How many calories are in Gators Dockside wings?

Gators Dockside is a popular sports bar and grill chain that serves a variety of appetizers, entrees, and drinks. One of their most popular menu items is their chicken wings, which come in a variety of flavors and styles. For those watching their calorie intake or following a diet plan, knowing the calorie count of Gators Dockside wings can help make informed menu selections.

Types of Wings at Gators Dockside

Gators Dockside offers several types of chicken wings on their menu:

  • Boneless wings – Breaded and fried boneless chicken breast chunks
  • Traditional wings – Seasoned chicken wings split into drumettes and flats, fried
  • Grilled wings – Seasoned chicken wings, grilled instead of fried

The calorie count will vary somewhat depending on the preparation method. Fried boneless and traditional wings will have a higher calorie count than grilled wings since they absorb oil during frying. The sauce or seasoning applied will also impact calories.

Sauces and Flavors

Gators Dockside tossed wings are coated in your choice of the following sauces or dry rubs:

  • Medium buffalo
  • Hot buffalo
  • BBQ
  • Sweet chili
  • Garlic Parmesan
  • Mango habanero
  • Teriyaki
  • Lemon pepper
  • Cajun

Sauces like buffalo and sweet chili add minimal calories. Dry rubs and thicker sauces like BBQ and garlic Parmesan add a bit more. The calories for an order of wings will go up slightly depending on the sauce choice.

Order Sizes

Gators Dockside wings come in the following order sizes:

  • Snack (5 wings)
  • Small (10 wings)
  • Medium (15 wings)
  • Large (20 wings)

The calorie total scales up depending on how many wings are ordered. A single wing has a fairly consistent calorie count regardless of order size, but the overall calories increase with more wings.

Calories in Gators Dockside Boneless Wings

Here are the approximate calories for a Gators Dockside boneless wing order:

Order Size Calories
Snack (5 wings) 650
Small (10 wings) 1300
Medium (15 wings) 1950
Large (20 wings) 2600

Each boneless wing contains around 130 calories. This estimate is based on boneless wings containing approximately 260 calories per 5 wings, a typical calorie count for breaded, fried chicken breast chunks of this size from most restaurants.

Calories in Gators Dockside Traditional Bone-In Wings

Here are the approximate calories for Gators Dockside traditional bone-in wings:

Order Size Calories
Snack (5 wings) 500
Small (10 wings) 1000
Medium (15 wings) 1500
Large (20 wings) 2000

Each traditional Gators Dockside wing contains around 100 calories. This accounts for the calories in the fried chicken wing itself as well as the small amount of oil absorbed during frying or seasoning calories.

Calories in Gators Dockside Grilled Wings

Here are the approximate calories for grilled Gators Dockside wings:

Order Size Calories
Snack (5 wings) 375
Small (10 wings) 750
Medium (15 wings) 1125
Large (20 wings) 1500

Grilled wings contain around 75 calories per wing since they are not fried. The calorie count is lower thanks to the lower fat grilled preparation method.

Factors That Impact Calorie Counts

While these estimates provide a general idea of how many calories are in Gators Dockside wings, a few factors can alter the counts slightly:

  • Variation in wing sizes – Larger wings may be slightly higher in calories
  • Extra sauce – Requesting wings to be extra saucy can add calories
  • Cooking method – Grilled wings may pick up a small amount of oil from the grill
  • Breading – Boneless wings may have slightly more calories if the breading is thicker

That said, the calorie estimates per wing and per order should be very close to the actual counts. Those watching calories can use these numbers to make informed choices when ordering wings at Gators Dockside.

Ways to Reduce Calories in Wings

Some simple modifications can reduce the calories in Gators Dockside wings:

  • Order grilled wings instead of crispy fried
  • Opt for dry rubs instead of heavy sauces like BBQ
  • Get smaller order sizes like snack or small
  • Order carrots, celery, and dressing instead of fries for dipping
  • Split orders or take half home for leftovers

While wings are higher in calories, those craving the taste of Gators Dockside wings can still find ways to indulge while keeping an eye on their daily calorie intake.

Nutrition Facts for Gators Dockside Wings

Here are some of the basic nutrition facts for Gators Dockside wings:

  • Boneless wings – 13g fat, 18g carbs, 12g protein per 5 wings
  • Traditional wings – 9g fat, 2g carbs, 12g protein per 5 wings
  • Grilled wings – 4g fat, 2g carbs, 15g protein per 5 wings

As expected, grilled wings are lower in fat and calories than crispy fried boneless or traditional wings. Traditional wings are slightly lower in carbs than boneless wings since they are not breaded.

All Gators Dockside wings offer a good amount of protein. Getting wings without fries or other high calorie sides can make them a healthier option when eating out.

Low Carb Keto Friendly Wing Options

Those on low carb or keto diets can also enjoy Gators Dockside wings:

  • Order grilled or traditional wings without breaded boneless wings
  • Get dry rubs instead of sweet sauces
  • Avoid fries – choose veggies and dip or side salad instead

Grilled wings with a dry rub like lemon pepper or Cajun seasoning will be lowest in carbs. Skipping the fries and choosing lower carb sides will help keep the meal keto friendly.

Are Gators Dockside Wings Healthy?

While wings are higher in calories and fat compared to some other protein options, Gators Dockside wings can be a healthy option in moderation:

  • High in protein – wings provide sustaining protein for muscles
  • Keto and low carb friendly options available
  • Healthier grilled preparation available
  • Can be customized to avoid heaviest sauces

Wings should be enjoyed occasionally as part of an overall balanced diet. Going for grilled or lighter sauced options in smaller portions can allow you to satisfy a wing craving without overdoing calories or fat.

Comparisons to Other Restaurant Wings

How do Gators Dockside wings compare calories wise to wings from other popular wing chains?

  • Buffalo Wild Wings – Similar calorie counts, around 100-150 per traditional or boneless wing
  • Wingstop – Slightly lower calorie counts, around 90-110 calories per wing
  • Hooters – Slightly higher calorie counts, around 110-170 calories per wing

Gators Dockside traditional and boneless wings have similar calorie counts to what you would see at most other wing-centered restaurants.

Making the Healthiest Choice at Gators Dockside

If you want to make the healthiest wing choice possible at Gators Dockside, follow these tips:

  • Order the grilled wing preparation
  • Choose a lighter sauce like lemon pepper or mango habanero instead of BBQ
  • Opt for snack or small order size instead of medium or large
  • Pair with fresh veggie sticks or a side salad instead of fries
  • Or split an order of wings with a healthier non-wing entree like grilled chicken

Satisfy the wing craving with grilled wings lightly sauced or dry rubbed in a sensible portion along with lighter sides.


Gators Dockside wings can range from around 75 calories for a grilled wing up to about 130 calories for a boneless wing depending on the preparation. While wings are higher in calories and fat compared to some other lean proteins, those watching their calories can still work them into their daily diet in moderation. Choosing grilled preparation, lighter sauces, and reasonable portion sizes can all help to enjoy Gators Dockside wings without overdoing it on calories.

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