How many calories in a small slice of soda bread?

Soda bread is a type of quick bread that is popular in Ireland and other parts of the United Kingdom. It gets its name from the use of baking soda as the leavening agent rather than yeast. Soda bread has a hearty texture and delicious slightly sweet flavor that makes it a favorite for breakfast or tea time. But many people wonder just how many calories are in a slice of soda bread? In this article, we will explore the calorie count and nutritional value of soda bread.

What is Soda Bread?

Soda bread originated in Ireland and Scotland where soft wheat flour was less available historically. The use of baking soda allowed a bread to rise without the need for yeast. Traditional Irish soda bread uses just four ingredients – flour, baking soda, salt, and buttermilk. The acidity of the buttermilk reacts with the baking soda to give the bread rise. Modern recipes may add eggs, butter, raisins, or other ingredients for flavor and texture.

There are two main types of Irish soda bread – a firm, dense loaf and a soft and crumbly biscuit. The loaf is made with whole wheat or white flour and is designed to last longer. The biscuit is made with soft wheat flour and has a more delicate texture.

Nutritional Profile of Soda Bread

The main nutrients in soda bread come from the flour it is made with. A slice of soda bread will contain varying levels of:


The carbohydrate level comes mainly from the starch in the flour. A 1 oz slice of soda bread contains approximately 15-20g of total carbohydrates.


Whole wheat soda bread provides a good amount of fiber – around 2-3g per slice. White soda bread is lower in fiber.


Flour naturally contains some protein, around 3-5g per slice of bread.


There is little natural fat in the basic ingredients of soda bread. Some added butter or oil increases the fat content to 4-5g per slice.

Vitamins & Minerals

Soda bread made with whole wheat flour provides B vitamins like thiamine, niacin, and folate. There are also trace minerals like iron, magnesium, and zinc. Any added ingredients boost the vitamin and mineral content.

Calories in Soda Bread

The calorie content of soda bread depends on the ingredients used in the recipe. Here is an overview of the typical amount of calories:

Plain Soda Bread

– 1 small slice (1 oz or 28g) – 70-80 calories

This estimate is based on soda bread made with 100% whole wheat flour and no added fats or sweeteners. The calories come mostly from the carbohydrates in the bread.

Buttered Soda Bread

– 1 small slice (1 oz or 28g) – 90-100 calories

The addition of 1-2 tsp of butter or oil per loaf adds a small amount of fat and calories.

Sweet Soda Bread

– 1 small slice (1 oz or 28g) – 110-130 calories

Recipes that use sugar or honey create a sweet, slightly richer soda bread. The added sugars increase the calorie density.

Soda Bread with Add-Ins

– 1 small slice (1 oz or 28g) – 120-150 calories

Ingredients like raisins, nuts, seeds, chocolate chips, or cheese increase calories further. The extra fat and carbs from add-ins means a slice may contain 150 calories or more.

As you can see, a plain slice of soda bread contains around 80 calories, while enriched or more decadent versions can go up to 120-150 calories per slice.

Benefits of Soda Bread

Although not extremely low in calories, soda bread does have some nutritional benefits:

– Provides complex carbohydrates – The starch in soda bread gives sustained energy.

– High in fiber – Whole wheat soda bread is a good source of satiating fiber.

– Contains protein – The gluten in flour provides plant-based protein.

– Low in fat – Basic soda bread is very low in saturated fat.

– Source of B Vitamins – Essential for metabolism and red blood cell production.

Tips for Enjoying Soda Bread While Managing Calories

Here are some tips for keeping your soda bread calories in check:

– Stick to a 1 oz portion size – Measure your slice to keep portions controlled.

– Choose whole wheat – Pick whole grain soda bread for more nutrition.

– Avoid butter – Skip the butter or margarine to cut fat and calories.

– Limit add-ins – Nuts, chocolate, cheese etc. significantly increase calories.

– Watch condiments – Jam, honey, etc. add extra sugar and calories.

– Fill up on veggies – Serve soda bread with salad or roasted veggies to create a balanced meal.

– Work it off – Balance out soda bread calories with regular exercise.

– Make it yourself – Homemade allows control of ingredients for less calories.

Healthier Soda Bread Options

If you want to lighten up your soda bread, here are some ingredient swaps to try:

– Use whole wheat flour – For extra fiber and nutrients.

– Substitute Greek yogurt for buttermilk – Lowers calories and boosts protein.

– Include oats or bran – Increase fiber content.

– Add seeds like flax or chia – For healthy fats and texture.

– Use oat or almond flour – For gluten-free options.

– Sweeten with fruit or honey – Instead of sugar.

– Swap in olive oil for butter – Lowers saturated fat.

With some simple substitutions, you can give your soda bread recipe a nutritional upgrade.

Calories in Different Soda Bread Recipes

Calories can vary quite a bit depending on the specific recipe. To give you a better idea, here is the calorie count for popular soda bread recipes per slice:

Traditional Irish Soda Bread

– Per slice (1 oz) – 90 calories

Whole Wheat Soda Bread

– Per slice (1 oz) – 80 calories

Spelt Soda Bread

– Per slice (1 oz) – 75 calories

Buttermilk Oat Soda Bread

– Per slice (1 oz) – 95 calories

Cheddar Cheese and Chive Soda Bread

– Per slice (1 oz) – 115 calories

Raisin and Walnut Soda Bread

– Per slice (1 oz) – 130 calories

Orange and Currant Soda Bread

– Per slice (1 oz) – 105 calories

As you can see, calorie count varies based on the recipe specifics, especially whether it includes mix-ins like cheese, nuts, dried fruit etc. Plain varieties tend to be lower in calories.

How to Calculate Calories in Homemade Soda Bread

It’s easy to calculate the calories per slice if you make soda bread at home. Follow these steps:

1. Calculate the total calories in the full soda bread recipe. You can use a calorie counter website or app to add up calories for all ingredients.

2. Divide the total calories by the number of slices the loaf makes. An average 1 lb loaf contains around 12-14 slices.

3. Weigh a slice to determine the ounces. Use a food scale for accuracy.

4. Multiply the calories per slice by the weight of your portion to get the calorie count for your serving.

Using this method allows you to get a personalized nutrition estimate tailored to the exact soda bread recipe you make at home.

Comparisons With Other Bread Calories

How does the calorie content of soda bread compare to other types of bread? Here is a look at calories for 1 ounce slices of popular breads:

Bread Type Calories (1 oz slice)
White bread 75
Whole Wheat Bread 60
Sourdough Bread 65
Rye Bread 80
Pumpernickel Bread 90
Soda Bread 80-100

As you can see, an average slice of soda bread is fairly comparable to most breads for calories. But soda bread does tend to be lower in calories than dense varieties like pumpernickel.

Low Calorie Accompaniments for Soda Bread

To make your soda bread into a slimming meal, be mindful of what you serve it with by choosing low calorie accompaniments. Here are some tasty options under 100 calories per serving:

  • Poached or hard-boiled egg – 70 calories
  • Oatmeal – 80 calories
  • Smoked salmon – 100 calories
  • Avocado – 100 calories
  • Scrambled egg whites – 30 calories
  • Greek yogurt – 100 calories
  • Fresh fruit salad – 80 calories
  • Tomato slices – 20 calories
  • Cucumber slices – 10 calories
  • Leafy greens salad – 20 calories

Pairing your soda bread with lean protein, healthy fat, or low cal veggies and fruits helps balance your meal.

Should You Avoid Soda Bread When Dieting?

Soda bread can absolutely be part of a healthy weight loss diet when enjoyed in moderation. A small 1-2 oz portion of soda bread supplies beneficial nutrients and fiber that may help with appetite regulation and gut health.

Be mindful of added fats and sweeteners that boost the calorie content. Stick with mostly whole food ingredients to get the nutritional benefits of soda bread without excess calories.

Pair your slice of soda bread with plenty of non-starchy vegetables, a lean protein source, and healthy fats like avocado or nuts. This helps create a balanced, nutrient-dense meal that supports your diet goals.

Completely avoiding soda bread may lead to feelings of deprivation that cause diet sabatoge. Allow yourself moderate portions of soda bread that fit within your daily calorie needs for sustainable, long term weight management.


A single thin slice of soda bread contains approximately 80-100 calories. Enriched, sweetened, or more decadent versions can range from 100-150 calories per slice. While not extremely low in calories, soda bread can be part of a healthy diet when enjoyed in moderation alongside nutritious whole foods. Carefully controlling portion sizes and ingredients allows you to reap the many nutrients and health benefits of soda bread without overdoing it on calories.

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