How many carbs in a gluten free Oreo?

Quick Answer

A regular gluten-free Oreo cookie contains 14 grams of net carbs. The gluten-free Oreos contain more carbs than the original Oreos, which have around 10 net carbs per cookie. The higher carb count in gluten-free Oreos is due to the use of gluten-free flours and starches like rice flour and tapioca starch that are naturally higher in carbs.

Calories and Macros in Gluten Free Oreos

Here are the nutrition facts for 1 gluten-free Oreo cookie (14g):

Calories 70
Fat 3g
Carbs 14g
Fiber 0g
Sugar 7g
Protein 1g

Each gluten-free Oreo contains 70 calories, 14g of carbs, 3g of fat, 7g of sugar, and 1g of protein.

Since it contains 0g of fiber, the total carb count is the same as the net carbs at 14g per cookie.

Ingredients in Gluten Free Oreos

Here are the main ingredients used to make gluten-free Oreos:

  • Rice Flour – Provides structure and texture, but also adds carbs
  • Tapioca Starch – Used as a thickener and contributes carbohydrates
  • Cane Sugar – Adds sweetness and carbs
  • Cocoa – Provides chocolate flavor
  • Sunflower Oil – Adds fat and richness
  • Baking Soda & Baking Powder – Helps cookies rise

The primary gluten-free flours used are rice flour and tapioca starch. Together they make up the bulk of the carbohydrate content.

Rice flour has about 80g of carbs per 100g, while tapioca starch contains around 88g of carbs per 100g. In comparison, regular wheat flour has around 75g of carbs per 100g.

So gluten-free flours tend to be slightly higher in carbohydrates than regular flour. This explains why the gluten-free Oreos end up higher in carbs than the original Oreo recipe.

Nutrition Comparison to Original Oreos

Here is a nutrition comparison between 1 regular Oreo cookie (13g) and 1 gluten-free Oreo cookie (14g):

Nutrition Facts Regular Oreo Gluten Free Oreo
Calories 53 70
Fat 2.5g 3g
Carbs 10g 14g
Fiber 0g 0g
Sugar 5g 7g
Protein 1g 1g

As you can see, the gluten-free Oreo is higher in calories, fat, carbs, and sugar compared to the original Oreo cookie.

The regular Oreo contains 10g net carbs, while the gluten-free version has 14g net carbs. So there’s about a 4g carb difference per cookie.

Carb Count for Serving Sizes

Here are the total carb counts for different serving sizes of gluten-free Oreos:

  • 1 cookie (14g) – 14g carbs
  • 2 cookies (28g) – 28g carbs
  • 3 cookies (42g) – 42g carbs
  • 4 cookies (56g) – 56g carbs
  • 5 cookies (70g) – 70g carbs
  • 10 cookies (140g) – 140g carbs

As you increase the serving size, the carb count scales accordingly.

For comparison, here are the carbs in regular Oreos:

  • 1 cookie (13g) – 10g carbs
  • 2 cookies (26g) – 20g carbs
  • 3 cookies (39g) – 30g carbs
  • 5 cookies (65g) – 50g carbs
  • 10 cookies (130g) – 100g carbs

So the gluten-free Oreos contain about 4 more grams of carbs per cookie on average.

Net Carbs Calculation

To calculate net carbs, you subtract the grams of fiber from the total carbs.

Since gluten-free Oreos contain 0g fiber, the net carbs are the same as the total carbs at 14g per cookie.

The calculation is:

Total Carbs – Fiber = Net Carbs

For 1 gluten-free Oreo:

14g total carbs – 0g fiber = 14g net carbs

So you don’t have to do any math to figure out the net carb count for gluten-free Oreos. The nutrition label already gives you the net carbs.

Tips for Fitting Oreos Into a Low Carb Diet

Here are some tips for enjoying Oreos on a low carb or keto diet:

  • Limit portion size to 1 or 2 cookies per serving
  • Account for carbs in your daily budget
  • Eat along with a low carb food like nuts or cheese
  • Have Oreos only occasionally as a treat
  • Opt for the regular Oreos instead of gluten-free if you can tolerate gluten
  • Make “fat bombs” using Oreo pieces and coconut oil or cream cheese

While Oreos are not the best low carb option out there, you can still work them into your diet in moderation. Just be mindful of portions and don’t overdo it.

Low Carb Oreo Alternatives

If you want a lower carb option that tastes similar to Oreos, here are some alternatives to try:

  • Pork rind Oreos – Use crushed pork rinds and almond flour for the cookie
  • Chocolate coconut haystacks – Shredded coconut, cocoa powder, sweetener
  • Peanut butter protein cookies – Protein powder, peanut butter, dark chocolate
  • Keto fat bombs – Cocoa powder, coconut oil, sweetener, pecan pieces
  • Chocolate dipped coconut macaroons

These low carb and keto cookie recipes can help satisfy your Oreo craving with fewer carbs. You can also find some keto-friendly brands of cookies online made with alternative flours and sweeteners.

Are Gluten Free Oreos Healthier?

Gluten-free Oreos are not necessarily healthier than regular Oreos. Here’s a comparison:

  • Higher in carbs – 14g net carbs vs 10g in regular
  • Higher in calories – 70 calories vs 53 calories per cookie
  • Higher in fat – 3g vs 2.5g of fat per cookie
  • Higher in sugar – 7g vs 5g of sugar per cookie
  • Do not contain whole grains – Made with refined gluten-free flours
  • Free of allergens – Safe for those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity

While gluten-free Oreos are safe for people who cannot tolerate gluten, they do not offer much benefit nutritionally over regular Oreos. They are slightly higher in carbs, calories, fat and sugar.

Both versions provide little in terms of protein, fiber or micronutrients. They are considered unhealthy processed treats. Gluten-free Oreos may be slightly more processed due to the need to substitute for gluten.

Overall, Oreos are more of an occasional indulgence. Going with the gluten-free variety makes sense if you need to avoid gluten, but they are not necessarily a wholesome or nutritious snack.

Do Gluten Free Oreos Taste Different?

Most people find that gluten-free Oreos have a pretty similar taste and texture to regular Oreos. However, there are some subtle differences:

  • Texture – Gluten-free version is a little more crumbly and delicate
  • Flavor – Slightly sweeter flavor due to added sugar in recipe
  • Aftertaste – Can have a somewhat gritty aftertaste from the gluten-free flours
  • Color – Gluten-free version is slightly lighter in color
  • Cookie Thickness – Gluten-free cookie may be slightly thinner

While gluten-free Oreos are designed to closely mimic the original, the recipe adjustments required for gluten-free baking impact the texture and flavor slightly.

Some people think the gluten-free Oreos have a sweeter taste or candy-like quality from the extra sugar. They tend to be more crumbly and not quite as rich in chocolate flavor.

However, many gluten-free Oreo fans think they are very close to the original and make a good substitute. It comes down to personal taste preference.

Where to Buy Gluten Free Oreos

Here are some places where you can find gluten-free Oreo cookies:

  • Grocery stores – Look in the gluten-free section or cookie aisle
  • Online stores like Amazon
  • Big box stores like Target and Walmart
  • Specialty health food stores
  • Gas stations and convenience stores
  • Dollar stores often carry off-brand gluten-free Oreos

Gluten-free Oreos are produced by Nabisco and distributed widely to grocery and retail outlets. However, your local store may have intermittent stock or limited options.

Online stores like Amazon have the best selection and you can subscribe for regular delivery of gluten-free Oreos. Many online retailers also offer bundle packs and bulk cases for better value.

Be sure to check the label carefully to confirm the Oreos are certified gluten-free if you have celiac disease or an allergy. There are some lookalikes made in facilities that also process wheat.


Gluten-free Oreos contain 14g net carbs per cookie, which is 4g more than regular Oreos. They are made with gluten-free flours like rice and tapioca that increase the carb count slightly.

While gluten-free Oreos are suitable for gluten-free diets, they do not offer much nutritional benefit over regular Oreos. Both are high in sugar and low in protein, fiber and nutrients.

Enjoy gluten-free Oreos in moderation as an occasional treat if you follow a gluten-free diet. Be mindful of portion sizes to keep your daily carb count in check. Look for gluten-free Oreos at grocery stores, online retailers, and specialty health food stores.

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