How many calories are in Little Caesars oven roasted wings?

Little Caesars is a popular pizza chain that also offers a variety of side dishes and appetizers, including oven roasted wings. For those watching their calorie intake or following a certain diet plan, knowing the calorie count of menu items is important. This article will provide a thorough breakdown of the calorie content in Little Caesars oven roasted wings.

Calories in Little Caesars Oven Roasted Wings

According to the Little Caesars website, an order of 5 oven roasted wings contains 280 calories. This works out to 56 calories per wing.

For reference, here is the full nutrition information for 5 oven roasted wings from Little Caesars:

Nutrition Facts Amount
Calories 280
Total Fat 18g
Saturated Fat 4.5g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 65mg
Sodium 820mg
Total Carbohydrates 4g
Dietary Fiber 0g
Total Sugars 0g
Protein 21g

So an order of 5 oven roasted wings from Little Caesars contains 280 calories total, or 56 calories per wing.

Wing Calorie Counts at Other Pizza Chains

For comparison, here are the calorie counts for wings at some other popular pizza chains:

Pizza Chain Calories per Wing
Domino’s 80
Pizza Hut 100
Papa John’s 70

As you can see, Little Caesars oven roasted wings contain moderately fewer calories than wings from Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s. Little Caesars wings clock in at 56 calories each, while wings at the other major pizza chains range from 70-100 calories per wing.

So if you’re looking for wings with a bit less caloric impact, Little Caesars oven roasted wings may be one of the better options among national pizza chains.

Factors Affecting Wing Calorie Counts

What accounts for the differences in calorie counts for pizza chain wings? There are a few factors at play:

Cooking Method

How wings are prepared and cooked impacts their calorie content. Wings that are breaded or fried generally contain more calories than naked, baked, or grilled wings. Little Caesars oven roasted wings are not breaded or fried, which contributes to their lower calorie count.

Sauces and Flavors

The sauces and seasonings applied to wings also affect their nutrition profile. Some buffalo wing sauces contain more calories than others, for example. Lemon pepper or barbecue wings may pack on fewer calories than heavily sauced buffalo wings.

Portion Size

Larger wings contain more calories than smaller wings, since there is simply more meat on them. The portion size served, and thus the amount of chicken, also impacts the total calorie count.

So cooking method, sauces, flavors, and portion size all play a role in the calorie content of pizza chain wings. In the case of Little Caesars oven roasted wings, the lower calorie count can be attributed to the healthier oven roasted preparation and moderate portion sizes.

Ways to Reduce Calories in Wings

If you’re looking to reduce the calorie count even further when eating wings, there are some steps you can take:

– Choose naked, unbreaded wings: The breading on wings can pack on calories, so get wings that are baked or roasted without it.

– Go for milder sauces: Skip heavy buffalo sauces and opt for lighter seasoning like lemon pepper or cajun seasoning.

– Eat fewer wings: Stick to a smaller portion to cut back on calories. Get just 3-4 wings instead of a whole order.

– Use dipping sauces sparingly: Dips like ranch and blue cheese dressing add extra calories. Use them minimally for dipping.

– Avoid combo orders: Ordering wings as a combo with fries and a sugary drink piles on calories. Opt for wings as a stand alone appetizer.

Making smart choices when ordering wings and selecting prep methods that use less oil can help minimize the calorie content while still enjoying the flavors you love.

Nutritional Benefits of Chicken Wings

While wings should still be eaten in moderation if you are closely monitoring calories, they do provide some important nutrients:

– Protein: Wings contain high-quality protein needed for muscle maintenance, wound healing, and keeping you full.

– Iron: Wings provide heme iron, the most easily absorbed form, which transports oxygen in the blood.

– Zinc: Wings are a good source of zinc, which supports immunity and cell growth.

– B Vitamins: B vitamins like niacin, riboflavin, and pantothenic acid in wings help convert food into energy.

So in addition to being tasty, wings provide nutrients that support your health. The protein and iron are especially valuable. When enjoyed as part of an overall balanced diet, wings can be incorporated into a nutritious eating plan.

Healthier Dipping Sauces for Wings

The traditional dipping sauces served with wings—like ranch, blue cheese, and honey mustard—tend to be high in calories, fat, and sodium. If you want to cut back on calories but still enjoy a good dipping sauce, try these healthier alternatives:

– Plain Greek yogurt: Mix in a little lemon juice and garlic powder.
– Hummus: Flavor it with roasted red peppers or chipotle seasoning.
– Avocado: Mash it up with lime juice and cilantro.
– Tzatziki: This Greek yogurt and cucumber dip is light and refreshing.
– Guacamole: Packed with nutrition and makes a creamy dip.
– Salsa: Choose mild, medium, or hot salsa to amp up the flavor without the calories.

You can also make lighter versions of classic dips by using plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream, or look for low-fat and low-sodium varieties of bottled sauces. Choosing dips wisely lets you enjoy the flavor without overdoing the calories.

Low Carb Wing Options

For those on low carb diets like the keto diet, wings can definitely still be on the menu. Here are some tips for ordering low carb wings:

– Get naked wings with no breading
– Choose fattier sauces like ranch, blue cheese, or buffalo
– Avoid sweet sauces like barbecue or teriyaki
– Order a side salad instead of fries or rice
– Ask for celery and carrot sticks instead of bread or chips
– Skip sugary sodas and have water or unsweetened iced tea

Many pizza places offer the option to get wings “naked” with no breading. Coating them in fattier sauces helps boost the fat content to stay low carb. Focusing on getting protein and fat from the wings while limiting carbs from sides and drinks fits low carb goals.

Are Wings Gluten Free?

Plain chicken wings are naturally gluten free, since chicken does not contain gluten. However, the way wings are prepared and sauced can introduce gluten:

– Battered or breaded wings are not gluten free due to wheat-based breading mixtures.

– Flour is sometimes used as a dredging agent before frying or baking wings. Trace amounts may cause issues for sensitive individuals.

– Sauces and seasonings on wings may contain gluten. Soy sauce, teriyaki, thickening agents, malt vinegar, and flavor extracts can contain gluten.

So those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity need to take care when ordering wings. Opt for naked wings without breading or dredging. Ask for wings to be cooked plain with just salt and pepper. Verify that any dipping sauces or spices used are gluten free. With care taken to avoid unsafe preparation methods and ingredients, wings can be a gluten free appetizer option.

Are Little Caesars Wings Vegan or Vegetarian?

Little Caesars oven roasted wings are not vegan or vegetarian, since they contain chicken. For those following plant-based diets, Little Caesars does offer a vegan cheese pizza, but does not currently have vegan or vegetarian wings.

Vegans would need to avoid all animal products, so traditional chicken wings are off the menu. Vegetarians who eat dairy and eggs have a few more options for suitable wing recipes. Here are some ways vegetarians can enjoy meatless “wings”:

– Cauliflower wings: Roast florets coated in buffalo sauce

– Tofu wings: Marinate and bake crispy tofu pieces in your favorite flavors

– Seitan wings: Use this wheat gluten meat substitute tossed in vegan buffalo sauce

– Jackfruit wings: Young green jackfruit has a “meaty” texture when cooked

– Eggplant wings: Cut eggplant into wing shapes, bread, and bake

While Little Caesars does not offer vegan or vegetarian wings currently, meatless diners can get creative at home to satisfy that wing craving. With the right spices and preparation methods, vegetables, tofu, and meat substitutes can mimic the taste and texture of chicken wings.


When hunger strikes and you’re craving wings, Little Caesars oven roasted wings provide a moderately low-calorie option compared to other pizza chains. At just 56 calories per wing, they can be incorporated into a healthy diet with less guilt. Opting for lighter sauces and skipping the sides and sodas can further reduce the calorie count. While not the most nutritious appetizer out there, wings do provide protein, iron, and zinc when consumed in moderation. With some adjustments to preparation methods and accompaniments, wings can be a lighter option for wing lovers watching their waistline.

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