How many calories are in 2 KFC hot wings?

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KFC hot wings contain around 150-200 calories per wing. Therefore, 2 KFC hot wings would contain approximately 300-400 calories. The exact calorie count can vary depending on the size of the wings and if they are original recipe or extra crispy.

Calories in KFC Hot Wings

KFC hot wings are a popular menu item at the famous fast food chicken chain. But if you’re watching your calorie intake, you may be wondering just how many calories are in KFC hot wings. Here is a breakdown of the nutrition facts:

KFC Hot Wings Calories
1 Small Original Recipe Wing Around 75 calories
1 Medium Original Recipe Wing Around 100 calories
1 Large Original Recipe Wing Around 150 calories
1 Small Extra Crispy Wing Around 80 calories
1 Medium Extra Crispy Wing Around 120 calories
1 Large Extra Crispy Wing Around 180 calories

As you can see, the number of calories can vary significantly depending on the size of the wing. Smaller wings generally have 75-80 calories, medium wings 100-120 calories, and large wings 150-180 calories.

Extra crispy wings also tend to be slightly higher in calories than original recipe wings. The extra breading and frying increases the calorie density.

So for 2 wings, you’d be looking at roughly:

– 2 Small Wings = 150-160 calories
– 2 Medium Wings = 200-240 calories
– 2 Large Wings = 300-360 calories

The cooking method makes a difference as well. KFC also offers grilled wings, which will be lower in calories than fried wings.

Other factors like dipping sauces can also add calories. For example, KFC’s Buttermilk Ranch sauce adds around 50 calories per tablespoon. So dipping your wings in sauce may result in higher calorie intake.

KFC Hot Wing Nutrition Facts

To get a better idea of the nutrition profile, here is the full nutrition breakdown for a 3 medium hot wing serving from KFC:

Nutrition Facts Amount
Calories 180
Total Fat 12g
Saturated Fat 3g
Trans Fat 0.5g
Cholesterol 45mg
Sodium 730mg
Total Carbohydrates 6g
Dietary Fiber 0g
Sugar 0g
Protein 12g

As you can see, 3 medium hot wings provide 180 calories, 12g of fat (3g saturated), 45mg cholesterol, 730mg sodium, 6g carbohydrates, and 12g protein.

The majority of calories come from fat, which accounts for around 60% of the total calorie content. Protein also makes up a decent percentage at around 25% of calories. Carbohydrates are relatively low.

There is also a considerable amount of sodium at 730mg for 3 wings. The daily recommended limit for sodium intake is around 2300mg, so a 3 wing order provides almost one third of that.

Ways to Lower Calories and Sodium When Eating Hot Wings

If you want to enjoy hot wings but are concerned about calories and sodium, here are some tips to lighten them up:

– Choose smaller wings over larger wings to cut down on calories. Or order less wings in your serving.

– Go for grilled wings instead of extra crispy or original recipe fried wings. Grilled wings will be significantly lower in calories, fat, and sodium.

– Avoid dipping your wings in high calorie sauces like ranch dressing and blue cheese dressing. These can add 150 calories or more per serving. Opt for lighter sauces like barbecue sauce or hot sauce instead.

– Ask for wings to be prepared without the skin to slash fat and calories. Going skinless removes over half the calories and fat.

– Request wings to be prepared with lower sodium seasoning versus the standard salty seasoning blend.

– Avoid add-ons like fries and biscuits which will drive up calorie and sodium counts.

– Choose diet soda, water, unsweetened tea or other low/no calorie beverages instead of high calorie soft drinks.

– Share your wings as an appetizer with others rather than having a full order to yourself. Portion control is key.

Following these simple tips can help you balance the indulgence of hot wings with your overall health goals. You don’t need to avoid them completely, just be mindful about your choices when ordering.

Healthier KFC Hot Wing Alternatives

If you decide that classic fried hot wings don’t fit into your diet, KFC does offer some lower calorie and more nutritious alternatives:

– **Grilled Chicken Wings** – As mentioned, grilled wings are significantly lower in fat, calories, and sodium compared to fried wings. 6 grilled wings have around 130 calories.

– **Roasted Wings** – Seasoned with herbs and roasted, these are a lighter option at around 85 calories for 3 roasted wings.

– **Nashville Hot Wings** – These are made with Nashville hot sauce and have 110 calories for 3 wings. Lower cal than original hot wings.

– **Buffalo Wings** – The traditional Buffalo style hot sauce adds lots of flavor without lots of calories – just 60 calories for 3 Buffalo wings.

– **Fiery Buffalo Wings** – For an extra kick of heat, the fiery Buffalo wings have 110 calories for 3 wings.

– **Lemon Pepper Wings** – For a zesty, lemony flavor, the lemon pepper wings contain 110 calories per 3 wings.

– **Smoky Mountain BBQ Wings** – With sweet and smoky BBQ flavor, 3 Smoky Mountain wings have 120 calories.

So when you’re craving hot wings, be sure to keep these lighter options in mind. You can still enjoy the spicy wings you love without overdoing calories, sodium, or fat intake. Moderation and customization is key.

Low Carb Keto Diet Hot Wing Options

For those following a ketogenic or low carb diet, classic fried hot wings served with ranch or blue cheese dressing is definitely an indulgent choice. But there are ways to make hot wings keto-friendly:

– Choose dry rubs over breaded wings – dry rubs help avoid extra carbs and sugars found in breading.

– Skip the dipping sauces, or choose lower carb options like buffalo sauce or plain hot sauce instead of ranch or blue cheese dressing.

– Order grilled wings instead of extra crispy or original recipe for lower carbs.

– Opt for Roasted Wings which only have 1g net carb per 3 wings according to KFC.

– Add celery and carrot sticks as a side instead of fries or mac and cheese.

– Ask for wings to be cooked fresh in new oil – older oil has higher levels of trans fats and PUFAs to avoid on keto.

– Get a side salad with oil and vinegar dressing instead of potato side dishes or biscuits.

– Choose diet soda, water or unsweetened tea for your beverage.

With smart choices, you can definitely satisfy a hot wing craving while remaining in ketosis. Just be mindful of added sugars in sauces and sides.

Wing Stop Nutrition Information Comparison

Wing Stop is another popular wing chain, offering both classic bone-in and boneless wings. Here is how the nutrition info compares for 5 boneless wings between Wing Stop and KFC:

Nutrition Facts Wing Stop KFC
Calories 220 260
Total Fat 16g 14g
Carbs 8g 12g
Protein 14g 14g
Sodium 470mg 730mg

The calories, fat, carbs, and protein are fairly similar between 5 boneless wings at Wing Stop vs KFC. However, Wing Stop has significantly lower sodium at 470mg vs 730mg at KFC for the same serving size.

So if you are watching your salt intake, Wing Stop may be a better option. Those with high blood pressure or sodium-sensitive conditions like heart failure may want to opt for Wing Stop over KFC.

However, sodium content can vary based on the seasoning and sauces chosen, so be sure to customize your order for your dietary needs if you have restrictions.

Buffalo Wild Wings Hot Wing Nutrition

Buffalo Wild Wings is another popular hot wing chain known for its variety of sauces. Here is the nutrition info for 6 traditional bone-in wings at Buffalo Wild Wings:

Nutrition Facts Amount
Calories 510
Total Fat 32g
Carbs 12g
Protein 44g
Sodium 870mg

A 6 wing serving provides 510 calories, 32g fat, 12g carbohydrates, 44g protein and 870mg sodium. These are slightly higher numbers than KFC nutrition info per wing.

However, boneless wings at Buffalo Wild Wings contain significantly lower calories and sodium. 6 boneless wings clock in at just 220 calories and 580mg sodium.

So going boneless at Buffalo Wild Wings is a simple way to lighten up your wing choice both in terms of calories and sodium. Team them up with carrot and celery sticks instead of fries for a figure-friendly wing meal.

Tips for Ordering Lower Calorie Wings at Restaurants

When dining out and ordering wings, keep these tips in mind to lower the calorie and sodium content:

– Opt for grilled, baked or roasted wings instead of crispy fried.

– Choose a dry rub or plain wings over breaded wings.

– Skip the dipping sauce or choose lower calorie sauces like hot sauce, mustard or vinegar.

– Order a side salad instead of fries, chips or creamy dips.

– Ask for wings to be cooked fresh in new oil instead of old, reused oil high in trans fats.

– Request wings to be seasoned lightly or prepared without salt.

– Select a low-calorie beverage like water, unsweetened tea or diet soda.

– Share your wings family-style instead of getting a full order for yourself.

– Take half your wings to-go so you don’t overindulge in one sitting.

Being mindful about preparation methods, sodium content, sides and portion control is key to keeping your wing habit from going to your waistline.

Are Hot Wings Healthy?

While hot wings make for an indulgent bar food, they aren’t necessarily the pinnacle of healthy eating. Here’s a look at some of the positives and potential downsides:


– Provide protein – Wings contain a good amount of protein, especially the meaty drumette part. Protein supports muscle growth and keeps you feeling fuller longer.

– Contain some iron – Wings provide a small amount of iron, an important mineral that helps transport oxygen in the blood.

– Vitamin B12 source – Wings are high in vitamin B12, which aids red blood cell formation and nerve function.

– Anti-inflammatory potential – The capsaicin in hot sauce may have anti-inflammatory properties. Spicy capsaicin has been linked to pain relief.


– High in calories – Wings are fairly high in calories, especially breaded, fried and served with creamy sauces. Too many can lead to weight gain.

– High in saturated fat – The skin and frying method boosts saturated fat content, which may raise bad LDL cholesterol levels.

– High sodium – Most wings are very high in sodium, which can contribute to high blood pressure. Sodium levels run especially high if served with salty dipping sauces.

– MSG concerns – Wings are sometimes seasoned with MSG, which some people claim causes headaches or other symptoms, although that has not been proven scientifically.

– Acidic sauces – The vinegar-based Buffalo sauce may cause acid reflux or heartburn in some. The acidic tomato-based barbecue sauce can also aggravate GI issues for sensitive individuals.

So while wings offer some nutritional upside like protein, iron and B12, the high calorie, fat, and sodium content make them more of an occasional indulgence food rather than a regular part of a healthy diet. Moderation is key if you want to enjoy wings as part of an overall balanced approach to eating.


KFC hot wings contain approximately 150-200 calories per wing, so 2 wings would provide roughly 300-400 calories total. However, the exact number of calories can vary based on wing size, cooking method, breading and sauces. While wings make for a tasty indulgence, they are high in calories, sodium and fat – especially if fried. Going for grilled, baked or roasted wings can provide a somewhat healthier option. Watching your portion size and sides can also help mitigate the calorie impact if you want to keep enjoying hot wings while managing your diet or weight. With mindful selections, you can still satisfy your buffalo wing craving even if you are limiting carbs, counting calories or restricting sodium.

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