks)
  • 24 ounce logs
  • 8 ounce tubs
  • 16 ounce tubs
  • 5 pound and 20 pound bulk packages for food service

Larger cream cheese packages may be more economical per ounce compared to individually wrapped 8 ounce bricks.

Weight versus Volume Measurements

When answering the question how many ounces are in a cream cheese brick, we are using a weight ounce measurement.

An ounce when used as a unit of weight equals 28 grams. So an 8 ounce cream cheese brick weighs 226 grams.

Ounces can also be a unit of volume, where 1 fluid ounce equals 2 tablespoons or 29.5 ml. However cream cheese packaging refers to weight ounces, not fluid volume ounces.

U.S. Cream Cheese Packages Use Imperial Ounces

The ounces listed on U.S. cream cheese packages are imperial ounces:

  • 1 imperial ounce = 28.3495 grams

This is different from a U.S. customary ounce which equals 28.35 grams.

Metric Conversions

To convert cream cheese ounces to grams, use the following equivalents:

Cream Cheese Amount Grams
8 ounce brick 226 grams
16 ounce package (2 bricks) 453 grams
24 ounce log 680 grams

Nutrition Information for 8 Ounces of Cream Cheese

Here are the basic nutrition facts for 8 ounces of regular cream cheese:

Nutrition Facts Amount
Calories 720
Fat 72g
Saturated Fat 44g
Trans Fat 1g
Cholesterol 255mg
Sodium 640mg
Carbohydrates 8g
Fiber 0g
Sugars 4g
Protein 12g

As you can see, cream cheese is high in fat, especially saturated fat. It also contains a good amount of cholesterol and sodium. Cream cheese is not a significant source of carbohydrates, fiber or protein.

Percent Daily Values*

Total Fat 111%
Saturated Fat 220%
Cholesterol 85%
Sodium 27%
Total Carbohydrate 3%

*Percent daily values are based on a 2000 calorie diet

Cream cheese provides over 100% of the daily value for saturated fat and also high amounts of total fat and cholesterol. It’s a good idea to consume cream cheese in moderation as part of an overall balanced diet.

How Many Calories in 8 Ounces of Cream Cheese?

There are 720 calories in 8 ounces of full-fat cream cheese. Here is the calorie count for other common cream cheese sizes:

Amount of Cream Cheese Calories
1 ounce 90 calories
2 ounces 180 calories
4 ounces (1/2 brick) 360 calories
8 ounce brick 720 calories
16 ounce package (2 bricks) 1440 calories

As you can see, the calories add up quickly, especially if eating a whole 8 ounce brick. Even a 2 ounce serving provides 180 calories, mostly from fat.

Reduced Fat Cream Cheese

Here are the calories for reduced fat or neufchatel cream cheese:

Amount Calories
1 ounce 45-60 calories
8 ounce brick 360-480 calories

Reduced fat cream cheese contains 25-30% less calories than regular cream cheese.

Price Per Ounce

To calculate the price per ounce, divide the package price by the total ounces:

Price Per Ounce Formula:

Package Price ÷ Total Ounces = Price Per Ounce

For example, if an 8 ounce package of cream cheese costs $2.50:

$2.50 ÷ 8 ounces = $0.31 per ounce

Buying larger packages typically provides a lower cost per ounce compared to individually wrapped bricks. However, larger packages may lead to waste if the cream cheese expires before being fully used.

Uses for Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is very versatile with both sweet and savory applications. Here are some of the most popular uses for cream cheese:

Spreads and Dips

  • Bagels – Schmear cream cheese on an everything bagel for a classic combo
  • Muffins – Top muffins with creamy cream cheese frosting or filling
  • Crackers – Spread crackers with cream cheese for an easy snack
  • Veggies – Use as a dip for raw vegetables
  • Chips – Pair with potato chips or pretzel crisps
  • Spinach dip – Mix with spinach, garlic and spices for a hot dip
  • Pizza – Dollop on pizza for added richness

Frostings and Fillings

  • Cupcakes and cakes – Fluffy cream cheese frosting is perfect for carrot, red velvet or pineapple upside down cakes
  • Stuffed French toast – Spread a layer between slices of French toast
  • Crepes – Sweeten with sugar and lemon and use as a crepe filling
  • Stuffed pancakes – Add as a sweet filling for pancakes along with fruit or chocolate
  • Coffee cakes – Swirl into batter before baking for added moisture


  • Cream cheese bread – The richness adds moisture to homemade bread
  • Scones – Fold into scone dough along with dried fruit
  • Biscuits – Layer into flaky biscuits before baking
  • Muffins – Mix into the batter for extra moisture and texture
  • Cookies – Cream cheese cookie recipes like thumbprints and rugelach use blocks of cream cheese in the dough

Savory Dishes

  • Stuffed shells or manicotti – Mix with ricotta and stuff into cooked pasta shells
  • Lasagna – Make a creamy ricotta and cream cheese lasagna filling
  • Creamed spinach – Purée cooked spinach with cream cheese, milk and seasoning for a veggie dip
  • Chicken spreads – Shred chicken and blend with cream cheese herbs and spices for sandwiches
  • Tortilla roll ups – Spread on tortillas along with veggies and meats
  • Caprese salad – Use instead of mozzarella for a creamier caprese bite


  • Cheesecake – Cream cheese is the key ingredient in creamy New York style cheesecake
  • Pies – Mix into fillings for coconut cream, banana cream, or chocolate silk pie
  • Tarts – Fill mini phyllo shells with sweetened cream cheese and fruit
  • Cannoli – Use as the filling encased in crispy fried pastry shells
  • Eclairs – Fill pasty choux shells with sweetened cream cheese
  • Halvah – Whisk cream cheese into sesame halvah for marbled texture

Cream cheese is endlessly versatile sweet or savory. An 8 ounce brick goes a long way and a little bit of creaminess can add interest to everything from frostings and dips, to main dishes and desserts.

Tips for Storing Cream Cheese

Follow these tips for best quality and food safety when storing cream cheese:

  • Keep refrigerated at 40°F or below and use by the expiration date
  • If natural separation occurs, stir gently before use
  • Once opened, rewrap tightly in plastic wrap or foil and consume within 1-2 weeks
  • To soften, remove from fridge about 30 minutes before use
  • Do not freeze bricks or blocks of cream cheese
  • Freezing changes the texture making it grainy and watery
  • Thaw frozen cream cheese in the refrigerator before using
  • Avoid temperature abuse – do not leave cream cheese out at room temperature for more than 2 hours


Is all cream cheese sold in 8 ounce packages?

No, while 8 ounces is the standard size, cream cheese can also be found in larger packages like 16 ounce logs or even 5 pound bulk packages.

How long does unopened cream cheese last?

Properly stored in the fridge, unopened cream cheese will last for 1-2 weeks past the sell by date printed on the package. Once opened, it will keep for about 1-2 weeks in the refrigerator.

Can you freeze cream cheese?

It is not recommended to freeze blocks of cream cheese. The texture becomes grainy and weepier after thawing. However, cream cheese can be frozen if incorporated into cooked dishes like casseroles.

What’s the difference between cream cheese and neufchatel?

Neufchatel is a lower fat version of cream cheese with 25-30% less fat and calories. It has a drier, firmer texture than regular cream cheese.


A brick of cream cheese typically contains 8 ounces. Knowing the standard cream cheese brick size makes it easy to portion out for any recipe. An 8 ounce block provides enough to generously frost a cake or cheesecake or to make several batches of creamy dips and spreads. Cream cheese is a versatile ingredient with the ability to make both sweet and savory dishes richer and more indulgent. From a schmear on your morning bagel to rich cream cheese frosting, an 8 ounce brick goes a long way!

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