How many Litres are in one shower?

The amount of water used in a shower depends on several factors, including the flow rate of the shower head, the length of time spent in the shower, and whether any water-saving features are used.

Average Shower Water Usage

On average, a typical showerhead has a flow rate of about 9.5 liters per minute. Showers generally last around 8 minutes. Therefore, an average shower would use approximately:

  • Shower head flow rate: 9.5 liters/minute
  • Average shower length: 8 minutes
  • Total water used per shower: 9.5 liters/minute x 8 minutes = 76 liters

So in general, the average shower uses about 76 liters of water.

Factors That Impact Shower Water Usage

However, as mentioned there are several variables that affect total shower water usage:

  • Shower head flow rate – Older showerheads use over 12 liters/min, while efficient models use less than 7 liters/min.
  • Shower duration – Shower length can range from 3-15+ minutes.
  • Water saving features – Low-flow shower heads, pause buttons, and shut-off valves can reduce water usage.

Ways to Reduce Shower Water Usage

Here are some tips to use less water in the shower:

  • Install a low-flow showerhead – Uses up to 50% less water.
  • Take shorter showers – Cutting a few minutes can save liters.
  • Turn off water while soaping up.
  • Use pause button on showerhead.
  • Fix leaks immediately.


In summary, the average shower uses about 76 liters of water, but usage can vary significantly based on shower head flow rate, duration, and water-saving features. Simple changes like installing an efficient showerhead, taking shorter showers, and fixing leaks can dramatically reduce the amount of water used in the shower.

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