How many grams is 2 espresso shots?

Espresso is a concentrated form of coffee that is made by forcing hot water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans. It has a thicker consistency and stronger flavor compared to regular drip coffee.

Two shots of espresso is a common serving size found in many coffee shops and cafes. But how many grams of coffee are actually in 2 espresso shots? The answer depends on a few factors.

What is an espresso shot?

An espresso shot refers to the amount of espresso produced from a commercial espresso machine in one extraction. The key parameters that define an espresso shot are:

– Volume – Generally 1.5-2 ounces or 30-60ml
– Brew time – Around 20-30 seconds
– Pressure – 8-10 bars of pressure

These parameters can vary slightly between different cafes, baristas and espresso machines. But a double shot of espresso is usually defined as around 60ml in volume.

How much coffee is used for espresso?

The amount of ground coffee used to pull an espresso shot depends on the type of espresso machine and personal preference. But the typical range is:

– Single shot: 7-9 grams of coffee
– Double shot: 14-18 grams of coffee

So for a double shot, most cafes and baristas will use around 14-18g of finely ground coffee. The grind size and amount of coffee impacts the quality and taste of the espresso.

Estimating grams in 2 espresso shots

Based on standard espresso shot volumes and coffee amounts, here is an estimate of how many grams are in 2 shots of espresso:

– Volume: 2 shots x 30ml per shot = 60ml
– Coffee: 2 shots x 14g coffee per shot = 28g

So 2 standard double shots of espresso will contain approximately 28 grams of ground coffee.

This assumes the shots are made with the typical 14g dose. If made with an 18g dose, then 2 shots would contain around 36 grams of coffee.


– Each double espresso shot contains 14-18g of ground coffee
– 2 standard shots contain around 28g of coffee
– The exact amount can vary based on the coffee shop and barista

Factors that influence espresso shot weights

There are several factors that can influence the amount of coffee in an espresso shot. These include:

Type of roast

– Lighter roasts are denser than darker roasts. A 14g dose of light roast will produce less volume than 14g of dark roast.

Grind size

– Finer grinds contain more surface area so extract more volume. Coarser grinds produce less volume.

Tamping pressure

– Harder tamping compresses grinds to extract less volume. Lighter tamping allows more volume.

Water temperature

– Higher water temp extracts more oils and solubles to increase volume. Lower temps decrease extraction and volume.

Espresso machine

– Pro machines allow tuning pressure, temperatures, pre-infusion etc to adjust shot volumes. Home machines have less control.

Freshness of coffee beans

– Fresh beans are less porous and extract more volume. Older beans extract less.

How to weigh espresso shots

To get a more accurate measure of how many grams are in your espresso shots, you can directly weigh them:

You will need:

– Espresso machine
– Portafilter
– Digital gram scale
– Shot glasses


1. Place empty shot glass on scale and tare/zero out the weight.

2. Prepare portafilter with ground coffee as normal. Recommended 14-18g dose.

3. Extract double shot into shot glass. Stop when you reach desired volume.

4. Place shot glass back on scale. The weight displayed is the weight in grams.

5. Repeat process for second shot.

6. Add together weights to determine total grams in 2 shots.

This will provide a precise weight rather than an estimate. Just be sure to tare/zero the scale between each measurement for accuracy.

Standard espresso shot sizes

Single shot

– Volume: 1-1.5oz or 30-45ml
– Coffee: 7-9g

Double shot

– Volume: 2-2.5oz or 60-75ml
– Coffee: 14-18g

Triple shot

– Volume: 3-3.5oz or 90-105ml
– Coffee: 21-27g

Lungo shot

– Volume: 3-5oz or 90-150ml
– Coffee: 14-18g

As you can see, a double shot is the standard espresso serving size. It contains 14-18g of coffee and produces around 60-75ml in volume.

Typical caffeine content

In addition to coffee weight, the caffeine content of espresso shots can vary:

– Single shot: approximately 40-75mg caffeine
– Double shot: approximately 80-150mg caffeine

However, caffeine content depends on many factors like coffee origin, roast style, grind size and brew method. But expect a double espresso to contain around 80-150mg of caffeine.

Other ways to estimate shot weights

Besides directly weighing shots, there are a few other ways to estimate the grams of coffee in an espresso shot.

Use volume estimate

As a general guideline, 1ml of espresso is approximately equal to 1g.

So if your double shot is 60ml volume, you can estimate it contains about 60g of liquid espresso.

However density can vary, so this is an approximation only.

Calculate based on coffee grounds

For example, if you use 16 grams of coffee to pull a double shot, you can estimate the weight is also around 16 grams.

This assumes you extracted close to a 1:1 ratio, which is ideal for espresso. Again only an estimate.

Check weight by dosing in portafilter

You can directly weigh how much ground coffee you dose into the portafilter before pulling the shot. For example, 16 grams dosed = around 16 grams extracted.

This gives you the pre-extraction weight at least.

How many grams in espresso-based drinks?

Espresso shots are often used in popular coffee drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, Americanos and macchiatos.

Here’s how many grams of espresso go into some common espresso drinks:


– Single shot (30ml espresso)
– Double shot (60ml espresso)


– Single shot (30ml espresso)
– Double shot (60ml espresso)


– Single shot (30ml espresso)
– Double shot (60ml espresso)


– Single shot (30ml espresso)
– Double shot (60ml espresso)


– Single shot (30ml espresso)
– Double shot (60ml espresso)

So you can see drinks contain either a single or double shot of espresso, which provides 30ml or 60ml of volume and around 14-18 grams of ground coffee.

Tips for pulling better espresso shots

To get the best tasting espresso shots and achieve the ideal 1:1 brew ratio, follow these tips:

– Use freshly roasted, high quality coffee beans
– Grind beans fine but not too fine (granular, like table salt)
– Use the correct dose for your basket size (usually 14-18g)
– Distribute grounds evenly and tamp consistently
– Heat portafilter and espresso cups prior to pulling shots
– Extract shot for approx. 20-30 seconds up to 1-2oz volume
– Watch extraction flow and stop when blonding occurs
– Clean equipment and backflush regularly
– Adjust grind size or dose to achieve a pleasing flavor

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do the number of grams vary between shops?

The main reasons shot weights can vary between cafes are:

– Different sized portafilter baskets require different doses
– Personal preferences of baristas on ideal coffee dose
– Variations in coffee roast, grind, tamping etc
– Different types and programming of espresso machines

Do lighter or darker roasts contain more grams of coffee?

For the same volume, lighter roasts tend to contain slightly more coffee by weight. This is because lighter roasts are denser than darker roasts. However, the differences are usually small.

Does the number of grams impact strength and flavor?

Yes, within limits. Generally, more ground coffee leads to increased shot strength and intensity of flavor. But higher doses require proper grinding and tamping to extract properly. Moderate doses between 14-18g are recommended for optimal extraction.

Should you measure shots by weight or volume?

Weighing shots is more accurate, since volume can vary. But both are useful depending on the context. Volume is simpler for making drinks. Weighing is better for dialing in extraction and ratios.

What is the best ratio of coffee to espresso?

A general guideline is to aim for a 1:1 brew ratio, meaning 1 gram of ground coffee produces 1 gram of liquid espresso. This is a good starting point, but the ideal ratio ultimately depends on coffee origin and personal taste preferences.


To summarize:

– A double shot of espresso contains approximately 14-18 grams of ground coffee
– Two standard espresso shots will contain around 28 grams total
– Many factors impact the number of grams including coffee origin, roast, grind, dose and equipment
– For highest quality, aim for doses in the 14-18 gram range and 1:1 brewing ratios
– Weighing the input and output yields the most accurate gram measurements
– Understanding shot weights helps make delicious espresso drinks!

So the next time you order or make a couple shots of espresso, you can have confidence you’re getting around 28 grams of coffee. Enjoy those concentrated, flavorful shots!

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