How many clusters is 2 pounds of snow crab legs?

When it comes to snow crab legs, the number of clusters in 2 pounds can vary depending on the size of the clusters. Snow crab legs are sold by the pound, but within that pound the number of legs and clusters can differ. Here are some key factors that determine the number of clusters in 2 pounds of snow crab legs:

Snow Crab Leg Sizes

Snow crab legs come in different sizes, which is one of the main factors that affects how many clusters will be in 2 pounds. The main size classifications are:

  • Colossal – Very large, thick legs
  • Jumbo – Large, meaty legs
  • Extra large – Slightly smaller but still good-sized legs
  • Large – Medium-sized legs
  • Medium – Smaller legs with a bit less meat

The colossal and jumbo sizes will have the fewest number of clusters in 2 pounds, while the medium size will have the highest number of clusters. This is because the individual legs of larger sizes weigh more. The meat in larger legs also tends to come in thicker chunks.

Number of Legs per Cluster

Another factor is the number of legs that are attached in each cluster. Snow crab legs are harvested and sold in clusters, which are portions of the leg sections attached together at the body. Each cluster can contain 2-5 legs depending on size and how it was harvested and processed.

Smaller cluster sections with only 2-3 legs will have a greater number of clusters in 2 pounds. Larger cluster sections with 4-5 legs will have fewer clusters in the same 2 pound amount.

Estimate Range for 2 Pounds

Taking into account the size grades and number of legs per cluster, here is an estimate for the number of clusters in 2 pounds of snow crab legs:

  • Colossal size: 3-5 clusters
  • Jumbo size: 5-7 clusters
  • Extra large size: 7-10 clusters
  • Large size: 10-15 clusters
  • Medium size: 15-25 clusters

So for the very large colossal clusters, 2 pounds may only contain 3-5 sections. But for medium snow crab legs, 2 pounds could contain up to 25 clusters since the individual legs are smaller.

Other Factors

There are a few other factors that can affect the number of clusters in a 2 pound portion:

  • Incomplete clusters – Some packages may include fragments of clusters or single legs to make up the weight. These would increase the total number of clusters compared to full, intact clusters.
  • Inconsistent sizing – There may be some variability in sizing within a package, which could make the number of clusters vary.
  • Moisture content – Legs with higher moisture and water weight would have fewer clusters for the same 2 pound weight.
  • Bone weight – The size of the leg bones and segments affects weight, with larger legs and claw meat yielding fewer clusters.

Counting and Weighing Clusters

To get a more precise count, the best way is to simply weigh and count the clusters in a 2 pound package:

  1. Purchase a 2 pound package of snow crab legs in your desired size grade.
  2. Carefully open the package, separating each intact cluster.
  3. Count the number of whole clusters. Set aside any incomplete sections or single legs.
  4. Weigh the counted whole clusters. For the most accuracy, use a kitchen scale that measures ounces or grams.
  5. The number of clusters you counted when weighing 2 pounds is the total for that package.

This will give you an exact number of clusters in 2 pounds based on that particular package. Results can still vary between packages based on the many size factors.

Average Range

While results can vary, here is an average range for the number of clusters in 2 pounds at each size grade if the clusters are intact:

Size Grade Average Number of Clusters
Colossal 3-6
Jumbo 6-9
Extra Large 8-12
Large 10-18
Medium 16-28

So if you purchase a 2 pound bag labeled as “Large” size, expect around 10-18 clusters on average. For “Medium” legs, plan for 16-28 clusters typically.

Tips for Cooking and Serving

Once you know about how many clusters or legs to expect in 2 pounds, here are some tips for cooking and serving snow crab legs for a crowd:

  • Calculate about 1/2 pound of legs per person if served as an appetizer, or 1 pound per person for an entree.
  • Steam legs 5-7 minutes until bright red and opaque.
  • Provide crab crackers and picks for easily accessing the meat.
  • Clarified butter and lemon wedges are classic dipping sauces.
  • Chill any leftover crab for use in salads, pastas, or sandwiches.

A 2 pound package gives you plenty of crab for 4 appetizer servings or a main course for 2 people. With the right preparation, snow crab legs can make for an impressive seafood feast.

Nutrition Information

Snow crab legs provide a serving of lean protein and are low in calories and fat. Here are the nutrition facts for a 6 ounce cooked portion (about 2-3 medium-sized legs):

Calories 90
Fat 0.5 g
Sodium 250 mg
Protein 20 g
Cholesterol 75 mg

Snow crab legs are high in antioxidants like selenium. They provide vitamin B12 and over half of the recommended daily value of vitamin C in a serving. The omega-3 fatty acids are heart healthy.

Cost Considerations

As a premium seafood item, snow crab legs are one of the more expensive types of crab. Here are some cost factors to consider:

  • Prices often range from $12-$20 per pound for whole frozen legs.
  • Specialty grades like colossal can cost up to $25+ per pound.
  • Legs are most affordable when purchased in bulk in larger 2-5 pound frozen packages.
  • Sales around holidays like New Year’s can offer discounts.
  • Crab legs should be used within a day of thawing so buy only what you plan to eat.

While not cheap, snow crab still offers value when serving a special seafood meal for holidays or gatherings. The unique flavor and presentation make it stand out.


When buying snow crab legs, the number of clusters in 2 pounds will depend largely on the size grade. Larger legs mean fewer clusters, with colossal crab having only 3-6 clusters in 2 pounds. Smaller grades can have 16-28 clusters for the same weight. Weighing and counting the clusters yourself will give you the exact number per package. Allow about 1/2 to 1 pound per person and adjust your purchase according to the number of people you plan to serve. With proper preparation, snow crab makes for an impressive entree or appetizer at your next seafood dinner.

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