How many muslin wraps do you need?

Muslin wraps are an essential item for new parents. These lightweight cotton cloths can be used as swaddles, burp cloths, nursing covers and more. But figuring out exactly how many wraps to get on your baby registry can be confusing. Here’s a quick guide on how many muslin wraps you really need.

Quick Answers

Most experts recommend having at least 5-10 muslin wraps on hand. Here are some quick answers to common questions about how many wraps you need:

  • For swaddling – 3-5 wraps
  • For burp cloths – 5-10 wraps
  • For nursing covers – 2-3 wraps
  • For tummy time – 2-3 wraps
  • For minor messes – 5-10 wraps

So in total, anywhere from 10-20 wraps is a good amount to have on hand. Of course, your needs may vary depending on how often you plan to use muslin for different purposes.

How Many For Swaddling

Swaddling your newborn is an excellent way to help them sleep more soundly. Most babies love being securely wrapped up in a muslin blanket, as it mimics the cozy confinement of the womb. For swaddling purposes, here’s how many muslin wraps you need:

  • 3-5 wraps for swaddling. This allows you to have a wrap ready when the other is dirty.
  • Get both 47″ and 35″ wraps. The smaller size is better for young infants.
  • Focus on 100% lightweight cotton muslin. Avoid heavy, stretchy fabrics.
  • Printed and solid wraps both work. Prints can help stimulate baby’s vision.
  • Have wraps in gender neutral colors if you don’t know the sex yet.

So in summary, 3-5 high-quality, lightweight muslin wraps in the appropriate smaller sizes for young babies are ideal for swaddling purposes.

Tips for Swaddling With Muslin Wraps

Here are some tips for successfully swaddling your little one in muslin blankets:

  • Watch tutorials to learn proper swaddling technique.
  • Only swaddle until 2 months or when baby shows signs of rolling.
  • Use a thinner single layer wrap for hot weather.
  • Double up on wraps for a more secure swaddle in cool weather.
  • Leave arms out once baby is showing signs of flipping.

How Many For Burp Cloths

Muslin cloths also make excellent burp cloths to catch dribbles, spit up and more while burping baby. Here’s how many you need:

  • 5-10 wraps for burp cloths. You’ll go through many per day.
  • Larger 47″ size wraps work well for throwing over your shoulder.
  • Focus on thicker, more absorbent muslin for maximum absorbency.
  • Neutral colors hide stains best.
  • Stock up on multiples of your favorites so you always have a clean one.

So around 5-10 larger, thicker muslin wraps are ideal to have on hand at all times for burping purposes. The more the better since they get dirty frequently.

Tips for Using Muslin as Burp Cloths

Here are some tips for using muslin cloths as burp cloths:

  • Drape over your shoulder when burping for maximum coverage.
  • Fold down the top corner and clip it when burping over your lap.
  • Layer over disposable burp cloths for added absorbency.
  • Place under baby’s head when lying down or doing tummy time.
  • Bring several on outings in case you need to quickly change baby.

How Many For Nursing Covers

In addition to swaddling and burping, muslin wraps make excellent nursing covers for discreet breastfeeding on-the-go. Here’s how many you need:

  • 2-3 wraps for nursing covers.
  • Opt for 47″ wraps to provide full coverage.
  • Lightweight muslin provides air flow and breathability.
  • Darker solid colors look most discreet.
  • Scarf-style wraps are also very convenient for nursing.

2-3 larger sized muslin wraps in solid, dark colors work great as nursing covers for mom. They can also be used for other purposes as well.

Tips for Using Muslin Wraps as Nursing Covers

Here are some tips for utilizing muslin cloths as nursing covers:

  • Practice at home to get comfortable with coverage and positioning.
  • Use a scarf hold technique to securely drape over your shoulder.
  • Tie corners for added security and coverage when needed.
  • Carry in your diaper bag for nursing on the go.
  • Add a burp cloth under baby to catch any drips.

How Many For Tummy Time

Once your little one starts doing regular tummy time, muslin wraps can provide a soft, comfortable surface for them to lay on. Here’s how many you need:

  • 2-3 wraps for tummy time.
  • Larger 47″ size recommended to create more play space.
  • Thicker muslin provides more cushioning.
  • Look for stimulating colors, patterns and textures.
  • Keep dedicated tummy time wraps separate from others.

Aim for 2-3 larger, thicker muslin wraps in bright, engaging designs to use specifically for tummy time activities and play.

Tips for Using Muslin Wraps for Tummy Time

Here are some tips for facilitating tummy time with muslin blankets:

  • Fold or roll to prop baby’s arms for support.
  • Layer over floor mats or play gyms for added cushion.
  • Drape toys within reach to bat at and grasp.
  • Place mirrors or high contrast cards for visual stimulation.
  • Switch out wraps regularly to keep them clean.

How Many for Minor Messes

Muslin wraps also come in handy for wiping up minor messes like damp skin after a bath, dribbled milk, small spit ups or dirty hands and faces. Here’s how many you need:

  • 5-10 wraps for minor messes.
  • Smaller 35″ size works well for quick clean up jobs.
  • Thicker muslin is more absorbent.
  • Design doesn’t matter as much since these get dirtier.
  • Scatter throughout your home for easy access.

An extra 5-10 smaller muslin wraps that can be conveniently stashed around the house are useful for quick clean ups when you need a cloth within reach.

Tips for Using Muslin Wraps for Minor Messes

Here are some tips for utilizing muslin as rags and wipes:

  • Drape over your shoulder when burping for quick access.
  • Stash some near diapering supplies to wipe hands and bottoms.
  • Keep a small pile by the bath to dry off wet skin.
  • Designate some for messes so you don’t ruin your favorites.
  • Wash regularly as they can harbor bacteria when wet or soiled.

Factoring In How Often You’ll Wash

When deciding how many muslin wraps to get, also think about how often you plan to launder them. Here are some considerations:

  • Newborns may go through 6+ wraps per day.
  • You’ll need a constant clean supply between washes.
  • Plan to wash every 2-3 days minimum.
  • Buy more if you don’t want to constantly do laundry.
  • 10 wraps allows 5 in use and 5 freshly washed.

Pile up all the different uses – swaddling, burping, tummy time etc – and babies can easily go through 6 or more wraps a day. So factor in how often you plan to wash and have enough clean backups ready between cycles.

Buying Multipacks

Many parents find it convenient and economical to purchase multipacks of muslin wraps. This allows you to stock up on a single pattern or color. Here are some tips:

  • Buy 3, 5 or 10 packs for bulk savings.
  • Stick to one color or print for ease of use.
  • Vary pack sizes for different purposes. 5 pack for burp cloths, 3 pack for swaddles.
  • Open just 1 pack at a time to avoid overload.
  • Save unopened packs as baby shower gifts or back-ups.

Multipacks allow you to buy muslin wraps in bulk for cost savings and convenience. Just be sure not to open all the packs at once so you don’t end up with an overwhelming surplus.

Recommended Multipacks

Here are some recommended muslin multipacks to consider:

Product Details
Burt’s Bees Baby Beekeeper 5-Pack 100% organic cotton, 47″ x 47″, 5 neutral prints
Hudson Baby Modern Basics 10-Pack 100% cotton, 35″ x 35″, 10 solid colors
aden + anais Classic 3-Pack 100% cotton muslin, 44″ x 44″, 3 cute prints

Mixing and Matching

While multipacks are convenient, you can also mix and match prints and styles to create a personalized muslin cloth collection:

  • Buy a few 5-10 packs in coordinating neutrals.
  • Supplement with prints you love for swaddling and tummy time.
  • Add some lightweight and some thicker absorbent muslin.
  • Include a range of sizes from 35″ up to 47″.
  • Choose some in gender neutral and some in gender colors.

Creating your own collection allows you to hand pick exactly what you love while still keeping some cohesion. Mixing muslin styles and designs can also help you organize and designate cloths for certain uses.

Focus On Quality

When stocking up on muslin wraps, be sure to consider quality. Here’s what to look for:

  • 100% Cotton – Ensures softness, breathability and absorbency.
  • Lightweight – Prevents overheating and is flexible for wrapping.
  • Undyed – Muslin’s natural off-white color is safest and gentlest.
  • Oeko-Tex Certified – Guarantees the fabric is free of harmful substances.
  • Reputable Brand – Trusted companies like Burt’s Bees and aden + anais.

Pay attention to fabric content, certifications, safety testing and overall quality when selecting muslin wraps for your baby. Don’t sacrifice quality to save a few dollars.

Recommended Muslin Wrap Brands

Here are some top rated muslin wrap brands known for their quality and safety:

  • aden + anais
  • Burt’s Bees Baby
  • Copper Pearl
  • Parachute
  • Hudson Baby
  • Bambino Land
  • KicKee Pants

Consider Multipurpose Uses

Since muslin wraps are so versatile, stock up on ones that can serve multiple different uses. Here’s how:

  • Larger size – 47-50″ wraps work for swaddling, burping, nursing and tummy time.
  • Organic – Safest for sensitive skin and babies who mouth the fabric.
  • Quilted – More layers makes muslin more plush and absorbent.
  • Printed – Works for swaddling and provides visual stimulation.
  • Textured – Nubby muslin offers tactile sensory experience.

Opt for larger sized, organic muslin in both prints and solids. Seek out details like quilting and textured designs to boost functionality across different uses from swaddling to playtime.

Comparison Shopping

Here are some tips for shopping smart when buying muslin wraps:

  • Check baby registries for bundle ideas
  • Sign up for email lists to receive promotion codes
  • Compare prices between Amazon, Target, Walmart
  • Buy multipacks to get better cost per wrap
  • Shop second-hand sites like Mercari for discounts
  • Look for sales events like Prime Day and Cyber Monday

Spending time comparing prices and looking for deals allows you stretch your baby budget further when stocking up on muslin wraps.

Bottom Line

So how many muslin wraps do you really need? While individual needs vary, here are some general guidelines:

  • 3-5 for swaddling
  • 5-10 for burping
  • 2-3 for nursing
  • 2-3 for tummy time
  • 5-10 extra for minor clean ups and messes

In total, most parents report needing a minimum of 10-20 muslin cloths on hand to comfortably get through the day. Having extras allows you to conveniently use muslin for a variety of purposes while always having a clean supply ready to go.


Muslin wraps are a new parent must-have with a wide range of uses. Stock up on 10-20 quality muslin blankets in a variety of sizes and styles. Seek out details like prints, textures and quilting to boost versatility across needs like swaddling, nursing, tummy time and more. Focus on trusted brands and 100% cotton for safety and comfort. With the right amount of muslin blankets on hand, you’ll be prepared to tackle anything your sweet little one throws your way!

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