How many mini Twix is a serving?

Quick Answers

The number of Mini Twix bars that are considered one serving size depends on the specific product. Here are some quick answers:

  • 1 packet of Twix Miniatures (9 mini bars) is typically considered one serving size.
  • The standard Twix Miniatures bag contains approximately 41 grams of candy, which equals around 5 mini bars per serving.
  • On average, 2-3 bite-sized Twix Mini bars could be a reasonable snack size portion.
  • Always check the nutrition label on the specific product you have for the serving size designated by the manufacturer.

Serving Size Definition

The concept of a serving size is standardized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to help consumers compare nutrition information across different food products. The serving size reflects the amount that is customarily consumed in one sitting.

For packaged foods like candy bars, the manufacturer determines the serving size based on the typical consumption pattern. The nutrition facts panel on food labels is legally required to be based on one serving of that product.

So when looking at Mini Twix bars, the serving size is not a universal standard, but rather is set by Mars Wrigley specifically for that version of the Twix product. It may vary between different types, flavors, and sizes of Mini Twix.

Serving Size of Twix Miniatures

Twix Miniatures are bite-sized versions of the classic Twix candy bar. Each miniature bar is about 15g and contains approximately half the calories of a regular 58g Twix bar.

Most packaging of Twix Miniatures designates one packet containing 9 miniature bars as one serving size. For example:

  • Twix Miniatures Snack Size Pouches (9 bars, 41g)
  • Twix Miniatures Sharing Size Stand Up Pouches (18 bars, 82g)
  • Twix Miniatures Bulk Box (54 bars, 246g)

In each of these products, one serving is listed as either 1 pouch or 9 bars, containing about 41 grams of candy.

So if eating Twix Miniatures from a standard pouch or box, one serving would be 9 individual mini bars.

Serving Size by Weight

Rather than counting out bars, some consumers may find it easier to portion snacks like Mini Twix by weight.

The typical Twix Miniatures pouch weighs 41 grams total, which divided evenly between 9 bars is around 4.5g per mini bar.

So one way to estimate a serving is to weigh out 40-45 grams of Mini Twix bars. This equals about 5 individual mini bars.

The American Heart Association recommends limiting sugar intake to no more than 6 teaspoons (25 grams) per day for women and 9 teaspoons (36 grams) for men. Eight Mini Twix bars would contain around 30 grams of sugar, exceeding the daily limit.

As a result, 2-3 mini Twix may be a more appropriate snack size portion for limiting sugar consumption according to health guidelines.

Nutrition Information Per Serving

Here is the nutrition information for a standard 1 packet (9 bars) serving size of Twix Miniatures:

Amount Calories Fat (g) Carbs (g) Protein (g)
1 pouch (9 bars) 220 8 33 2

As you can see, one serving of 9 Mini Twix bars provides 220 calories, which is 11% of a 2,000 calorie daily diet. There are 8g of fat, most of which comes from cocoa butter and milk fat.

The 33g of carbs includes 30g of sugar, which is 100% of the American Heart Association’s recommended daily sugar limit. The 2g of protein comes primarily from milk chocolate.

Servings Per Twix Miniatures Package

Different size packages of Twix Miniatures contain different total amounts of the candy bars. Here is a breakdown of the approximate number of servings in each package:

  • Snack Size Pouch: 1 pouch (9 bars)
  • Sharing Size Pouch: 2 servings (18 bars)
  • Movie Theater Box: 3.5 servings (32 bars)
  • Bulk Box: 6 servings (54 bars)
  • Bulk Tub: 12 servings (108 bars)

So for example, if you ate from a Sharing Size pouch that contained 18 Twix Mini bars, you would be consuming 2 servings according to the package.

Keep this in mind when portioning out from larger bulk packages, and consider measuring or weighing your portions to avoid overconsumption.

Reasonable Portions

When served in moderation as part of a balanced diet, small amounts of candy like Mini Twix can be enjoyed as an occasional treat. Here are some reasonable portions:

  • 2-3 mini bars – A snack size portion for one person
  • 9 bars (1 pouch) – Good for sharing between 2-4 people
  • 18 bars (1 sharing size pouch) – Share between 5-8 people

Sticking within these portions can help restrict calorie, fat, and sugar intake from Mini Twix to more appropriate levels for an occasional indulgence.

Factors Affecting Serving Sizes

A few key factors can influence serving sizes for Mini Twix:

  • Age – Serving sizes are smaller for young children versus teens or adults.
  • Health conditions – Those with diabetes or weight management goals may need smaller portions.
  • Frequency of consumption – If eating candy daily, smaller sizes are recommended than if eating it occasionally.
  • Time of consumption – Mini candy bars make more sense as an occasional treat than as a meal replacement.

So consider your individual circumstances when determining appropriate Mini Twix serving sizes. Follow package serving sizes when possible for consistency.

Comparisons With Other Candies

How does the serving size and nutrition content of Mini Twix compare to other popular bite-sized candies?

Here is a nutrition per serving comparison:

Candy Serving Size Calories Sugar (g)
Twix Miniatures 9 bars (41g) 220 30
M&M’s Minis 26 pieces (40g) 200 29
Reese’s Minis 9 pieces (28g) 140 14
Skittles Minis 51 pieces (40g) 160 32

As you can see, a 1 package serving of Mini Twix provides more calories and sugar than other popular mini candies. So portion sizes should be consumed carefully.

Portion Control Tips

Here are some tips to help control portions of Mini Twix:

  • Read the nutrition label for serving size info
  • Measure out a single portion into a bowl or baggy
  • Buy individually wrapped mini bars and limit yourself to 1-2 packs
  • Portion out candy from bulk bags into snack bags ahead of time
  • Share large packages with others
  • Keep track of portions consumed to avoid overeating

Practicing mindful eating and savoring each mini bar can also help you feel satisfied with less.

Healthy Snack Alternatives

For a more nutrition option, swap out candy for these healthier mini snack ideas:

  • Fresh berries or cherry tomatoes
  • Mini rice cakes or pretzel crisps
  • Mini hummus cups with carrot sticks
  • Cubes of cheese
  • Whole grain crackers
  • Frozen grapes or bananas
  • Trail mix or nuts

Choose snacks with more fiber, protein, and nutrients to provide longer lasting energy.


The serving size of Twix Miniatures bars depends on the product size and is set by the manufacturer, but is typically 1 pouch containing 9 mini bars totaling around 40 grams. A reasonable portion for one person is about 2-3 mini bars. Always check the nutrition label and be mindful of portions, as the tiny candies can add up quickly in calories, sugar, and fat. When consumed occasionally and in moderation, enjoying a few bite-sized Twix Mini can be part of an overall balanced lifestyle.

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