How many calories in a large Iced Coffee from Dunkin Donuts?

A large iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts can range in calories depending on the customizations. The default large iced coffee without any milk, flavoring, or sweetener contains roughly 5 calories. However, once you start adding in customizations like milk, cream, flavor swirls, and sweeteners, the calories add up quickly.

Basic Nutrition Facts

Here are the basic nutrition facts for a large Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee (30 oz):

Nutrition Facts Amount
Calories 5
Total Fat 0 g
Sodium 15 mg
Total Carbohydrates 1 g
Sugars 0 g
Caffeine 210 mg

As you can see, without any customizations, a large iced coffee only contains 5 calories. It also does not contain any fat, sugar, or carbohydrates. The main reason it contains any calories at all is due to the small amount of naturally occurring sugars in the coffee.

Calories with Milk

Adding milk to your iced coffee is one of the easiest ways to increase the calorie count. Here are the calories when you add milk to a large Dunkin’ iced coffee:

  • With whole milk: 125 calories
  • With 2% reduced fat milk: 105 calories
  • With nonfat/skim milk: 90 calories
  • With almond milk: 60 calories

As you can see, the type of milk you choose makes a big difference. Whole milk adds 120 more calories compared to just 5 calories for black iced coffee. Choosing nonfat or almond milk helps keep the calories on the lower end.

Calories with Cream

Adding cream rather than regular milk boosts up the calories even more. Here’s how many calories are in a large Dunkin’ coffee with cream:

  • With half & half cream: 190 calories
  • With light cream: 150 calories
  • With heavy cream: 220 calories

No matter what type of cream you prefer, expect your iced coffee to contain around 150-220 calories when adding a few ounces. Heavy cream packs the biggest calorie punch at 220 calories for just a splash.

Calories with Flavored Syrups

Dunkin’ offers a variety of flavored coffee syrups to give your iced coffee a sweet twist. Popular flavors include caramel, vanilla, hazelnut, and cinnamon. Here are the calories when adding flavored syrups to an iced coffee:

  • With 3 pumps caramel swirl syrup: 60 calories
  • With 3 pumps French vanilla syrup: 45 calories
  • With 3 pumps hazelnut syrup: 60 calories
  • With 3 pumps cinnamon syrup: 15 calories

The calorie count can vary based on the type of syrup, but expect around 15-60 additional calories per 3 pumps of syrup. Caramel and hazelnut tend to be the most caloric options.

Calories with Sweeteners

You can also customize your iced coffee with sweeteners like sugar or artificial sweeteners. Here are the calories with different sweetener options added:

  • With 2 packets of white sugar: 32 calories
  • With 2 packets of raw sugar: 32 calories
  • With 2 packets of Splenda: 0 calories
  • With 2 packets of Equal: 0 calories
  • With 2 packets of Sweet’N Low: 0 calories

Regular white and raw sugar add around 15-30 calories per packet. Artificial sweeteners like Splenda, Equal, or Sweet’N Low do not contain any calories, so they won’t alter the calorie count.

Highest Calorie Combinations

When you start to combine several high-calorie customizations together, the calories can really stack up. Here are some of the highest calorie coffee drinks you can make at Dunkin’:

Drink Calories
Iced coffee with whole milk, heavy cream, and caramel swirl Around 420 calories
Iced coffee with whole milk, heavy cream, caramel, and sugar Around 450 calories
Iced coffee with half & half, mocha swirl, and whipped cream Around 340 calories
Iced coffee with nonfat milk, French vanilla, and sweetener Around 140 calories

As you can see, combining heavy cream or whole milk with syrups and sugars can bring a single iced coffee up to 400-450 calories. Choosing lighter dairy and sugar-free syrups keeps the calorie count under 200 in most cases.

Tips for Ordering a Low Calorie Iced Coffee

If you want to keep your Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee relatively low in calories, follow these tips when ordering:

  • Opt for nonfat milk or almond milk rather than whole or heavy cream
  • Choose sugar-free flavored syrups instead of sugary ones like caramel
  • Skip the whipped cream topping to avoid extra fat and calories
  • Sweeten with artificial sweeteners instead of sugar packets
  • Ask for less pumps of syrup if adding flavor (1-2 instead of 3-4 pumps)
  • Request no sugar if adding a flavored swirl, which already contains sugar
  • Stick to small or medium sizes instead of large to limit overall calories
  • Avoid additional toppings like butters, sprinkles, or chocolate drizzle

Following one or more of these tips when customizing your iced coffee can easily shave off anywhere from 50-200 calories from your drink.

Lowest Calorie Iced Coffee Combinations

And if you really want to keep your iced coffee at the lowest calorie count, here are some specific customizations:

  • Iced coffee with nonfat milk (90 calories)
  • Iced coffee with almond milk (60 calories)
  • Iced coffee with skim milk and sugar free cinnamon swirl (100 calories)
  • Iced coffee with skim milk and sugar free French vanilla (105 calories)
  • Iced coffee with skim milk and 2 Equal sweetener packets (95 calories)

Choosing nonfat dairy, sugar free syrups, and artificial sweeteners are the best way to enjoy an iced coffee for under 100 calories. An unsweetened black iced coffee is always the lowest calorie option at just 5 calories for a large 30 oz size.

Other Ways to Reduce Calories

In addition to customizing your drink order, there are a few other ways you can reduce the calorie count of your Dunkin’ iced coffee:

  • Choose a smaller size. Opt for a small or medium rather than a large. The smaller sizes have less milk and typically less syrup as well.
  • Ask for less pumps of syrup. Most syrups and swirls are added in a standard 3-4 pumps. Ask for just 1-2 pumps to reduce added sugars.
  • Request light ice. More ice equals less coffee and milk, so getting light ice gives you more of the good stuff for the same calories.
  • Try cold brew coffee. Dunkin’s cold brew has a naturally sweeter taste, so you may be able to use less milk, cream, and sweetener.
  • Create your own flavor combos. Mix and match sugar free syrups to invent your own lower calorie flavor creations.

Being mindful about your order and thinking outside the box can go a long way towards enjoying your iced coffee while maintaining your healthy diet.

Calories Compared to Other Drinks

Compared to other popular drinks, a customized Dunkin’ iced coffee containing milk and sugar generally falls in the middle calorie-wise. Here’s how it stacks up against some other common drinks:

Beverage Calories (12 oz)
Black iced coffee 5
Iced coffee with milk and sugar 100-150
Starbucks bottled Frappuccino 190
Orange juice 110
Coca-cola 140
Sweetened iced tea 120
Gatorade 130

An iced coffee made with skim milk and a bit of sugar generally has around 100-150 calories in a medium 12 oz serving. That’s less than most sodas or bottled Frappuccinos, but more than black coffee or orange juice. Choosing lower calorie additions like sugar-free syrups and nonfat milk can bring an iced coffee closer to just 5-50 calories per serving.

Calorie Saving Hacks

If you want to enjoy creamy, sweetened iced coffee but still watch your calorie intake, here are some useful hacks to try:

  • Add a splash of heavy cream for flavor without the calories of a full serving – about 1-2 tablespoons max
  • Mix brewed coffee with frothed nonfat milk instead of heavy cream for a lighter option
  • Flavor your coffee with cinnamon and vanilla extract instead of heavy syrups
  • Blend your coffee with ice and a frozen banana for a frosty, sweet treat
  • Buy sugar free syrup flavors and make your own flavored coffee at home
  • Use stevia drops or erythritol as a no-calorie natural sweetener
  • Make ice cubes out of coffee so your iced coffee doesn’t get watered down as it melts
  • Find the optimal coffee-to-milk ratio so you don’t over-dilute your drink

With some creativity and clever tweaking, you can definitely still enjoy sweet creamy iced coffee even when limiting calories. Focus on getting flavor from coffee itself, extracts, and sugar free syrups instead of heavy cream and sugar.

Nutritional Benefits of Iced Coffee

Despite the calorie count, an iced coffee made with primarily coffee and a dash of milk or cream can actually have some nutritional positives:

  • Antioxidants. Coffee provides polyphenol antioxidants that can reduce inflammation and help fight disease.
  • Vitamins and minerals. additions like milk, cream, and syrups add calcium, vitamin D, potassium and more.
  • Mental focus. The caffeine in coffee boosts concentration, alertness and cognitive function.
  • Physical performance. Caffeine may enhance athletic performance by increasing endurance.
  • Weight loss agent. The caffeine in coffee can boost metabolism and help with fat burning.
  • Disease prevention. Some research shows coffee consumption may help prevent liver disease, type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

So while the calorie count should be kept in check, iced coffee in moderation can be part of healthy, balanced diet. Focus on getting the most nutritional bang for your calorie buck by keeping it low in sugar and heavy cream.

The Bottom Line

When served black with no additions, a large Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee contains just 5 calories. But as you add in customizations like milk, cream, syrups and sweeteners, the calories add up quickly. Some high-calorie combinations can rack up over 400 calories or more in a single large drink.

To keep your iced coffee lower in calories, opt for nonfat or skim milk, sugar free flavors, and artificial sweeteners instead of heavy cream, sugary syrups, and pure cane sugar. And be mindful of portion sizes – sometimes a small or medium hit the spot just as well as a large.

An iced coffee made with restrained amounts of milk, cream, syrup, and sugar can absolutely be part of a healthy diet. Just be conscious about what you order and customize your drink in a calorie-conscious way. That way, you can still enjoy this tasty chilled treat without sabotaging your fitness goals.

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