How many girlfriends did Chandler have in Friends?

Chandler Bing, one of the main characters on the hit TV show Friends, was known for having terrible luck with women and going through a string of failed relationships throughout the show’s 10 season run. But just how many different girlfriends did Chandler actually have over the course of the series? Let’s take a closer look at Chandler’s love life and tally up all of his on-screen romances.

Chandler’s Main Girlfriends

Throughout the entirety of Friends, Chandler had three “serious” girlfriends that lasted for multiple episodes or seasons:

  • Janice – An on-again, off-again girlfriend Chandler could never seem to get away from, despite finding her laugh and personality incredibly grating. They dated briefly in Season 1, got back together in Season 2, and kept reuniting periodically until the final season.
  • Kathy – An attractive actress Chandler dated in Season 4 for six episodes before she cheated on him with his former best friend, Joey.
  • Monica Geller – Chandler’s best friend and, ultimately, wife. They first got together in London at Ross’s wedding in Season 4 and remained together for the rest of the series, getting married in Season 7.

So when it comes to the major love interests that spanned multiple episodes, Chandler had three main girlfriends over the course of Friends.

Chandler’s Other Short-Term Girlfriends

In addition to his three long-term relationships, Chandler had several shorter flings and girlfriends that lasted just an episode or two. These include:

  • Aurora – Wealthy friend of Ross and Monica who Chandler hooked up with in Season 1.
  • Jade – Exotic dancer that Chandler went out with in Season 1.
  • Nina – Woman Chandler met at the office in Season 3.
  • Susie Moss – Elementary school classmate Chandler reunited with in Season 4.
  • Mary Angela – Co-worker Chandler was set up with in Season 7.
  • Ginger – Fake girlfriend Chandler made up but then hired an actress to play the role in Season 7.
  • Missy Goldberg – Chandler’s ex-girlfriend from college that he accidentally insulted on his answering machine in Season 8.

So by my count, Chandler had 7 short-term girlfriends that lasted an episode or two besides his three long-term relationships.

Total Girlfriend Count

If we add up all of Chandler’s main girlfriends who spanned multiple seasons and all of his short-term, one-episode flings, it brings us to a grand total of 10 romantic partners throughout the entire run of Friends!

Here’s a quick summary:

Girlfriend Duration
Janice Multiple seasons (on and off)
Kathy 6 episodes (Season 4)
Monica Geller 6 seasons (Seasons 5-10)
Aurora 1 episode (Season 1)
Jade 1 episode (Season 1)
Nina 1 episode (Season 3)
Susie Moss 1 episode (Season 4)
Mary Angela 1 episode (Season 7)
Ginger 1 episode (Season 7)
Missy Goldberg 1 episode (Season 8)

So while Chandler was presented as unlucky in love early on in Friends, he still managed to rack up a total of 10 girlfriends over the course of the series – 3 long-term loves and 7 short-lived flings.

Chandler’s Relationship History and Character Arc

Chandler’s evolving relationship history and girlfriends were a big part of his character arc throughout Friends. Early on, he was portrayed as awkward, commitment-phobic, and unable to hold down a girlfriend due to his neuroses and quirks. But as the show went on, Chandler gradually evolved into a more mature character willing to commit when he finally fell in love with Monica.

Some key things about Chandler’s journey in relationships over the course of Friends include:

  • His early relationships never worked out due to his fear of commitment and intimacy issues stemming from his unhappy childhood with divorced parents.
  • Janice was his first major girlfriend but never ended up being “the one” because her personality quirks didn’t mesh well with Chandler’s.
  • Fans thought Kathy might be Chandler’s match until she betrayed him by cheating with Joey.
  • Falling in love with and marrying Monica marked Chandler’s transition into a committed partner and showed how he had evolved past his commitment phobia.
  • His character growth helped make Chandler and Monica one of the most beloved TV couples of the 1990s/early 2000s.

Chandler’s rocky road to finding lasting love was pivotal for his character development. His string of 10 unsuccessful girlfriends highlighted his flaws and wrong romantic choices until he finally ended up with Monica, allowing Chandler to grow into a version of himself ready for real commitment. Their slow-burn romance addressed Chandler’s emotional baggage and fear of abandonment, resulting in a satisfying conclusion for his relationship arc.

Chandler’s On-Screen Chemistry With His Girlfriends

Another interesting aspect to examine is Chandler’s on-screen chemistry with each of his main girlfriends. Since he was ostensibly looking for “the one” throughout the majority of Friends, it’s telling to analyze which romances popped on-screen and which fizzled out.

Janice – While technically the longest relationship, Janice and Chandler had little natural chemistry. Her grating persona made audiences wonder what Chandler ever saw in her in the first place, besides her willingness to date him when he was still immature. Their scenes together involved lots of neurotic banter but little real affection.

Kathy – Chandler’s brief romance with Kathy sizzled on-screen, hence why it was so devastating when she betrayed him by cheating. Their hook-up showed a sexual confidence from Chandler we hadn’t seen before, although in retrospect Kathy was too superficial to make a good match.

Monica – Chandler’s best friend clearly brought out the best version of himself, based on their natural, funny rapport from the start. Their transition to a romantic couple felt authentic and earned after years of platonic friendship, making them a fan-favorite pairing.

It’s clear Chandler was most himself and able to drop his commitment phobia with Monica because of their history and genuine affection. In analyzing Chandler’s relationships, Monica stands out as the only girlfriend with mutual chemistry powerful enough to help him grow.

How Chandler’s Girlfriends Reflect 90s Dating Culture

Besides tracking Chandler’s personal growth, looking back at the roster of Chandler’s girlfriends also provides insight into single culture in the 1990s.

Some ways Chandler’s dating history reflects that era include:

  • The over-the-top neuroses of Janice, who was almost a caricature of a needy girlfriend.
  • The superficiality of Kathy, who was willing to cheat on Chandler after a few months.
  • The preoccupation with “types” – like going after the exotic dancer Jade but having little in common.
  • The presence of an office romance with Nina, at a time when people often met partners at work.
  • The lack of online dating – all Chandler’s meeting happened organically in person.

Overall, Chandler’s parade of girlfriends followed certain predictable rom-com tropes common in 1990s pop culture. It provided fodder for jokes about his bad luck in love, at least until he found “the one” in Monica and achieved the ultimate 1990s sitcom happy ending – marriage to his best friend.


Over the course of Friends’ 10 season run, Chandler Bing racked up a total of 10 girlfriends – three long-term and seven short-term flings. Tracking the progression of Chandler’s love life provides insight into his maturation from commitment-phobe to devoted husband, while also reflecting trends in 1990s dating culture. Though it took him until Season 4 to find the right partner in Monica, Chandler’s journey demonstrates that everyone has to kiss a few frogs before finding their princess. His on-screen relationship progression remains one of the most memorable and entertaining parts of Friends.

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