How many calories in a small Mcdonalds caramel frappe?

Quick Answer

A small McDonald’s caramel frappe contains about 300 calories. The exact calorie count can vary slightly depending on customizations and restaurant location. A small caramel frappe at McDonald’s typically contains around 300 calories, 43 grams of sugar, and 9 grams of fat.

Calories and Nutrition Facts

A small McDonald’s caramel frappe is made with ice blended caramel coffee drink and whipped cream. It contains the following approximate nutrition facts:

Calories 300
Total Fat 9g
Saturated Fat 9g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 20mg
Sodium 170mg
Total Carbohydrates 50g
Dietary Fiber 0g
Sugars 43g
Protein 3g

As you can see, the majority of the calories come from carbohydrates, specifically sugar. A small caramel frappe contains 43 grams of sugar, which equates to over 10 teaspoons worth.

The calories can increase if you customize or upgrade your small caramel frappe:

– Adding an extra shot of caramel syrup: +60 calories
– Using whole milk instead of nonfat: +30 calories
– Adding whipped cream: +50 calories
– Choosing a medium instead of small: +100 calories

So customizations like extra caramel sauce, different milk, and whipped cream will increase the calorie count. To keep calories around 300, stick with the standard small size and no custom add-ons.

Caramel Frappe Nutrition Compared to Other Drinks

How does a small caramel frappe compare nutritionally to other common drinks?

Beverage Calories Sugar (g) Protein (g)
Small McDonald’s Caramel Frappe 300 43 3
Small McDonald’s Mocha Frappe 340 45 4
Small Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino 370 50 3
Small Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino 300 39 3
Small Cold Brew Coffee 10 0 1
12oz Can Coke 140 39 0

As you can see, frappes and frappuccinos are significantly higher in both calories and sugar compared to options like black coffee or diet soda. A small caramel frappe contains about the same amount of calories as a 12oz can of regular Coke.

So while tasty, these blended coffee drinks pack a lot of calories and sugar into a small serving. They contain minimal protein and nutrients as well.

Reduced Calorie Options

If you want to enjoy a caramel frappe but limit calories, here are some tips:

– Order the small size. The small has 100 fewer calories than the medium.

– Skip whipped cream. This eliminates 50 calories of pure fat and sugar.

– Ask for sugar-free (or lower sugar) syrup. Get just 1-2 pumps of sugar free caramel rather than the standard caramel syrup.

– Request nonfat milk. Using nonfat instead of whole milk will save you about 30 calories.

– Add a shot of espresso. This will give you an extra jolt of energy and make the drink feel more like a true coffee drink.

– Drink it slowly and savor it. Sipping it slowly rather than gulping it down will make it last longer and feel more satisfying.

– Share it with a friend. Split a small frappe between two cups for a 150 calorie treat.

– Substitute brewed coffee. A small brewed coffee has only about 5 calories, so enjoy your caramel syrup and whipped cream on coffee instead.

With smart customizations and substitutions, you can create a lower calorie caramel coffee drink that still satisfies your craving!

Health Impact of Caramel Frappes

While an occasional caramel frappe is unlikely to have major health consequences, regularly drinking high calorie, high sugar beverages can negatively impact health in the following ways:

– Weight gain – The excess calories, sugar, fat and carbohydrates can easily lead to weight gain over time, especially if consumed daily. Just one frappe a day equates to over a pound of fat gain per month.

– Blood sugar spikes – All that sugar causes rapid blood sugar spikes and crashes, which can worsen insulin resistance over time potentially leading to metabolic diseases like diabetes.

– Tooth decay – The combination of sugar and acidity can degrade tooth enamel leading to dental cavities and decay.

– Liver health – Excess sugar calories are processed by the liver, causing fatty liver diseases like non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

– Nutrient imbalance – These drinks provide calories with minimal nutrition, displacing healthier whole foods with important vitamins and minerals.

– Energy crashes – You may feel hyper and energized after consuming all the sugar but this can lead to an energy crash later on as blood sugar declines rapidly.

So while the occasional caramel frappe won’t harm your health, it’s best to enjoy it in moderation as part of an overall balanced diet, not daily. Beverages like black coffee, green tea, or water are much healthier daily drink choices.

Tips for Enjoying Caramel Frappes in Moderation

Here are some tips to keep in mind so you can savor caramel frappes occasionally while maintaining overall healthy nutrition:

– Treat it as a dessert, not a daily drink. Enjoy it in place of other sweets, not as a morning or afternoon snack every day.

– Share it with friends or family. Order one frappe and split it between cups to control portions.

– Sip slowly. Savor it in small sips rather than gulping it down in minutes. This helps naturally control portions.

– Avoid extra toppings and customizations. Get the standard small size without whipped cream or extra syrups to limit excess calories.

– Be mindful of your total diet. Balancing the frappe with healthy meals and snacks helps mitigate the impact of the extra treat.

– Drink plenty of water. Stay well hydrated daily with plain or sparkling water to help flush out the sugar and calories.

– Exercise portion control. Get the smallest size available and enjoy every sweet sip of it without overdoing your portion.

– Pay attention to ingredients. Watch out for red flags like high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, and artificial flavors.

Enjoying the occasional caramel frappe in moderation can be part of an overall balanced and healthy diet. Just be mindful of portions, ingredients, and making sure your daily nutrition meets your needs outside of the rare treat.


A small McDonald’s caramel frappe contains approximately 300 calories and 43 grams of sugar. While tasty, these high calorie coffee-based beverages should be enjoyed in moderation as part of a healthy balanced diet. Opting for smaller sizes, minimizing add-ons like whipped cream, and substituting artificial syrups with the real thing can help reduce the calorie and sugar load. An occasional caramel frappe is fine for most people but they become unhealthy when consumed regularly due to the excess calories, fat, sugar, and artificial ingredients. Savor your small caramel frappe slowly and mindfully when you want a special coffeehouse treat, and opt for healthier lower calorie beverages on a daily basis.

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