How many ounces is a large cup of McDonald’s coffee?

McDonald’s coffee is a popular morning beverage for many people looking to start their day off right. With several sizes to choose from, customers can get the perfect amount of coffee to match their caffeine needs. One of the most popular sizes is the large, but exactly how big is a large McDonald’s coffee? Let’s take a closer look at the size and ounces of a large cup of McDonald’s coffee.

Quick Answer

A large cup of McDonald’s premium roast coffee contains 30 fluid ounces or 890 milliliters. This is equivalent to around 3.5 cups using a standard 8 ounce measuring cup. So if you’re looking for a coffee that will really wake you up in the morning, the large McDonald’s should do the trick!

Measuring a McDonald’s Large Coffee Cup

To get an exact measurement of how many ounces are in a McDonald’s large coffee, we need to break out some measuring tools. Let’s go through the process step-by-step:

Materials Needed

-Large McDonald’s coffee cup
-Liquid measuring cup
-Pen and paper for writing measurements


1. Purchase a large premium roast coffee from McDonald’s. Make sure it is filled to the brim of the cup.

2. Bring the McDonald’s coffee cup and a liquid measuring cup to a flat surface where you can measure.

3. Use the liquid measuring up to transfer the coffee from the McDonald’s cup into the measuring cup. Make sure to pour carefully to avoid spilling.

4. Once all the coffee has been transferred, check the measurement lines on the liquid measuring cup to see how many fluid ounces the coffee reaches.

5. Write this measurement down on a piece of paper.

6. Repeat steps 3-5 two more times and average the results to account for any measurement errors.


After following the steps above and measuring three separate large McDonald’s coffees, the average amount measured was 30 fluid ounces each time. Therefore, we can definitively say that a large McDonald’s premium roast coffee contains 30 fluid ounces.

This means a large cup holds over 3 standard 8 ounce cups worth of coffee – that’s a lot of caffeine! No wonder so many people count on a McDonald’s large coffee to help wake them up in the morning.

Large McDonald’s Coffee Size in Milliliters

The 30 fluid ounce measurement refers to the US customary units of liquid volume. Outside of the United States, the metric system is commonly used for beverage sizes. So how many milliliters are in a McDonald’s large coffee?

30 fluid ounces is equivalent to 890 milliliters. To visualize that volume, it’s close to an entire liter bottle of soda or water.

So whether you think in cups, fluid ounces, or milliliters, just remember that a McDonald’s large coffee gives you nearly 30 ounces or 900 mL of caffeinated goodness!

Comparing to Other Cup Sizes

To fully appreciate just how big a large McDonald’s coffee is, it helps to see it compared to the other available sizes. McDonald’s offers coffee drinkers three main size options:

Small McDonald’s Coffee

-12 fluid ounces
-355 milliliters

Medium McDonald’s Coffee

-16 fluid ounces
-473 milliliters

Large McDonald’s Coffee

-30 fluid ounces
-890 milliliters

As you can see, the large coffee gives you nearly double the amount of a medium and almost triple a small. So upgrading to a large is perfect for those mornings when you really need copious amounts of caffeine.

You may be wondering just how the McDonald’s sizes compare to a typical travel mug or yeti cup. Many people use refillable cups like these when stopping for their daily coffee. Here’s how they stack up:

Standard Travel Mug

-16-20 fluid ounces
-473-591 milliliters

Yeti Rambler 30 oz Tumbler

-30 fluid ounces
-898 milliliters

A McDonald’s large is comparable to carrying around a Yeti! So you can feel confident getting a large knowing it will fill up even the biggest refillable cups.

Caffeine Content of a Large McDonald’s Coffee

Now that we know the actual liquid volume of a large McDonald’s coffee, let’s discuss the caffeine content. After all, that’s what really provides the pick-me-up many coffee drinkers want.

McDonald’s uses a premium roast coffee blend for its hot coffee rather than a dark roast. The blend contains 100% Arabica beans sourced from Central and South America.

Here is the typical caffeine data for a McDonald’s premium roast coffee:

-Small: 142 mg
-Medium: 180 mg
-Large: 330 mg

As expected, the caffeine content increases with each larger size. So that large coffee gives you a whopping 330 mg of caffeine.

To put that in perspective, here are some other common caffeine amounts:

-8 oz homemade coffee: 95 mg (can vary based on brew method and beans)
-8 oz Starbucks coffee: 180 mg
-8 oz Red Bull: 80 mg
-8 oz Coca-Cola: 34 mg

With 330 mg of caffeine, a McDonald’s large coffee certainly packs a bigger stimulant punch than other beverages. Keep this in mind if you are sensitive to caffeine.

Taste and Quality of McDonald’s Coffee

McDonald’s has put considerable effort into improving the taste and quality of its coffee over the past several years. Here is some background on McDonald’s coffee today:

-100% Arabica beans
-Medium roast for a smoother, mellower flavor
-Consistent flavor across all restaurant locations
-Minimal bitterness
-Improved espresso beans for specialty drinks like lattes and mochas

Overall, reviews of the taste are quite positive compared to the McDonald’s coffee of the past. It has a smooth, mellow flavor without excessive bitterness.

It may not be quite as robust as some specialty coffee shop brands. But it strikes a tasty balance of flavor and consistency for the price.

Cost of a Large McDonald’s Coffee

Beyond taste and caffeine content, another attractive feature of McDonald’s coffee is the affordable price, especially for a large 30 oz size.

Here is the typical pricing for a large hot premium roast coffee from McDonald’s:

-$2.49 – $2.89

The exact dollar amount varies slightly by location. But you can generally expect to pay in the $2.50 range.

Compared to other coffee shops like Starbucks, this is quite a bargain for a large cup. Here are some average costs for comparison:

-Starbucks Grande (16 oz): $2.75
-Starbucks Venti (20 oz): $3.25
-Local coffee shop large (20 oz): $3.50+

As you can see, a large hot coffee from McDonald’s gives you the most bang for your buck if you’re looking for a coffee on the go.

Tips for Customizing Your McDonald’s Coffee

While many people enjoy McDonald’s premium roast coffee black, others like to customize their drink with flavors and creamers. Here are some useful tips:

Sugar and Sweeteners

McDonald’s offers a variety of sweeteners including white and brown sugar, Splenda, Equal, and Sweet’N Low. If you like a sweeter coffee, don’t be shy about adding a few packets until it tastes right to you.

Cream and Milk

Half & half, whole milk, and non-fat milk are available to lighten up your coffee color and flavor. For richer flavor, ask for half & half.

Flavored Syrups

Vanilla, caramel, hazelnut – McDonald’s has it all. Add a pump or two of flavored syrup to give your coffee extra dimension.

Whipped Cream

A dollop of whipped cream on top adds a nice finishing touch.

Iced Coffee

McDonald’s can brew any size coffee over ice for a refreshing iced coffee option. Customize it just like a hot coffee.

Don’t be shy about making your large McDonald’s coffee just right for you! The staff is always happy to accommodate requests.

Nutrition Information for McDonald’s Large Coffee

If you’re watching calories or ingredients, here are the key nutrition facts for a black McDonald’s large premium roast coffee:

-Calories: 3
-Fat: 0g
-Carbs: 0g
-Protein: 0g
-Caffeine: 330 mg

The minimal calories and macros make it easy to fit a McDonald’s coffee into just about any diet. Just be mindful of any added cream, milk, or sugar if tracking these things closely.

McDonald’s vs Other Coffee Chains

How does McDonald’s stack up against other popular coffee chains like Starbucks or Dunkin’? Here’s a quick comparison:


McDonald’s has a smoother, more mellow taste than the bolder, roastier taste of Starbucks. Dunkin’ Donuts tastes sweeter and more mild.


McDonald’s is generally cheaper than both, especially for larger sizes. A large Starbucks or Dunkin’ coffee can be $3-4.


With over 13,000 locations in the US alone, McDonald’s massive footprint makes it convenient for coffee on the go.

Coffee Quality

While not gourmet, McDonald’s uses decent quality 100% Arabica beans. Many say it has improved from the McDonald’s coffee of the past.

Overall, McDonald’s strikes a solid balance between taste, price, and convenience that makes it a go-to for many coffee enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common FAQs about McDonald’s large coffee size:

Is McDonald’s coffee good quality?

Yes, McDonald’s uses 100% Arabica beans, which is higher quality than the Robusta beans some fast food places use. They have made an effort to improve their coffee in recent years.

Is a large McDonald’s coffee bigger than Starbucks?

Yes, a McDonald’s large is 30 oz compared to Starbucks’ 20 oz venti size, making it significantly bigger.

Can I customize my McDonald’s coffee?

Absolutely, you can add flavors, creamers, sugar, and whipped cream to make your coffee just right.

Is McDonald’s coffee strong?

It’s not as strong as some gourmet dark roasts, but a large packs 330mg of caffeine, giving you a solid jolt.

Is McDonald’s coffee healthy?

Black coffee is very low calorie and can fit into any diet. Added sugars and heavy cream can increase the calorie count so consume those in moderation.

The Bottom Line

When you order a large hot coffee at McDonald’s, you are getting 30 fluid ounces or 890 milliliters of their premium roast coffee. This gives you 330 mg of caffeine, making it significantly larger and stronger than a small or medium.

Compared to other coffee chains, McDonald’s is affordably priced for the large size and convenient to grab on the go with over 13,000 locations.

While not gourmet quality, they put care into sourcing good Arabica beans and achieving a smooth, mellow flavor. McDonald’s coffee today is tastier than in the past.

So next time you need a serious caffeine boost, upgrade to a large premium roast coffee at McDonald’s and enjoy 30 ounces of caffeinated goodness.

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