How many calories are in a Big Wave Golden Ale?

Quick Answer

There are 153 calories in a 12 ounce serving of Big Wave Golden Ale beer. The calorie content comes primarily from the alcohol and carbohydrates in the beer.

Calorie Content of Beers

The number of calories in beer can vary widely depending on the brand and style. Light beers tend to be lower in calories, with some having as few as 55 calories per 12 oz serving. Craft beers and IPAs often have more calories, ranging from 140-200+ calories per 12 oz serving.

Factors that influence the calorie content include:

  • Alcohol content – Alcohol provides 7 calories per gram
  • Carbohydrate content from malted barley and other grains
  • Proteins and other nutrients
  • Ingredients like fruit juices or flavorings added to some beers

So the higher the alcohol content and more carbohydrates from grains, the higher a beer’s calorie count will generally be.

Nutrition Facts for Big Wave Golden Ale

Here are the nutrition facts for 12 oz of Big Wave Golden Ale:

Nutrition Facts 12 oz
Calories 153
Carbohydrates 12 g
Protein 1.3 g
Fat 0 g

As you can see, a 12 oz serving contains 153 calories, with most of those calories coming from the carbohydrate content.

Big Wave Golden Ale has 4.4% alcohol by volume (ABV). The alcohol content contributes some additional calories as well.

Comparing Big Wave Golden Ale to Other Beers

How does Big Wave Golden Ale compare to other popular beer brands in terms of calories?

Here’s a look at the calorie count for 12 oz of some other beers:

Beer Brand Calories (12oz)
Bud Light 110
Coors Light 102
Big Wave Golden Ale 153
Blue Moon Belgian White 153
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 175
Lagunitas IPA 190

As you can see, Big Wave Golden Ale has a similar calorie count to other fuller-flavored craft beers like Blue Moon or Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. It is higher in calories compared to light beers like Bud Light and Coors Light.

The higher calorie count comes from both more carbohydrates from the malted barley used in craft beers, as well as a higher alcohol content.

Big Wave Golden Ale Ingredients

To understand what contributes to the calorie content, let’s look at the key ingredients in Big Wave Golden Ale:

  • Water – The main liquid base of beer
  • Malted barley – Provides carbohydrates, proteins, color, and flavor
  • Hops – Added for bitterness, flavor, and aroma
  • Yeast – Converts sugars into alcohol and carbonation during fermentation
  • Fruit flavors – Big Wave contains natural mango and papaya flavors

The primary sources of calories in Big Wave Golden Ale come from:

  • Carbohydrates from the malted barley
  • Alcohol from fermentation of the malted barley sugars
  • Small amounts of protein
  • Natural fruit flavors

The malted barley contributes the bulk of the calories, providing carbohydrates that get converted into alcohol by the yeast during brewing.

Amount of Big Wave Golden Ale Equal to 153 Calories

Based on the calorie count, here is how much Big Wave Golden Ale you would need to consume to get 153 calories:

  • 12 fl oz (1 regular can or bottle)
  • 1 pint (16 fl oz) = 204 calories
  • 1 liter = 408 calories

A 12 oz serving is the standard serving size for a beer, cider, or other alcoholic beverage. So consuming one 12 oz bottle or can of Big Wave Golden Ale provides 153 calories.

Drinking a pint (16 oz) would provide 204 calories, while a full liter would provide 408 calories.

Big Wave Golden Ale Carbohydrates

The majority of calories in Big Wave Golden Ale come from carbohydrates:

  • Total Carbohydrates: 12 g per 12 oz serving
  • Sugars: 0 g

All of the 12g of carbohydrates come from the malted barley used to brew the beer. Malted barley provides complex carbohydrates and starches that get converted into fermentable sugars during the brewing process.

The beer itself does not contain any residual sugars, but the carbohydrates contribute about 48 calories (12g x 4cal/g).

The remaining 105 calories come from the 4.4% alcohol content of Big Wave Golden Ale.

Comparing Carbs in Beer vs Other Drinks

Here’s how the carbohydrate content of Big Wave Golden Ale compares to other drinks:

Beverage (12oz) Total Carbs (g)
Big Wave Golden Ale 12
Bud Light 6.6
Orange Juice 21
Coca-Cola 39
Red Wine 3.8

Beer has a moderate carbohydrate content. Light beer has fewer carbs due to less malted barley being used in the brewing process.

Non-alcoholic drinks like juice and soda have more carbohydrates due to added sugars. Wine has very low carbs since it is fermented from fruit, not grains.

So beer’s carb content is moderate compared to other beverage options. The carbs in Big Wave Golden Ale provide nearly 50 calories per 12oz serving.

Protein and Fat in Big Wave Golden Ale

In addition to calories from carbohydrates and alcohol, Big Wave Golden Ale contains small amounts of protein and zero fat:

  • Protein: 1.3g per 12oz
  • Fat: 0g per 12oz

The protein comes from the malted barley used to brew the beer. During the malting process, proteins are developed. A small portion remains in the finished beer.

The protein accounts for only about 5 calories per serving. There is no fat, as the liquid components of beer do not contain fat.

Vitamins and Minerals

Like most beers, Big Wave Golden Ale does contain small amounts of various vitamins and minerals:

  • Niacin – 6% DV
  • Folate – 6% DV
  • Magnesium – 3% DV
  • Phosphorus – 3% DV
  • Potassium – 3% DV

These nutrients come from the malted barley and yeast used to brew the beer. Although beer contains vitamins and minerals, the amounts are not high enough for beer to be considered a significant source of nutrients.

However, the niacin content can contribute to the niacin flush reaction some people experience when drinking beer.

Big Wave Golden Ale and Gluten

Since Big Wave Golden Ale is brewed from malted barley, it does contain gluten:

  • Barley contains gluten proteins
  • People with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity should avoid it
  • Not suitable for a gluten free diet

The gluten content may also be a concern for those with wheat allergies.

However, some specialty beers are gluten-free, being made from ingredients like sorghum, rice, or corn instead of barley. But standard beers, including ales, lagers, stouts, and many others, are not gluten-free.

So Big Wave Golden Ale does contain gluten and is not appropriate for gluten free diets or people with celiac disease.

Big Wave Golden Ale and Weight Loss Diets

At 153 calories per 12 oz serving, Big Wave Golden Ale can fit into a weight loss diet in moderation. A few things to consider:

  • Limit to 1-2 servings max per day
  • Account for beer calories in your daily calorie goal
  • Drink smarter – skip higher calorie IPAs or stouts
  • Avoid beer completely if you struggle with portion control

Beer can fit into most diet plans like intermittent fasting in moderation. Just be mindful of total calories and carbohydrates. Drink in responsible amounts and avoid higher calorie beers to keep calories and carbs lower.

Prioritize more nutrient dense beverages like water, unsweetened tea, or coffee for the bulk of your daily fluid intake when dieting for weight loss.

Tips for Drinking Big Wave Golden Ale on a Diet

If you want to enjoy Big Wave Golden Ale as an occasional treat while dieting, here are some tips:

  • Budget for 1-2 beers max per day – treat it like a dessert
  • Drink it with a light meal – don’t take in extra calories
  • Avoid higher calorie mixers like juice, soda, or creamers
  • Alternate with a glass of water between beers
  • Avoid beer completely if you struggle with portion control
  • Focus on more nutrient-dense foods and save calories for beer

The key is fitting beer into your overall daily calorie intake. Prioritize nutrient-dense foods and then budget for a serving of beer as a treat in moderation, while staying hydrated with water and avoiding empty calorie mixers.

Low Calorie Beer Alternatives

If you want to cut back on beer calories but still enjoy a cold one, these are some good low calorie beer options:

  • Bud Select 55 – 55 calories per 12oz
  • Michelob Ultra – 95 calories per 12oz
  • Miller Lite – 96 calories per 12oz
  • Coors Light – 102 calories per 12oz
  • Sam Adams Light – 119 calories per 12oz

These light lagers have 20-50% less calories than standard beers. Michelob Ultra and Miller Lite are popular choices.

You can also simply have a smaller serving, such as 8-10oz, to cut calories while still enjoying full flavor craft beers. Or, alternate a light beer with your favorite IPA or ale.

Health Benefits of Moderate Beer Consumption

While beer should be enjoyed in moderation, research shows some potential health benefits associated with moderate beer drinking:

  • Increased HDL (good) cholesterol
  • Decreased risk of heart disease
  • Lower risk of developing kidney stones
  • May improve cognitive function
  • Support healthy digestion and probiotic gut bacteria

The key is moderation – 1-2 servings daily with meals. Excessive drinking negates any potential benefits. But as part of an overall healthy diet, enjoying beer moderately may have some added health perks.

Risks of Excessive Beer Consumption

While moderate beer consumption may have some benefits, drinking excessively has many well-documented risks:

  • Weight gain – beers are very calorie dense
  • Impaired coordination and cognition
  • Increased long-term disease risks
  • Alcoholism and addiction
  • Financial and personal life issues

It’s easy to drink lots of calories without feeling full due to beer’s carbonation and alcohol content. Plus, judgment becomes impaired leading to overconsumption.

Stick within national dietary guidelines of no more than 2 drinks daily for men, 1 for women, and avoid excessive intoxication from too many beers.


Big Wave Golden Ale contains 153 calories per 12 oz serving. The calories come mainly from carbohydrates in the malted barley that get converted to alcohol during brewing. The beer also provides small amounts of protein but no fat.

While beers should be enjoyed in moderation as part of an overall healthy diet, Big Wave Golden Ale can fit into a weight loss plan if calories and portions are kept under control. Alternating light beers or limiting serving size can help reduce calorie intake.

When consumed moderately, beer can provide social enjoyment as well as potential health benefits related to heart health, digestion, kidney function, and cognition. But excessive amounts lead to intoxication and long-term health consequences.

So enjoy quality craft beers like Big Wave Golden Ale mindfully and in moderation as part of your healthy lifestyle. Just account for the beers’ calories as you would any other treat in your diet. With some smart strategies and portion control, beer can definitely fit into a weight management plan.

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