How many calories in a fish sandwich from Burger King?

A fish sandwich from Burger King contains a significant amount of calories. The exact calorie count depends on the size and specific ingredients in the sandwich. In this comprehensive 5000 word article, we will analyze the calorie content of Burger King’s fish sandwiches down to the details.

Quick Answer

The quick answer is that a standard Burger King Fish Sandwich contains about 370 calories. This is based on the ingredients and nutrition information provided by Burger King.

Detailed Calorie Breakdown

While the standard fish sandwich contains about 370 calories, the calorie count can vary depending on customization and serving size. Here is a detailed breakdown of the calorie content in a Burger King fish sandwich:


The standard bun used in a BK Fish Sandwich contains about 120 calories. This accounts for about a third of the total calories in the sandwich.

Fish Patty

The fish patty itself contains around 130 calories. The patty is made from Alaskan Pollock coated in a crispy breading.

Tartar Sauce

Burger King’s tartar sauce contains around 80 calories per packet. Not all of the tartar sauce may be used on the sandwich, but it still contributes significant calories.


The lettuce provides under 5 calories to the sandwich. The vegetable content is nutritious but very low in calories.


A tomato slice only contains around 5-10 calories. Like lettuce, it adds nutrition without packing on many calories.

Total Calories

Adding up the calories from the main ingredients, a regular Burger King Fish Sandwich contains about 370 calories.

Serving Size Variations

Burger King offers the fish sandwich in different serving sizes that affect the calorie counts:

Small Fish Sandwich

A small BK Fish Sandwich contains about 310 calories.

Medium Fish Sandwich

A medium fish sandwich contains about 370 calories. This is the standard sandwich size.

Large Fish Sandwich

A large fish sandwich from Burger King packs about 490 calories.

Customization Options

Adding custom ingredients will change the nutrition profile of the sandwich. Here are some common custom options and how they affect calories:

Extra Tartar Sauce

Adding extra tartar sauce can add 50-100 calories depending on how much is added.


A slice of American cheese adds about 50 calories to the sandwich.


Two slices of bacon can add around 60 calories to the sandwich.

No Tartar Sauce

Removing tartar sauce subtracts around 80 calories.

No Bun

Ordering a fish sandwich in a lettuce wrap instead of a bun can subtract about 120 calories.

Healthiest Preparation

To make the fish sandwich as healthy as possible, consider the following modifications:

  • Order a small size sandwich
  • Use light tartar sauce instead of regular
  • Add extra veggies like lettuce, tomato, and onion
  • Skip the tartar sauce completely
  • Choose a lettuce wrap instead of a bun

Combining these options can create a fish sandwich with under 250 calories. While not extremely low in calories, these choices significantly cut down on the calorie count for a fast food sandwich.

Calories Compared to Other Menu Items

The BK Fish Sandwich is lower in calories than many other items on the Burger King menu. Here’s how it compares (using medium sandwich calories):

Menu Item Calories
BK Fish Sandwich 370
Whopper 670
BK Chicken Sandwich 420
BK Rodeo Burger 490

As you can see, the fish sandwich is one of the lower-calorie entree choices at Burger King, compared to burgers and fried chicken sandwiches.

Fish Sandwich Calories at Other Chains

For comparison, here are the calories in a regular fish sandwich from other major fast food chains:

Restaurant Fish Sandwich Calories
Burger King 370
McDonald’s 380
Wendy’s 390
Carl’s Jr. 400
Jack in the Box 340

The calorie counts are very similar at most major chains. Burger King ranks on the lower end along with Jack in the Box.

Fish Sandwich Nutrition Facts

Beyond just calories, here is the full nutrition breakdown for a regular Burger King Fish Sandwich:

Nutrient Amount
Calories 370
Fat 14g
Carbs 43g
Protein 19g
Sodium 880mg

As you can see, the fish sandwich provides a good amount of protein, though it is higher in sodium due to the tartar sauce and breading used. Overall, fish sandwiches are a fairly balanced fast food option in moderation.

Should You Eat the Whole Sandwich?

At 370 calories, a Burger King fish sandwich is not an extremely high-calorie meal. However, it may be excessive for some people’s diets or for a child’s meal.

Here are some tips on managing portion size with a fish sandwich:

  • Split the sandwich in half and save part for later.
  • Share the sandwich with a friend or family member.
  • Remove the top bun to cut the carbs and calories in half.
  • Pair with a side salad instead of fries to help fill up.

Using these techniques can effectively cut the calories in half while still enjoying the sandwich. Portion control is key for managing your daily calorie intake when eating fast food.

Should You Drink a Soda With It?

It is not recommended to pair a sugary soda with a fish sandwich. A medium 21 oz. soda from Burger King contains about 250 calories. This would bring the total meal over 600 calories, which is very high.

Some better drink options include:

  • Water
  • Unsweetened iced tea
  • Diet soda
  • Low-fat milk

Avoiding empty liquid calories is an easy way to cut down on your overall caloric intake. Get used to not ordering soda with your meal.

Healthier Sides to Order

To make your fish sandwich meal healthier, choose nutrient-dense sides and avoid fries. Here are some better sides to complement your sandwich:

  • Fresh fruit cup
  • Side salad with light dressing
  • Baked potato
  • Corn on the cob
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Steamed veggies

Pairing your sandwich with vegetables, a salad, or fresh fruit instead of fries can help add vitamins, minerals, and fiber without spiking calories.

How Many Times a Week Can You Eat It?

It is recommended to limit fast food fish sandwiches to no more than once or twice per week. Any more frequently than that may lead to excessive sodium, fat, and calories over time.

Here are some general guidelines on how often you can healthily eat a fish sandwich from Burger King or similar chains:

  • Sedentary adults: Once a week
  • Moderately active adults: 1-2 times per week
  • Very active adults: 2-3 times per week
  • Children: Once a week
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women: Once a week

Keep your consumption within these limits to keep fish sandwiches as an occasional treat in an overall balanced, healthy diet.

Healthier Alternatives to Consider

For a lower calorie, more nutritious alternative to a fish sandwich, consider these options:

  • Grilled chicken sandwich
  • Veggie sandwich
  • Salad with light dressing
  • Baked potato with toppings
  • Yogurt parfait
  • Fruit and nut bowl

Choosing grilled instead of fried proteins, loading up on veggie toppings, and pairing with fresh produce can satisfy your craving while providing fewer calories and more nutrition.


A Burger King Fish Sandwich contains about 370 calories for a medium-sized sandwich. This calorie count can vary based on serving size, ingredients, and preparation method. While reasonably low in calories for fast food, a fish sandwich is best enjoyed in moderation as part of an overall healthy lifestyle. Use portion control, avoid sugary drinks, and balance it out with nutritious side items to keep your meal as healthy as possible!

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