How many calories are there in Shake Shack burger?

Shake Shack is a popular fast casual restaurant chain that originated in New York City. It is known for its delicious burgers, hot dogs, shakes and more. With its growing popularity, many health-conscious customers wonder – just how many calories are there in a typical Shake Shack burger?

Calories In A Shake Shack Burger

The number of calories in a Shake Shack burger can vary depending on the size and toppings you choose. Here’s a quick overview:

  • ShackBurger (single): 620 calories
  • ShackBurger (double): 950 calories
  • SmokeShack Burger (single): 700 calories
  • SmokeShack Burger (double): 1030 calories

As you can see, a single ShackBurger or SmokeShack burger contains over 600 calories. Doubling up the patties can add 300+ calories to your meal.

Some other factors that can affect the calories include:

  • Bun – A gluten-free bun has fewer calories than a brioche bun.
  • Cheese – Adding cheese like cheddar or American will add about 50 calories.
  • Bacon – Bacon can add 50-80 calories per slice.
  • Sauces – Shake Shack’s sauce options like ShackSauce and Buttermilk Herb Mayo add around 50-90 calories.

So in summary, on average, a ShackBurger or SmokeShack single burger from Shake Shack contains 600-700 calories. Adding extra toppings like cheese and bacon can easily push the calories over 800 or more.

Comparing Shake Shack Burger Calories To Other Burgers

How does Shake Shack compare to other popular burger joints when it comes to calories? Here is a quick calorie comparison of a single cheeseburger from several restaurants:

Restaurant Calories (single cheeseburger)
McDonald’s 440
Burger King 670
Wendy’s 540
Five Guys 830
Shake Shack 670

As you can see, a ShackBurger with cheese contains around 670 calories. This is comparable to a cheeseburger from Burger King or Five Guys. It is higher in calories compared to McDonald’s and Wendy’s.

In general, gourmet burger chains like Shake Shack and Five Guys tend to have burgers with higher calorie counts due to the higher-quality ingredients and preparation methods used. Fast food chains like McDonald’s have lower calorie burgers but may compromise on taste.

Lower Calorie Options at Shake Shack

If you love Shake Shack but want a lower calorie option, here are some tips:

  • Order a single burger vs double burger
  • Skip the cheese and bacon
  • Order a burger on a lettuce wrap instead of a bun
  • Choose a chicken burger like the Chick’n Shack which has about 460 calories
  • Opt for a salad like the Chicken Shack Salad with around 320 calories
  • Order sides like fries and shakes in a small size

With some simple modifications, you can easily cut over 200-300 calories from your Shake Shack meal.

You can also create a lower calorie DIY burger by ordering a single ShackBurger and removing the bun, cheese and sauces. This will drop the calories down to around 300. Pair it with a side salad and you have a balanced, protein-packed meal.

Nutritional Value of A Shake Shack Burger

When examining the nutritional value, one Shake Shack burger provides:

  • Protein: 28g – from the beef patty. Helps build muscle and keeps you full.
  • Carbs: 49g – mostly from the bun. Provides energy.
  • Fat: 32g – from the beef and cheese. Provides energy and flavor.
  • Vitamin A: 15% DV – from veggies like lettuce and tomato.
  • Iron: 22% DV – from the beef. Helps transport oxygen in the blood.
  • Sodium: 950mg – quite high, from the beef, cheese and bun.

So while a Shake Shack burger is high in protein, it is also very high in sodium, calories and saturated fat. The bun, cheese, sauces and bacon add lots of calories but little nutritional value.

Healthiest Ways To Eat A Shake Shack Burger

Here are some tips for making your ShackBurger healthier:

  • Choose a lower carb lettuce wrap bun or gluten-free bun
  • Load up on veggie toppings like lettuce, tomato, onion
  • Add avocado for healthy fats
  • Skip the bacon and cheese
  • Order a side salad instead of fries
  • Opt for a vinegar-based sauce like mustard instead of mayo
  • Share your fries or shakes with a friend
  • Drink water instead of soda

Making these simple swaps allows you to cut carbs, sodium, saturated fat and excess calories while still enjoying a tasty burger.

Shake Shack Burger Calories FAQ

Here are some common questions about calories in Shake Shack burgers:

How many calories in a ShackBurger?

A single ShackBurger with no toppings contains 620 calories. Adding cheese ups it to around 670 calories.

How many calories in a double SmokeShack burger?

A double SmokeShack burger with cheese and bacon has about 1030 calories.

Does Shake Shack offer low calorie burgers?

There is no specific low calorie burger. But you can create a lower calorie burger by opting for single patty, skipping cheese and bacon, using a lettuce wrap, and adding veggies.

What’s the lowest calorie burger at Shake Shack?

The Chick’n Shack which uses a crisp chicken breast filet has the lowest calories at 460 calories for the sandwich.

Which Shake Shack burger has the most calories?

The double SmokeShack tops the chart with 1030 calories with double beef patties, bacon and cheese.

The Bottom Line

A regular ShackBurger from Shake Shack contains around 620 calories. While not the lowest calorie option, there are many ways to customize your burger or swap sides to cut back on calories without sacrificing taste and satisfaction. With some simple tweaks, you can enjoy Shake Shack even when watching your waistline!

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