How many calories is a tall caramel brulee latte?

Quick Answer

A tall (12 oz) Starbucks caramel brulee latte made with 2% milk contains approximately 200 calories. The calories come from the espresso, steamed milk, caramel brulee sauce, and whipped cream topping. A nonfat milk version would contain around 160 calories.

Calories and Nutrition Facts for Starbucks Caramel Brulee Latte

The caramel brulee latte is a seasonal drink offered by Starbucks during the fall and winter months. It features espresso combined with steamed milk, sweet caramel brulee sauce, and topped with whipped cream and caramel brulee topping pieces. The recipe can vary slightly depending on size and customization options.

Here are the nutrition facts for a tall (12 fl oz) caramel brulee latte made with 2% milk from Starbucks:

Calories 200
Total Fat 9g
Saturated Fat 5g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 25mg
Sodium 100mg
Total Carbohydrates 25g
Dietary Fiber 0g
Sugars 23g
Protein 7g

As you can see, a tall caramel brulee latte contains around 200 calories. The majority of calories come from the carbohydrates (25g total, 23g sugars) in the steamed milk and sweet caramel sauce. There is also a moderate amount of fat (9g), the majority of which is saturated (5g).

The caramel brulee sauce is made with sugar, butter, heavy cream, and vanilla extract. The whipped cream topping adds additional calories from fat. The espresso itself is very low calorie, but adds flavor.

Calorie Breakdown by Ingredients

To better understand where the calories come from, we can break it down by ingredients:

– Espresso: 5 calories
– 2% steamed milk: 120 calories (12 oz)
– Caramel brulee sauce: 50 calories (for 2-3 oz)
– Whipped cream: 25 calories (for 2 oz topping)

So the steamed milk provides the bulk of calories at 120. The caramel sauce and whipped cream add another 75 calories combined. The espresso itself is almost negligible at just 5 calories.

If you customize the drink and make it with nonfat milk instead, you save around 40 calories bringing the total down to 160 calories. Omitting the whipped cream would save another 25 calories.

Calories Based on Size

Starbucks offers the caramel brulee latte in small (Tall), medium (Grande) and large (Venti) sizes. The calorie totals will vary:

Size Calories (2% milk) Calories (Nonfat milk)
Tall (12 oz) 200 160
Grande (16 oz) 250 210
Venti (20 oz) 340 300

As you go up in sizes, the calories increase as well since you are getting more steamed milk and sauce. Opting for nonfat milk can reduce the calories by around 50 calories per size.

Ways to Reduce the Calories

If you want to lighten up the caramel brulee latte, here are some tips to reduce the calories:

– Request nonfat milk – saves around 40 calories for a tall size
– Ask for less caramel sauce – reducing by half saves 25 calories
– Ask for light whip or no whipped cream – saves 25 calories
– Order a smaller size – tall has 60 less calories than grande

You can also request half the usual amount of caramel sauce and a light covering of whipped cream to further reduce the calories and sugar content.

Other customizations like using nonfat milk, less pumps of caramel sauce, and no whipped cream can potentially bring a tall caramel brulee latte down to around 120 calories.

Caramel Brulee vs Other Starbucks Lattes

How does the caramel brulee latte compare to other lattes from Starbucks?

Here is a calorie comparison of a tall (12 oz) size:

Drink Calories (2% milk)
Caramel Brulee Latte 200
Caffe Latte 150
Caffe Mocha 210
Pumpkin Spice Latte 300
Peppermint Mocha 360

The caramel brulee latte has around 50 more calories than a caffe latte with just espresso and steamed milk. The mochas contain chocolate sauce, adding some extra calories. Seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice and peppermint have more calories from added syrups and toppings.

So the caramel brulee latte is moderately high in calories for a Starbucks latte. It contains less than the ultra sweet seasonal drinks, but more than a simple caffe latte.

Nutritional Benefits

While the caramel brulee latte is high in calories, sugar, and fat compared to black coffee, it does provide some nutritional benefits:

– Protein – milk contains around 8g of protein per cup which helps with satiety
– Calcium – milk provides 30% of your daily calcium needs
– Vitamin D – milk is fortified with vitamin D
– Antioxidants – coffee contains polyphenol antioxidants

So you are getting some protein, important vitamins and minerals like calcium and vitamin D, and antioxidants from the coffee.

Of course, you can get these nutrients from healthier sources like nonfat milk, yogurt, lean protein foods, and black coffee. The caramel brulee latte provides these benefits along with a hefty dose of sugar and fat.

Is it Healthy?

Given its high calorie, fat, and sugar content, the caramel brulee latte would not be considered the healthiest drink option.

As a once in a while treat it can be fine for most people. But drinking one daily could add excess calories and unhealthy fats, especially if consumed alongside other high calorie foods.

Some healthier tips would be:

– Customize it to reduce calories, sugar, and fat (nonfat milk, less sauce and whip)
– Stick to the smallest size possible
– Consider it an occasional indulgence rather than everyday drink
– Balance it out by eating healthy, whole foods for other meals and snacks

While not the most nutrient dense choice, an occasional caramel brulee latte in moderation should not be detrimental to your health if you otherwise follow a solid diet. But the calories can quickly add up if consumed frequently.


The caramel brulee latte is one of Starbucks’ pricier seasonal offerings. Here are the current estimated costs:

Size Cost
Tall $5.45
Grande $5.95
Venti $6.45

As you can see, the price increases with the size. A venti caramel brulee latte costs over $6, making it one of the more expensive menu choices.

The base price just includes the standard recipe. Further customizations like adding extra shots, milk alternatives, or other toppings will raise the price further.

Given the high sugar and calorie content, it may be one of the more “expensive” ways to consume 200+ calories. Whether or not it’s worth the cost depends on your budget and how much you value the taste.


The caramel brulee latte has developed a devoted following among Starbucks customers during its limited-time seasonal availability.

It’s difficult to quantify exact sales numbers. But its frequent return to the menu and prominence on the Starbucks website indicates it sells well each holiday season.

The popularity stems from its sweet taste and soft, smooth texture. The caramel brulee sauce provides rich flavor and aroma. And the crunchy sugar topping adds textural contrast.

Starbucks has many holiday drink options, including the peppermint mocha and eggnog latte. But the caramel brulee latte stands out for striking the right balance between the strong espresso, sweet but not overly so flavor, and silky steamed milk.

Comparison to Making it at Home

You can recreate the caramel brulee latte at home for potentially less money. Here is a homemade version:

– Make espresso or strong coffee
– Steam milk of choice on the stove or with a milk frother
– Add store-bought caramel sauce to taste
– Top with whipped cream and caramel pieces

The cost obviously depends on the specific ingredients used. But with basic coffee, milk, pre-made caramel sauce, and whipped cream you can likely make a tall-sized latke for around $2-3.

The homemade version may not taste exactly the same as Starbucks. But you can customize it to your preferences for sweetness, strength, and toppings.

One downside is that the homemade version requires more effort to brew the coffee and steam the milk. The Starbucks version provides the convenience factor.

Should You Drink it Every Day?

Drinking a Starbucks caramel brulee latte every day may not be the wisest choice for your health or budget.

At around 200 calories and 25g total carbs for a tall size made with 2% milk, the daily totals can quickly add up:

– Calories per week: 1,400
– Carbs per week: 175g
– Saturated fat per week: 35g
– Sugar per week: 161g

Consumed daily, the extra calories, refined carbs, sugar, and saturated fat from the drink could lead to unwanted weight gain over time and negatively affect metabolic health markers like blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

The costs can also amount to $30-40 per week if purchasing one each day. Many people would consider this an expensive habits for a single drink.

With that said, having an occasional caramel brulee latte as a treat will likely not jeopardize your health goals or budget as part of an overall balanced diet. But making it a daily indulgence may lead to unintended consequences over the long-term. Moderation and customization are key if you want to enjoy it more regularly.

Tips for Making it Healthier

If you want to enjoy the caramel brulee latte more frequently while minimizing negative effects, here are some tips to make it healthier:

– Request nonfat or low-fat milk to reduce calories and saturated fat
– Ask for fewer pumps of caramel sauce to cut down on sugar
– Get light whip or no whipped cream to decrease fat
– Choose the smallest (Tall) size or child’s portion
– Ask for an extra shot of espresso which provides more antioxidants
– Drink water afterwards to help offset the sugar and caffeine
– Avoid other high-sugar drinks or foods on days you have it
– Always opt for unsweetened coffee drinks on other days

With smart customizations and balance in your overall diet, you can still enjoy the occasional caramel brulee latte while managing calories, blood sugar, weight goals, and nutritional needs.

The Bottom Line

A Starbucks tall caramel brulee latte contains around 200 calories and 25g total carbohydrates when made with 2% milk. It provides some protein, vitamins, and antioxidants but is high in sugar. Customizing your order and enjoying it in moderation within a balanced diet is your best bet if you want to drink it more frequently while limiting negative effects on health. With creative tweaks and mindful drinking habits, you can still satisfy your caramel brulee cravings!

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