How many ounces are in a 2-liter bottle of soda?

A 2-liter bottle of soda contains 67.6 ounces of liquid. This can be calculated by converting the volume in liters to fluid ounces using a unit conversion factor.

Quick Answer

There are 67.6 fluid ounces in a 2-liter bottle of soda.

Calculating Ounces in a 2-Liter Bottle

To find how many ounces are in a 2-liter soda bottle, we need to convert between metric and US customary units of volume. Specifically, we need to convert from liters to fluid ounces.

Here are the steps to calculate the number of ounces in a 2-liter bottle:

  1. Start with the given volume in liters. In this case, we have a 2-liter bottle.
  2. Use the unit conversion factor between liters and fluid ounces. There are 33.814 fluid ounces in 1 liter.
  3. Set up a conversion ratio equating liters to fluid ounces and multiply to convert the units.

Doing the math:

  • 2 liters x (33.814 fl oz / 1 liter) = 67.628 fl oz

Rounding to the nearest tenth, there are 67.6 fluid ounces in a 2-liter bottle of soda.

Unit Conversion Factor

The key to converting between units is using the proper unit conversion factor. For liquid volumes, the conversion factor between liters and fluid ounces is:

1 liter = 33.814 fluid ounces

This allows us to set up a ratio and convert between the two units. The unit conversion factor essentially cancels out the “liters” unit and replaces it with “fluid ounces.”

Confirming with a Table

We can confirm the conversion math using a handy reference table:

Volume in Liters Volume in Fluid Ounces
1 liter 33.814 fl oz
2 liters 67.628 fl oz (rounded to 67.6 fl oz)

As the table shows, 2 liters does indeed convert to 67.6 fluid ounces.

Uses for Knowing Ounces in a 2-Liter Bottle

Here are some reasons why you may want to know the number of ounces in a 2-liter bottle of soda or other beverage:

  • Meal planning – Knowing the ounces can help when portioning out drinks for a meal or event.
  • Managing consumption – If you are tracking calorie or nutrient intake, knowing the ounces can help determine serving sizes.
  • Recipe substitution – Fluid ounces can be used to substitute for other ingredients in recipes.
  • Partitioning – You can divide up the 2-liter bottle into individual servings based on ounces.
  • Comparisons – Comparing ounces between different drink containers helps visualize serving sizes.

Ounces in Other Common Drink Containers

For comparison, here are the typical number of fluid ounces contained in some other drink packages:

  • 12 fl oz soda can: 12 fl oz
  • 16 fl oz (1 pint) plastic bottle: 16 fl oz
  • 20 fl oz plastic bottle: 20 fl oz
  • 1 liter bottle: 33.8 fl oz
  • 64 fl oz (1/2 gallon) jug: 64 fl oz

A 2-liter bottle contains 67.6 fl oz, making it over 5 times larger than a 12 oz can. This helps put the volume in context compared to more common beverage containers.

Doing the Math in Your Head

With some practice, you can learn to estimate the number of ounces in a 2-liter bottle just by doing the math in your head:

  • Remember there are approximately 34 oz in 1 liter.
  • Multiply 34 x 2 liters = 68 oz.
  • Round to the nearest whole number: 68 oz.

So in your head, you can figure there are roughly 68 ounces in 2 liters as a quick mental calculation.

More Examples of Liquid Volume Conversions

Using the liter to fluid ounce conversion factor, you can make other common liquid volume conversions:

  • 1 liter = 33.814 fl oz
  • 500 ml = 16.907 fl oz (about 17 fl oz)
  • 750 ml = 25.360 fl oz (about 25 fl oz)
  • 3 liters = 101.44 fl oz (about 101 fl oz)

The math follows the same pattern of multiplying the starting volume by the conversion factor to convert to fluid ounces. This allows converting between many common metric and US volume measurements.


To summarize the key points:

  • There are 67.6 fluid ounces (fl oz) in a 2-liter bottle of soda.
  • Use the liter to fluid ounce conversion factor: 1 liter = 33.814 fl oz.
  • Set up a unit conversion ratio and multiply to convert liters to ounces.
  • Knowing the ounces in a 2-liter bottle helps with portioning, nutrition info, recipes, and more.
  • Use the same math to convert between other liquid volumes like milliliters and fluid ounces.

So the next time you pick up a 2-liter bottle, remember there are about 67 ounces of liquid inside. Knowing the fluid volume in ounces comes in handy for cooking, drinking, and everyday tasks.

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