How many calories are in Yoplait strawberry yogurt?

Yogurt is a popular dairy food that is made by fermenting milk with live cultures of bacteria. It provides a good source of protein, calcium, vitamins, and probiotics. However, the number of calories in yogurt can vary widely depending on the brand, flavor, and serving size.

One popular brand of yogurt is Yoplait. Yoplait offers a range of flavored yogurts, with strawberry being one of the most common flavors. So how many calories are actually in Yoplait strawberry yogurt?

Calories Per Serving

The number of calories in Yoplait strawberry yogurt can depend on the specific product. Here is an overview of the calorie content:

Yoplait Original Strawberry Yogurt

– 1 container (6 oz) – 170 calories

Yoplait Light Strawberry Yogurt

– 1 container (6 oz) – 90 calories

Yoplait Thick & Creamy Strawberry Yogurt

– 1 container (6 oz) – 160 calories

Yoplait Whips! Strawberry Yogurt

– 1 container (4 oz) – 100 calories

As you can see, the Light version contains the fewest calories, while the Original and Thick & Creamy options are higher in calories. The Whips! product contains fewer calories than Original since it is a smaller 4 oz serving size.

So in general, you can expect a 6 oz container of Yoplait Original or Thick & Creamy strawberry yogurt to contain around 160-170 calories, while the Light version will have about 90 calories. The Whips! 4 oz serving has 100 calories.

Nutrition Facts Breakdown

To better understand where the calories come from in Yoplait strawberry yogurt, let’s look at the nutrition facts label:

Yoplait Original Strawberry Yogurt

Nutrition Facts Per 1 container (6 oz)
Calories 170
Total Fat 2g
Saturated Fat 1g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 15mg
Sodium 125mg
Total Carbohydrate 29g
Dietary Fiber 0g
Total Sugars 26g
Includes 26g Added Sugars 52% DV
Protein 5g

As you can see, the majority of calories in Yoplait Original strawberry yogurt comes from carbohydrates, specifically sugars. There are 29g total carbs, which includes 26g of sugar per serving.

Protein accounts for a small portion of calories, with 5g per serving. There is also 2g of total fat, providing minimal calories in comparison.

Yoplait Light Strawberry Yogurt

Nutrition Facts Per 1 container (6 oz)
Calories 90
Total Fat 0g
Saturated Fat 0g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 5mg
Sodium 115mg
Total Carbohydrate 16g
Dietary Fiber 0g
Total Sugars 14g
Includes 10g Added Sugars 20% DV
Protein 5g

The Light version is lower in calories because it contains less total fat (0g vs 2g) and less total sugars (14g vs 26g). It provides 90 calories per serving compared to 170 calories in the Original. The protein content remains the same at 5g.

So for both varieties, carbohydrates from sugars are the main source of calories. The Light version simply contains less sugars and fat, creating a lower calorie yogurt.

Calorie Differences Between Flavors

When comparing Yoplait strawberry yogurt to other Yoplait flavors, the calorie count can vary slightly based on the ingredients.

Here is an overview of the calories per 6oz container of some popular Yoplait yogurt flavors:

Yoplait Yogurt Flavor Calories
Strawberry 170
Blueberry 170
Vanilla 160
Peach 170
Key Lime Pie 180
Lemon Burst 170
Strawberry Banana 180

As you can see, most flavors provide around 160-180 calories per serving. The differences come down to the varying types and amounts of sugars and other ingredients in each flavor.

For example, key lime pie has higher calories than vanilla due to added sweeteners. Strawberry banana also has more calories than plain strawberry yogurt since it contains bananas and more total sugars.

But for the most part, the calorie count remains fairly consistent across different Yoplait flavors within the Original yogurt line. Strawberry yogurt is right in the middle with 170 calories per 6oz container.

Comparing Calories Across Brands

How does Yoplait strawberry yogurt compare to other brands in terms of calories per serving? Here is an overview:

Brand Serving Size Calories
Yoplait 6oz 170
Dannon 6oz 150
Chobani 5.3oz 130
Fage 5.3oz 130
Oikos 5.3oz 140

Dannon and Chobani tend to be slightly lower in calories than Yoplait, providing 150 calories or less per comparable serving size. Fage Greek yogurt also contains around 130 calories per serving.

The differences come down to the specific ingredients, sugar content, and straining process used in Greek yogurts. Overall, Yoplait strawberry yogurt is moderately high in calories compared to other brands of regular, fruit-flavored yogurt.

Calorie Differences Between Low-Fat, Non-Fat and Whole Milk Yogurt

The fat content of yogurt can also impact its calorie count. Here is an overview of how Yoplait strawberry yogurt compares between low-fat, non-fat, and whole milk varieties:

Yogurt Type Serving Size Calories
Non-fat 6oz 100
Low-fat 6oz 130
Whole milk 6oz 190

Non-fat yogurt contains the fewest calories, providing around 100 calories per serving. Low-fat is in the middle with 130 calories, while whole milk packs the most at 190 calories.

The higher fat content in whole milk yogurt contributes more calories per serving. Non-fat has no fat so the majority of calories come from carbohydrates and protein instead.

For reference, Yoplait Original strawberry yogurt is a low-fat variety, which is why it contains 170 calories per 6oz container. Switching to non-fat could save you 70 calories per serving.

Calories in Yoplait Strawberry vs Other Yoplait Products

How does strawberry yogurt compare to other products within the Yoplait brand? Here is an overview:

Yoplait Product Serving Size Calories
Strawberry yogurt 6oz 170
Key lime pie yogurt 6oz 180
Whips! Strawberry yogurt 4oz 100
Go-Gurt Strawberry Splash 1 tube 70
Strawberry Greek 100 yogurt 5.3oz 120

As you can see, calories can vary greatly across the Yoplait lineup based on the type of product:

– Original strawberry yogurt: 170 calories (6oz)
– Go-Gurt Strawberry Splash: 70 calories (1 tube)
– Strawberry Greek 100: 120 calories (5.3oz)

The Go-Gurt option is the lowest in calories since it is a smaller portion size. The Greek yogurt contains fewer calories than Original strawberry yogurt for a comparable serving.

So strawberry yogurt itself lands in the middle calorie-wise when looking across Yoplait products. Pay attention to calories per container when comparing, since serving sizes can differ.

Calories in Homemade Yogurt

Making homemade strawberry yogurt allows you to control the ingredients and calories:

– **Plain yogurt:** Around 100 calories per 6oz serving since you can use non-fat milk and minimal sweeteners.

– **Strawberry yogurt:** Around 130 calories per 6oz serving when mixing in fresh strawberries or strawberry jam.

Calories will increase if using higher fat milk, honey, added sugar, etc. But plain homemade yogurt can have less than 100 calories without any sweeteners. Adding your own fresh fruit results in a lighter, lower-calorie version.

Tips for Reducing Calories in Yoplait Strawberry Yogurt

Here are some tips to reduce the calories when enjoying Yoplait strawberry yogurt:

– Choose Light or Whips! varieties that are lower in calories.

– Switch to non-fat yogurt which contains around 100 calories per serving.

– Buy plain yogurt and add your own fresh strawberries or sugar-free strawberry jam.

– Mix in berries, nuts, seeds, or granola for extra nutrients without many added calories.

– Sweeten with a zero-calorie sweetener, cinnamon, vanilla, or cocoa powder instead of sugar.

– Enjoy a lower calorie 4oz serving instead of the full 6oz container.

– Layer it with fresh fruit for a yogurt parfait. The fruit adds volume and fiber.

– Pair it with protein like nuts or eggs for a balanced breakfast or snack under 300 calories.

With smart customizations and portion control, you can enjoy strawberry yogurt while still maintaining a healthy calorie intake throughout your day.


Yoplait strawberry yogurt contains around 170 calories per standard 6oz container. The Light version has just 90 calories thanks to less sugars and fat. Calories can range from 100-190 per serving depending on the fat content and specific product.

Compared to other brands, Yoplait tends to be moderately high in calories for flavored yogurt. But you can reduce calories by choosing non-fat, Light, or Whips varieties. Homemade yogurt with fresh strawberries is even lower in calories.

Pay attention to serving sizes, and aim to keep your portion under 6oz to control your calorie intake. Pair yogurt with high protein, fiber, and nutrients to help keep you full. With smart choices, you can satisfy your strawberry yogurt cravings as part of a balanced diet.

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