How many calories are in Mission BBQ?

Mission BBQ is a popular barbecue restaurant chain that originated in Baltimore, Maryland in 2008. They are known for their American cuisine featuring smoked meats, sandwiches, burgers, salads, and side dishes. With nearly 150 locations across 22 states, Mission BBQ has become a go-to for barbecue fans across the country. But with all the tasty options on their menu, many customers wonder just how many calories are in each of Mission BBQ’s dishes. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of Mission BBQ’s calorie counts for their most popular menu items.

Mission BBQ Nutrition Facts

Mission BBQ provides nutrition facts for all of their menu items on their website. This allows customers to view the calorie, fat, sodium, protein, and carbohydrate information for each dish. Having this information readily available makes it easy for calorie-conscious diners to make informed choices. Here are some key things to know about calories at Mission BBQ:

  • Sandwiches range from 440 calories (Carolina Chop Sandwich) to 1330 calories (Triple Play Sandwich).
  • Platters with meats, sides, and bread range from 670 calories (North Carolina Platter) to 1660 calories (Triple Play Platter).
  • Appetizers and salads range from 260 calories (Memphis Chicken Nachos) to 730 calories (Beef Brisket Chili).
  • Desserts range from 400 calories (Banana Pudding) to 1090 calories (Mission Caramel Cake).
  • Kids’ meals range from 480 calories (Kids’ Burger) to 710 calories (BBQ Sundae).

So in summary, calories can range quite a bit depending on your choices at Mission BBQ. Choosing lighter sandwiches, salads, and sides can help reduce calorie intake, while heavier meats, desserts, and platters pack on more calories. But the good news is you can customize your meal based on your own nutrition goals.

Calories in Mission BBQ Meats

The star of the show at Mission BBQ is the smoked meats. These sliced meats can be ordered by the half-pound or pound and come with a choice of side dishes to create a platter. Here are the calorie counts for their smoked meat options:

Meat Calories (4oz)
Pulled Pork 330
Chopped Pork 300
Beef Brisket 450
Smoked Turkey 160
Smoked Chicken 220
Kielbasa Sausage 470
Salmon Filet 260

As you can see, calories can vary significantly depending on the type of meat. Beef brisket packs the most calories, while smoked turkey and salmon have the least. A full pound of any meat will double the calories. Just 4oz of brisket is nearly a quarter of your daily 2000 calorie intake.

Calories in Mission BBQ Sandwiches

Sandwiches make up a large part of the menu at Mission BBQ. They take the sliced meats and pair them with bread and toppings for a handheld meal. Here are the calorie counts for some of Mission BBQ’s most popular sandwich options:

Sandwich Calories
Pulled Pork Sandwich 740
Beef Brisket Sandwich 600
Smoked Turkey Sandwich 440
Carolina Chop Sandwich (Pork) 440
Smoked Chicken Sandwich 530
Triple Play Sandwich 1330

The sandwich calories can vary greatly depending on the type of meat and any additional toppings. The Triple Play packs chicken, pork, brisket and bacon for a whopping 1330 calories! But opting for a simple pulled pork or brisket sandwich can cut the calories in half. You can further reduce calories by skipping any extra sauces and cheeses.

Calories in Mission BBQ Platters

Platters allow you to pair your choice of meat with two side dishes. This makes for a hearty meal with protein, vegetables, and grains. Here are the calorie counts for some popular platters:

Platter Calories
Pulled Pork Platter 910
Beef Brisket Platter 1210
Smoked Turkey Platter 670
Smoked Chicken Platter 850
Triple Play Platter 1660

Going for a platter bumps up calories since you are getting a full pound of meat plus two sides. But starting with a lower calorie meat like turkey or chicken reduces the overall calories compared to beef brisket or triple play. Also pay attention to your side dishes, which we’ll explore next.

Calories in Mission BBQ Side Dishes

To complement your meat, Mission BBQ offers a variety of classic barbecue side dishes. Here are the nutrition counts for some of their most popular options:

Side Dish Calories
Baked Beans 170
Cole Slaw 140
Cornbread Muffin 230
Mac & Cheese 300
Party Potato Salad 320
Seasoned Fries 370

Sides like cole slaw, beans, and cornbread are relatively light at 140-230 calories each. But heavier options like fries and mac & cheese add 300+ calories per serving. Opting for lighter sides can help balance out a high calorie meat like brisket or kielbasa sausage.

Healthiest Menu Options at Mission BBQ

If you are trying to watch your calorie intake at Mission BBQ, here are some of the healthiest menu options to consider:

  • Smoked Turkey Sandwich – 440 calories
  • Carolina Chop Sandwich – 440 calories
  • Smoked Turkey Platter – 670 calories
  • North Carolina Platter – 670 calories
  • Memphis Chopped Salad – 270 calories
  • Romaine Wedge Salad – 260 calories
  • Baked Beans – 170 calories
  • Cole Slaw – 140 calories
  • Cornbread Muffin – 230 calories

Sticking to turkey, chicken, and salads while pairing with lighter sides will keep you in the 500-700 calorie range for an entire platter or sandwich meal. You can also order meats by the half-pound to reduce portions. And be sure to skip high calorie additions like cheese, bacon, sauce drizzles, and creamy dressings.

Highest Calorie Options at Mission BBQ

On the opposite end, here are some of the highest calorie menu items at Mission BBQ that you may want to avoid if watching your calorie intake:

  • Triple Play Sandwich – 1330 calories
  • Triple Play Platter – 1660 calories
  • Beef Brisket Sandwich – 600 calories
  • Beef Brisket Platter – 1210 calories
  • Mission Burger – 1110 calories
  • Mission Sampler Platter – 1520 calories
  • Mac & Cheese – 300 calories
  • Seasoned Fries – 370 calories
  • Mission Caramel Cake – 1090 calories

These menu items all top 1000+ calories or more. The triple play options are the overall highest calorie choices. Any platters with brisket also pack a heavy calorie punch. You’ll want to stay away from fried sides, desserts, and heavy sandwiches if watching your weight.

Tips for Dining Healthy at Mission BBQ

Here are some tips to keep in mind for reducing calories and eating healthier when dining at Mission BBQ:

  • Opt for meats like turkey, chicken, and pork over higher calorie brisket.
  • Order meats by the half-pound instead of full pound.
  • Build sandwiches instead of platters to control portions.
  • Load up on veggie toppings like lettuce, tomato, onion.
  • Skip high calorie cheeses, bacon, sauces, and dressings.
  • Choose lighter side dishes like slaw and beans over fries and mac & cheese.
  • Ask for dressings and sauces on the side to control how much you use.
  • Avoid sugary drinks and desserts.
  • Take half your meal home for leftovers to reduce calories consumed.
  • Check out nutrition info online before visiting so you can plan your order.

With some simple swaps and smart decisions, you can enjoy classic barbecue fare at Mission BBQ without going overboard on calories. Their wide variety of meats, sides, and customization options make it easy to find options that align with your nutrition goals.


Mission BBQ offers a range of menu choices covering the calorie spectrum from light to indulgent. Their smoked meats, sandwiches, platters, and sides can all vary in their nutrition profiles. In general, opting for smoked turkey, chicken, and pork along with lighter sides will provide lower calorie options in the 500-700 calorie range. While brisket, sausage, fried sides, sandwiches with multiple meats, desserts and sugary drinks all pile on 1100 calories or more. Your best bet is to check out their nutrition information online in advance to customize your order. This allows you to enjoy your favorite barbecue flavors while still watching your calorie intake. With some mindful menu selections, you can fulfill your barbecue cravings at Mission BBQ without sabotaging your diet.

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