How many calories is in a Shake Smart smoothie?

Shake Smart smoothies have become an increasingly popular meal replacement and snack option for many health-conscious consumers. With a wide variety of flavor options and added supplements to boost nutrition, Shake Smart aims to provide a convenient way to get vital nutrients while limiting calorie intake. However, with calorie counts varying based on ingredients, many wonder just how many calories are actually in these portable shakes.

Calories in Shake Smart Smoothies

The number of calories in a Shake Smart smoothie can range quite a bit based on the specific flavor and size. Shake Smart smoothies come in 11 oz, 20 oz, and 32 oz sizes. The 11 oz smoothies contain around 100-150 calories. The 20 oz smoothies provide 200-300 calories. Finally, the 32 oz smoothies pack 300-400 calories.

Within each size range, the actual calories will depend on the recipe. Fruity, veggie-based smoothies tend to be lower in calories, while shakes with added protein or supplements will be higher in calories. For example, an 11 oz Strawberry Surprise smoothie has 110 calories, while an 11 oz Double Chocolate Protein Power smoothie has 150 calories.

Calories by Shake Smart Smoothie Flavor

To provide more insight into the calorie content of different Shake Smart flavors, here is an overview of calorie counts by smoothie variety:

Smoothie Flavor 11 oz Calories 20 oz Calories 32 oz Calories
Strawberry Surprise 110 210 330
Chocolate Bliss 140 260 420
Banana Boost 130 250 390
Piña Kale 120 230 360
Double Chocolate Protein Power 150 290 460
Vanilla Bean 140 270 430
Almond Joy 130 250 400
Orange Creamsicle 120 230 370
Mint Chocolate Chip 140 280 450
Cookies and Cream 150 300 480

As you can see, calories scale up with size, but also vary based on the ingredients in each smoothie. Shake Smart provides all nutrition information on their website so you can find the calories and other nutrient data for your preferred flavors.

Factors That Influence Calorie Count

Several factors account for the range in calories across Shake Smart’s smoothie selection:

Ingredient Mix

The ingredients that make up each smoothie greatly impact its calorie count. Some ingredients like fruits and vegetables are relatively low in calories, while others like protein powders, nut butters, and liquid yogurt add more. Sweeteners and creamy bases also increase the calorie content.

Serving Size

As shown above, the serving size makes a major difference in calories. Bigger smoothies mean more ingredients and thus more calories. An 11 oz smoothie averages 100-150 calories, while a 32 oz smoothie can have 300-400 calories.

Special Dietary Needs

Shake Smart tailors some smoothies to special diets like high protein or vegan, adding ingredients that boost calories. For example, a Double Chocolate Protein Power smoothie with extra protein powder will be higher in calories than a simple Strawberry Surprise.


Smoothie add-ins like chia seeds, peanut butter, and protein supplements increase calorie content. A vanilla smoothie with almond butter likely has more calories than the same flavor without. Checking add-ins is key for calorie-counters.

Cooking Methods

Ingredients like nuts and seeds can be soaked or raw, impacting calories. Raw nuts have more calories per gram than soaked ones. How other ingredients are prepared also affects their calorie density before blending.

Daily Calorie Needs

To put the calories in Shake Smart smoothies into context, here is a look at recommended daily calorie needs:


– Sedentary (little exercise): 1,600-2,000 calories
– Moderately Active: 2,000-2,200 calories
– Active (frequent intense exercise): 2,400 calories


– Sedentary: 2,000-2,600 calories
– Moderately Active: 2,600-2,800 calories
– Active: 3,000 calories

Based on these guidelines, an 11 oz Shake Smart smoothie would provide around 5-15% of daily needs for an average woman and 4-11% for an average man. A 32 oz smoothie would equate to 15-25% of a woman’s daily calories and 10-20% for a man.

Whether Shake Smart smoothies fit into your daily calorie goals depends on factors like your size, activity level, additional food intake, and health objectives.

Nutritional Pros of Shake Smart Smoothies

Despite the calorie content, Shake Smart smoothies provide important nutritional benefits:


You can grab a shake on-the-go versus sitting down for a meal. This makes Shake Smart smoothies an easy way to get nutrients when you are busy.

Whole Food Ingredients

The smoothies use real, whole produce like fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and milk rather than artificial flavorings or sweeteners. This provides more micronutrients.


The liquid format makes Shake Smart smoothies a more hydrating choice than solid foods. They can help you meet fluid needs.

Low Sugar

Compared to sodas, juices, and other popular drinks, Shake Smart smoothies are relatively low in sugar and the sugar comes from natural ingredients.


Options like plant-based and high protein smoothies can fit into dietary needs for weight loss, muscle gain, or health conditions.

Energy Boost

The carbohydrates, healthy fats, and other nutrients in smoothies provide sustained energy compared to caffeinated or sugary drinks.


The thickness and nutrients in smoothies promote feelings of fullness and satisfaction. This can prevent overeating later.

So while the calorie counts are important to note, the nutritional quality of Shake Smart smoothies remains an asset.

Tips for Consuming Shake Smart Smoothies While Managing Calories

Here are some tips to enjoy Shake Smart smoothies as a calorie-conscious consumer:

Size Down When Possible

Choose an 11 oz or 20 oz smoothie to limit calories versus the 32 oz size. Only size up when you plan to sip over an extended time.

Modify Add-Ins

Skip higher calorie supplements like protein powders or nut butters if aiming to reduce calories. Or only add a teaspoon of them instead of a whole serving.

Avoid Meal Replacements

Unless actively trying to lose weight, avoid substituting smoothies for entire meals to prevent excessive calorie deficits. Have them as a snack or part of a balanced meal instead.

Check Sugar Content

Select unsweetened bases like plain Greek yogurt and focus on fruit-based flavors that use natural sugars. Avoid heavily sweetened shakes.

Account for Other Nutrients

Since smoothies often lack protein and healthy fats, make sure to incorporate these nutrients in your other meals and snacks.

Slow Down

Sip your smoothie over 30+ minutes instead of gulping it down. This prevents blood sugar spikes and promotes feelings of fullness.

Compare Options

Use Shake Smart’s website to find flavor varieties within your desired calorie range and nutritional needs.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the number of calories in Shake Smart smoothies ranges from 100-150 calories per 11 oz serving, 200-300 calories per 20 oz serving, and 300-400 calories in a 32 oz serving. However, the specific calorie count depends entirely on the recipe, size, and any add-ins. While smoothies can fit into a healthy diet with calorie awareness, they aren’t necessarily low-calorie. Check Shake Smart’s website for details on your preferred flavors. And consume smoothies in moderation while focusing on whole foods at meals to meet your unique nutritional needs.

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