How many ounces does a large Yeti hold?

A large Yeti Rambler holds approximately 30 ounces or 910 milliliters of liquid. Yeti Ramblers come in a variety of sizes, with the large Rambler being one of the most popular and versatile options.

What is a Yeti Rambler?

Yeti Rambler tumblers are high-performance insulated drinkware made by YETI Coolers LLC. They are constructed using kitchen-grade stainless steel with double-wall vacuum insulation. This construction makes them durable, resistant to corrosion, and excellent at retaining temperatures. The Ramblers feature a No Sweat Design to prevent condensation buildup on the outside of the tumbler.

Yeti first released their Rambler tumblers in 2006 and have since expanded the product line to offer a variety of sizes, from a petite 12 oz Rambler Jr to a giant 46 oz Rambler. The Ramblers are available with different lid types depending on the user’s preferences. The most popular are the Rambler 30 oz with MagSlider Lid and 26 oz Rambler with Chug Cap.

Yeti Rambler Sizes

Yeti Ramblers come in the following sizes:

  • Rambler Jr 12 oz
  • Rambler Lowball 10 oz
  • Rambler 16 oz
  • Rambler 18 oz
  • Rambler 26 oz
  • Rambler 30 oz
  • Rambler 36 oz
  • Rambler 40 oz
  • Rambler 46 oz
  • Rambler 64 oz
  • Rambler Half Gallon 128 oz

The two most popular sizes are the Rambler 26 oz and Rambler 30 oz. The 30 oz Rambler is considered a large size and is able to hold approximately 30 fluid ounces or 910 milliliters.

Key Features of the Large Rambler 30 oz

The Yeti Rambler 30 oz has the following features:

  • Holds 30 oz or 910 ml of liquid
  • Double-wall vacuum insulation keeps drinks hot or cold longer
  • 18/8 stainless steel construction is durable and won’t transfer flavors/odors
  • No Sweat Design prevents condensation on the outside
  • DuraCoat color provides extra durability against scratches
  • Different lid options: MagSlider, Chug Cap, Straw Lid
  • Dishwasher safe

Popular Uses for the Large Rambler

The 30 oz Rambler is a very versatile size and can be used for a variety of beverages, including:

  • Coffee – Holds 2-3 cups of coffee to enjoy all morning
  • Tea – Allows you to brew directly into the tumbler and sip throughout the day
  • Beer – Keeps beer or other carbonated drinks cold and carbonated for hours
  • Cocktails – Mix a cocktail and keep it chilled for sipping by the pool
  • Smoothies – Blend a large smoothie and take it to go with the straw lid
  • Water – Helps you drink enough water throughout the day by holding 30 oz
  • Juice – Carry a full juice box’s worth of juice or lemonade

The 30 oz Rambler is great for all-day hydration at home, work, or on adventures. It has plenty of capacity for water, tea, coffee, or any other beverages you want to drink throughout the day. The double-wall vacuum insulation will keep cold drinks chilled for 24+ hours or hot drinks piping hot for 6+ hours.

Rambler 30 oz Dimensions

The Rambler 30 oz tumbler has the following dimensions:

  • Height: 9.5 inches
  • Bottom base diameter: 3.5 inches
  • Upper diameter: 3.75 inches
  • Mouth opening diameter: 3.75 inches

The 30 oz Rambler is sized to fit standard car cup holders. It may or may not fit in airplane and gym cup holders depending on the exact holder dimensions and design.

Can You Put Rambler 30 oz in the Freezer?

Yes, you can safely put the 30 oz Rambler in the freezer without harming it. The freezer will not cause the stainless steel tumbler to crack.

However, you do not want to fill the Rambler completely with liquid and freeze it. Liquid expands when frozen and this could damage the tumbler if overfilled. Best practice is to leave at least 1 inch of headspace if freezing a filled Rambler.

Common Yeti Rambler Accessories

You can customize and accessorize your Rambler with the following add-ons:

  • Rambler Lids – Choose from MagSlider, Chug Cap, Straw Lid, or standard Twist-Off depending on your drinking preferences
  • Silicone Boot – Adds grip and drop protection
  • Rail Drink Attachment – Magnetically attaches the Rambler to lawn mower rails, golf carts, etc for easy access
  • Rambler Handle – Attaches a handle for easy carrying
  • Yeti Ice Pack – Freezable ice packs help keep drinks cold even longer

Lids, boots, handles, and attachments can help customize your Rambler precisely for how you want to drink and carry it. Replacement lids and accessories are available from or authorized retailers.

How Does the Yeti Rambler Work?

Yeti Ramblers keep drinks hot or cold for hours thanks to the proprietary double-wall vacuum insulation inside the tumblers. Here’s how it works:

  1. An inner stainless steel wall holds the contents directly.
  2. Around the inner wall is insulating air space that has been vacuum sealed.
  3. The outer stainless steel wall adds structure, durability and keeps the vacuum sealed.
  4. The vacuum eliminates any air transfer between the inner and outer wall.
  5. This lack of air transfer prevents thermal transfer between the inner wall and outside environment.
  6. Contents are therefore “thermos-like” insulated from any external heating or cooling.

This vacuum insulation paired with durable stainless steel is what makes the Rambler such an effective and versatile tumbler option. Hot coffee can stay hot for 6+ hours even in cold temperatures. Cold lemonade can stay crisp and refrigerated for a full day out in summer heat.

Independent Testing Confirms Temperature Retention

Yeti Ramblers undergo third-party testing to verify their insulation capabilities. The independent lab fills the tumblers with either hot water or cold water and measures the temperature retention over time.

In one test, a 30 oz Rambler was filled with hot water at 207°F degrees. After 6 hours in a 73°F degree room, the water was still 183°F degrees – that’s a temperature loss of less than 10% over 6 hours!

In another test with cold water at 42°F degrees, the water temperature only increased by 5 degrees to 47°F after 24 hours at room temperature. That’s incredible insulation!

Tips for Using Your Large Rambler

To get the most out of your Rambler 30 oz tumbler, follow these usage tips:

  • Pre-chill or pre-heat the empty Rambler with cold/hot water to optimize its temperature retention
  • Allow at least 1 inch of headspace if freezing a filled Rambler
  • Hand wash with warm soapy water; air or towel dry thoroughly before lid closure
  • Avoid abrasive scouring pads or cleaners that could damage the finish
  • Do not microwave or heat contents inside the Rambler
  • Use standard ice cubes or Yeti ice packs to chill drinks without diluting


With its 30 ounce capacity and superb insulating properties, the Yeti Rambler is the ideal tumbler for all-day hydration and temperature retention. It can keep your coffee steaming hot or your lemonade ice cold for hours on end. The durable stainless steel construction means your Rambler can withstand the rigors of daily life for years. If you want a reliable, high-performance insulated tumbler, look no further than the Yeti Rambler 30 oz.

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