How many calories do you burn on the StairMaster for 10 minutes?

Using a StairMaster for just 10 minutes can be an effective way to burn calories and improve your cardiovascular fitness. The number of calories you burn will depend on several factors including your weight, intensity level, and the specific StairMaster machine you use.

Quick Answer

For a 155 lb (70 kg) person, here are the approximate calories burned using a StairMaster for 10 minutes:

  • StairMaster Gauntlet: 80-100 calories
  • StairMaster 7000 PT: 60-75 calories
  • StairMaster 8000 PT: 75-90 calories
  • StairMaster 9000 PT: 90-110 calories

These estimates are for moderate intensity workouts on the machine. The exact number of calories burned varies based on the effort exerted.

Calories Burned Factors

Several key factors determine how many calories you can expect to burn using a StairMaster for 10 minutes:

1. Body Weight

A heavier person will burn more calories than a lighter person when using a StairMaster. More energy is required to move a larger body mass against gravity on the machine. According to Harvard Health, a 155 lb person burns approximately 4.2 calories per minute using a StairMaster. In contrast, a 185 lb person burns around 5 calories per minute.

2. Intensity Level

The harder you work on a StairMaster, the more calories you will burn. Pushing yourself at a challenging pace rather than a leisurely stroll makes a big difference. For example, a 155 lb person may burn around 50 calories with light effort or up to 100 calories when working vigorously for 10 minutes.

3. Machine Type

StairMaster offers several commercial grade models for gyms and home use. The low-impact StairMaster 7000 PT will burn fewer calories than the advanced StairMaster 9000 PT with rotating stairs and arm levers that engages the upper body too.

4. Individual Factors

Your unique fitness level also impacts calories burned. A well-conditioned athlete may burn more calories than a deconditioned beginner exerting the same effort on a StairMaster. Age, muscle mass, and genetics also play a role.

Calorie Burn Table by StairMaster Model

Here is an estimated calorie burn range for a 155 lb person using different StairMaster machines for 10 minutes:

StairMaster Model Calories Burned
StairMaster Gauntlet 80-100 calories
StairMaster 7000 PT 60-75 calories
StairMaster 8000 PT 75-90 calories
StairMaster 9000 PT 90-110 calories

As shown, the advanced 9000 PT model burns the most calories due to its intense full-body workout. The Gauntlet and 8000 PT are the next top calorie burners, while the simpler 7000 PT burns the fewest calories.

Calorie Burn by Intensity

Here is an estimate of the calories burned on a StairMaster 8000 PT for a 155 lb person based on exercising at different intensity levels for 10 minutes:

Intensity Calories Burned
Light 50-60 calories
Moderate 75-90 calories
Vigorous 100-120 calories

This demonstrates that you can double your calorie burn by working harder on the StairMaster. Vigorous effort burns up to 2x the calories of light effort.

Calorie Burn by Body Weight

The number of calories burned on a StairMaster for 10 minutes also varies significantly based on body weight. Here is a calorie burn estimate for different weights using the StairMaster 9000 PT at a moderate pace:

Body Weight Calories Burned
120 lb 60-75 calories
155 lb 90-110 calories
185 lb 110-130 calories
220 lb 130-150 calories

Heavier individuals generally burn 20-40% more calories than lighter individuals when exercising for the same duration and intensity.

Tips to Maximize Calorie Burn on a StairMaster

Here are some tips to help you burn the most calories possible using a StairMaster for 10 minutes or longer:

Use Proper Form

Stand tall with your head up and back straight. Hold the handlebars lightly without relying on them for support. Engage your core muscles and avoid leaning over the machine.

Work at a Challenging Pace

Don’t just go through the motions – keep a vigorous tempo that really elevates your breathing and heart rate. Aim to reach 60-80% of your maximum heart rate for optimal calorie burn.

Use Arm Levers

On models with moveable arm levers like the StairMaster 9000 PT, use them vigorously to engage your upper body muscles too.

Vary Your Workouts

Alternate moderate steady state sessions with interval training for maximum calorie afterburn effects. Mix up the resistance, speed, and direction.

Track Your Progress

Wear a heart rate monitor or use the StairMaster console to help gauge your effort and calories burned over time. See if you can better your workout metrics.

Bottom Line

For most moderately active adults, using a StairMaster machine at a vigorous pace for 10 minutes will burn around 75-150 calories depending on the model used. By applying max effort, varying your workouts, and tracking your performance, you can burn calories efficiently and get an effective cardio workout with just 10 minutes on a StairMaster.

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