How many calories are in a whole tin of Heinz baked beans?

Heinz baked beans are a popular canned food item commonly eaten in the UK and other countries. But how many calories are actually in a whole standard 415g tin of Heinz baked beans?

Quick Answer

A 415g tin of Heinz baked beans contains approximately 1638 calories. This is based on the typical nutrition information for Heinz baked beans per 100g serving.

Calculating the Calories in a Whole Tin

To determine the total calories in a full 415g tin of Heinz baked beans, we need to look at the calorie content per 100g serving on the nutrition label and then multiply that by the total weight of the tin.

According to Heinz, a 100g serving of their baked beans contains approximately 395 calories.

Serving Size Calories per Serving
100g 395 calories

Since there are 415g in a whole tin, we can calculate the total calories as follows:

395 calories x 4.15 (415g / 100g) = 1638 calories

Therefore, a full 415g tin of Heinz baked beans contains approximately 1638 calories.

Nutritional Breakdown of Heinz Baked Beans

Now let’s take a closer look at the nutritional breakdown of Heinz baked beans to understand where those calories come from:

Nutrient Per 100g
Energy 395kcal
Protein 10.7g
Carbohydrates 63.7g
Sugars 11.3g
Fat 0.9g
Saturated Fat 0.1g
Fibre 9.0g
Sodium 0.73g

The main sources of calories in Heinz baked beans are carbohydrates and protein.

Carbohydrates account for the majority of calories, providing 63.7g per 100g serving. This converts to approximately 254g of carbs in a whole tin, or around 1016 calories just from the carbohydrate content alone.

Protein provides around 10.7g per 100g serving, or approximately 44g protein in a full tin, contributing about 176 calories.

The beans contain very little fat, with just 0.9g per 100g (3.6g in a whole tin), providing minimal calories from fat.

The small amounts of sugar and fiber also contribute minimally to the overall calorie count.

So in summary, the high carbohydrate and moderate protein content of the beans make up the bulk of calories found in a 415g tin of Heinz baked beans.

Heinz Baked Beans Calories in Context

Now that we know there are approximately 1638 calories in a full tin of Heinz baked beans, let’s put that into context compared to daily calorie needs:

  • For an average moderately active woman requiring about 2000 calories per day, one tin would provide over 80% of their expected daily calorie needs.
  • For an average moderately active man requiring about 2500 calories per day, one tin would provide over 65% of their expected daily calorie needs.
  • Eating a whole tin of baked beans would be considered a very high-calorie single meal or snack for most people.
  • The American Heart Association recommends a single meal contain no more than 650 calories. A full tin of Heinz baked beans far exceeds this, packing over 2.5 times the recommended calories for a single meal.

Consuming a whole tin of baked beans in one sitting would lead to a very high caloric intake, so portion control is advised. Sticking to a half tin or smaller serving size is more appropriate for keeping calories in check.

For example, a half 200g tin of Heinz baked beans would provide around 600 calories, which is a more reasonable portion size for a meal.

How Many Servings in a 415g Tin of Beans?

Given the high calorie density of baked beans, a 415g tin contains multiple suggested servings according to Heinz:

  • Based on a 120g serving size, there are approximately 3.5 servings in a full tin.
  • At 100g per serving, there are about 4 servings per tin.
  • If going by the American Heart Association’s recommendation of 650 calories or less per meal, a tin would contain approximately 2.5 servings.

So realistically, a full 415g tin of baked beans should provide at least 3 hearty servings for different people. Consuming the whole tin alone would result in a very large single portion.

Calories in Half a Tin of Heinz Baked Beans

If you’re looking for a more reasonable portion of beans for a meal, half of a 415g tin is a good target.

Here’s how many calories in half a tin:

  • Half of 415g is approximately 208g
  • Based on 395 calories per 100g, 208g would contain:

    395 calories x 2.08 (208g / 100g) = 820 calories
  • So half a standard 415g tin of Heinz baked beans has about 820 calories

820 calories is a much more sensible single portion that could work for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It still provides good nutrition including protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Comparing Heinz Baked Bean Calories to Other Brands

How do Heinz baked beans compare to other leading brands when it comes to calories per tin?

Here’s how the calories stack up in a 415g tin between popular UK baked bean brands:

Brand Calories (415g tin)
Heinz 1638 calories
Branston 1610 calories
Asda 1666 calories
Tesco 1625 calories
Sainsbury’s 1646 calories
Waitrose 1649 calories
Morrisons 1679 calories

As you can see, most major UK baked bean brands contain between 1600-1700 calories per full 415g tin. Heinz is towards the lower end along with Branston. But overall, all brands provide high, very similar calorie counts.

So if you’re looking to reduce your bean calorie intake, you’ll need to pay attention to portion sizes for all brands rather thanpicking a lower calorie brand. Sticking to half a tin is advised for a meal rather than consuming a whole tin in one sitting.

Ways to Reduce the Calories in Heinz Baked Beans

While Heinz baked beans are nutritious as well as delicious, the calorie count of a whole tin is very high. Here are some tips for reducing calories if you want to enjoy beans but don’t want all the extra calories of a full portion:

  • Stick to half a tin or 120-200g per serving – Consuming just half a 415g tin slashes the calories in half to a reasonable 600-820 calories.
  • Try “no added sugar” baked beans – These cut down on sugars and calories. Heinz offers a “Beanz No Added Sugar” variety.
  • Rinse beans to remove some starch – This decreases the total carbohydrates and calories slightly. Rinse thoroughly before heating.
  • Bulk up meals with extra veggies – Add more low calorie bulk and nutrition by serving beans over a salad or roasted veggies.
  • Flavour beans with herbs and spices – Skip high calorie sauces and flavour beans with black pepper, chili flakes, paprika, etc.
  • Combine with lean protein – Make a meal by pairing just half your usual bean portion with chicken breast, fish, or egg white omelettes.
  • Try other legumes – Kidney beans, chickpeas and lentils offer great nutrition with fewer calories per serving than baked beans.

With a few simple adjustments, you can still enjoy delicious beans while controlling your portions and calories.

Healthiest Ways to Eat Baked Beans

While beans are high in calories, they are also very nutritious, packing protein, fiber, B vitamins, iron, potassium and more in every serving.

Here are some of the healthiest ways to enjoy beans as part of a balanced diet:

  • On whole grain toast for fiber-rich breakfast
  • Baked sweet potato topped with beans
  • Mixed into a salad with leafy greens, tomatoes, avocado
  • In a veggie bean soup or stew
  • As part of a rice bowl or burrito bowl
  • Stirred through shredded chicken or fish
  • On their own as a side dish

Focus on keeping portions around 100-200g and pairing beans with other nutritious whole foods to maximize their health benefits while controlling calories.

Should You Eat a Whole Tin of Baked Beans in One Sitting?

Based on the calorie count, it’s generally not recommended from a health or nutrition standpoint to consume an entire 415g tin of baked beans by yourself in one sitting.

There are a few reasons why eating a whole tin at once is not advised:

  • Extremely high calorie content, providing over 1600 calories which is more than most people require for an entire meal.
  • Easily exceeds recommended intake for a single meal or snack, which is about 650 calories or less.
  • Very large single portion that is greater than 3-4 suggested servings per tin.
  • Can lead to feeling overly full and uncomfortable after overeating.
  • May contribute to weight gain if large portions are eaten frequently.
  • Beans are high in carbohydrates; overdoing portions can spike blood sugar.
  • Beans contain fiber which can cause gas and bloating when consumed in excess.

On occasion, enjoying a whole tin may be fine for some people with high calorie needs. But regular overconsumption can lead to health consequences over time.

For most people, sticking to around half a tin per meal or sharing a tin between multiple people is a healthier approach.


A 415g tin of Heinz baked beans packs quite a caloric punch, providing over 1600 calories. While beans are a nutritious food, consuming a whole tin in one sitting far exceeds the recommended intake for a single meal or snack for most people.

Sticking to half a tin per serving and pairing with other nutritious foods is the best way to enjoy beans while controlling calories and portions. Beans can be part of a healthy diet, but should be consumed in sensible amounts as part of balanced nutrition plan.

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