How many calories is a 0.28 Slim Jim?

Slim Jims are a popular processed meat snack made by ConAgra Foods. They are cylindrical in shape and known for their smoky, cured flavor. Slim Jims come in different sizes, with the most common being 0.28 oz. For consumers watching their calorie intake, knowing the calorie count of a 0.28 oz Slim Jim can help inform snacking decisions.

Calories in a 0.28 oz Slim Jim

A 0.28 oz Slim Jim contains approximately 70 calories. This calorie count is based on nutrition information provided by ConAgra Foods for their original 0.28 oz Slim Jim snack sticks.

70 calories in a 0.28 oz Slim Jim comes from the following macronutrients:


There are 5 grams of total fat in a 0.28 oz Slim Jim. Out of this:

– 2.5 g are saturated fat
– 2 g are unsaturated fat

Fat contains 9 calories per gram, so the 5 grams of fat in a 0.28 oz Slim Jim provides 45 calories.


There are 2 grams of protein in a 0.28 oz Slim Jim. Protein contains 4 calories per gram, so the 2 grams of protein provides 8 calories.


There are 1 grams of total carbohydrate in a 0.28 oz Slim Jim. Carbohydrates contain 4 calories per gram, so the 1 gram of carbohydrate provides 4 calories.

Adding up the calories from fat (45), protein (8), and carbs (4) totals 57 calories, which rounds up to 70 calories in a 0.28 oz Slim Jim.

Slim Jim Nutrition Facts

Here is the complete nutrition information for a 0.28 oz original Slim Jim from the manufacturer:

Nutrition Facts 0.28 oz Slim Jim
Calories 70
Fat 5g Saturated 2.5g, Trans 0g
Cholesterol 15mg Sodium 380mg
Carbs 1g Fiber 0g, Sugars 0g
Protein 2g

As you can see, the majority of calories in a 0.28 oz Slim Jim comes from fat, with a small amount of calories coming from protein and carbohydrates.

Slim Jim Ingredients

What ingredients are in a Slim Jim that account for its calories and nutrition profile?

According to the ConAgra Foods website, the ingredients in an original Slim Jim are:

– Beef
– Water
– Salt
– Corn syrup solids
– Sugar
– Spices
– Dextrose
– Sodium nitrite
– Hydrolyzed soy protein
– Monosodium glutamate
– Garlic powder
– Onion powder
– Disodium inosinate
– Disodium guanylate

Beef is the primary ingredient, which contributes protein and fat. Sugar and corn syrup provide carbohydrates. Spices like garlic and onion powder add flavor. Sodium nitrite is used as a preservative.

Comparing Slim Jim Calories to Other Snacks

How does the 70 calories in a 0.28 oz Slim Jim compare to other popular salty snacks? Here is a calorie comparison per serving:

Snack Serving Size Calories
Slim Jim 0.28 oz (1 stick) 70
Beef Jerky 1 oz 80
Pork Rinds 1 oz 90
Pretzels 1 oz 110
Potato Chips 1 oz 150

As you can see, a Slim Jim is relatively low in calories compared to other salty snacks, with only pork rinds and beef jerky being slightly lower in calories per serving. Pretzels contain about 1.5 times more calories per ounce than Slim Jims, while potato chips contain over twice as many calories.

Low Calorie Snack Options

If you are looking for lower calorie snack options, here are some ideas that contain 50 calories or less per serving:

– 1 oz salted roasted almonds (50 calories)
– 10 reduced fat Wheat Thins (50 calories)
– 15 mini pretzel twists (50 calories)
– 1 sheet nori seaweed (35 calories)
– 1 oz baked kale chips (35 calories)
– 1 cup air popped popcorn (30 calories)
– 1 medium apple (50 calories)
– 1 cup strawberries (50 calories)

These provide satisfying crunch and flavor for snacking while keeping your calorie intake in check. Portion sizes are still important, but these options contain fewer calories per serving compared to Slim Jims.

Health Impact of Frequent Slim Jim Consumption

While an occasional 0.28 oz Slim Jim can fit into a balanced diet, regularly consuming them may negatively impact your health:

High Sodium

– One Slim Jim contains 380mg of sodium, which is 16% of the recommended daily limit. Too much sodium can increase blood pressure.


– Slim Jims contain sodium nitrite to preserve color. Nitrites may be linked to increased cancer risk when consumed frequently in high amounts.

Highly Processed

– Heavily processed meats like Slim Jims are associated with greater risks of heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers.

Lack of Nutrients

– Slim Jims are low in nutrients like protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals compared to less processed meats and snacks.

To reduce health risks, the American Heart Association recommends limiting highly processed meat intake to no more than 1 serving per day. Moderation is key with Slim Jim consumption.

Serving Size Matters

When snacking on Slim Jims, keep the 0.28 oz serving size in mind, as going over can add a significant amount of extra calories:

– 1 Slim Jim (0.28 oz) = 70 calories
– 2 Slim Jims (0.56 oz) = 140 calories
– 3 Slim Jims (0.84 oz) = 210 calories

Sticking to a single Slim Jim as a snack is your best bet to keep calories around 70 for that serving. Consuming multiple Slim Jims at a time can cause calorie intake to climb rapidly.

Cooking and Calories

The nutrition information provided is for Slim Jims as packaged without any additional cooking or preparation. Any cooking method that adds additional oils or fats will increase the calorie content per Slim Jim.

For example, frying Slim Jims in 1 tbsp of oil would add about 120 extra calories. Even when air frying, oil spray adds additional fat and calories. For lowest calorie preparation, it’s best to enjoy Slim Jims as is out of the package.

Low Calorie Slim Jim Alternatives

If you want to reduce the calories in a Slim Jim snack, here are some lower calorie alternatives:

– Turkey or buffalo chicken stick (50 calories)
– 1 oz beef jerky (80 calories)
– 1 oz extra lean ham (35 calories)
– 1 oz smoked salmon jerky (60 calories)
– 1 oz tuna pack (70 calories)

These provide lower fat options while still offering flavor and portability. You can also make your own low calorie version by wrapping 1 oz of 96% lean ground beef around a breadstick or pretzel rod.

Child and Teen Consumption

Slim Jims are commonly marketed toward teens and children. For kids aged 4-13, health experts recommend limiting processed meats to no more than 2 servings per week as part of a balanced diet.

Some healthier kid-friendly snacking options include:

– Fresh vegetables with hummus
– Apple slices with nut butter
– Yogurt with berries
– Crackers and cheese sticks
– Trail mix with nuts, seeds, and dried fruit
– Air popped popcorn

Providing a variety of snacks can help ensure kids get proper nutrition for growth and development.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

When pregnant or breastfeeding, the extra sodium and nitrates in Slim Jims may be concerning. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends pregnant women limit processed meats and consume no more than 2,300 mg of sodium per day.

Some healthier pregnancy snacking options include:

– Fresh fruit
– Whole grain toast with nut butter
– Yogurt and granola
– Veggies with hummus
– Cottage cheese and berries
– Hard boiled eggs
– Smoothies made with yogurt and fruit

However, speak with your doctor about any dietary restrictions or recommendations.

Intermittent Fasting

If you follow an intermittent fasting diet, a Slim Jim can fit into your eating plan depending on the schedule. For example, on the 16:8 diet, you fast for 16 hours and eat within an 8 hour window.

A 0.28 oz Slim Jim contains about 70 calories, so it can be accommodated as a snack during your feeding window. Just be mindful of your total calorie intake within the window. Too many additional high calorie processed snacks may lead to weight gain.

On longer 24+ hour fasts, you would avoid any consumption of Slim Jims until you reach your next feeding window. Drink plenty of water and focus on lower calorie whole foods when breaking a fast.

Keto Diet

The ketogenic or “keto” diet emphasizes very low carb intake, higher fats, and moderate protein. Slim Jims can potentially fit into a keto diet because of their low carb count.

A 0.28 oz Slim Jim contains just 1g net carb, which is only 4% of the 25g daily limit on keto. However, you still need to watch calorie and serving size. Consuming multiple Slim Jims could easily surpass your calorie target.

Some things to keep in mind:

– Stick to 1 Slim Jim serving and account for the 70 calories
– Choose lower carb snack options to pair with it like cheese, nuts, and low carb vegetables
– Opt for fresh or dried meats like beef jerky over processed variations for more nutrients

Bodybuilding and Fitness

For bodybuilders and athletes focused on lean muscle growth and fitness performance, Slim Jims are not an ideal snack choice.

While they provide some protein, a 0.28 oz Slim Jim only contains 2g. After a workout, experts recommend 20-40g of high quality protein from foods like:

– Chicken or turkey breast
– Lean beef
– Fish and seafood
– Eggs
– Greek yogurt
– Protein powder

The highly processed meat and sodium content also make regular Slim Jim consumption undesirable for physique and performance. Some better savory snack options post-workout include beef jerky, cottage cheese, nuts, and protein bars. Focus on more fresh, whole food sources of lean protein.


In summary, a 0.28 oz Slim Jim contains approximately 70 calories, with the majority coming from fat. Slim Jims can fit into a balanced diet in moderation, but frequent consumption may increase health risks due to the high sodium, nitrites, and processing. When snacking on Slim Jims, be mindful of portion sizes, and consider substituting with lower calorie options like fresh veggies, fruits, jerky, or lean deli meats for some of your snacks. As with any food, enjoying Slim Jims in moderation while focusing on an overall healthy diet is the best approach.

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