How many Boveda seasoning packs do I need?

Quick Answers

The number of Boveda seasoning packs you need depends on a few key factors:

  • Container size – Smaller containers need fewer packs while larger ones need more.
  • Container material – Porous materials like wood absorb more moisture so require more packs.
  • Humidification level – If you want to maintain a higher humidity level, you’ll need more packs.
  • Climate – Dry climates require more humidity so more packs.
  • Quantity of contents – More contents means more surface area to keep humidified.

As a general guideline, here’s how many 60g Boveda packs you need:

  • Humidor up to 25 cigars – 1 pack
  • Humidor up to 100 cigars – 2 packs
  • Humidor up to 150 cigars – 3 packs
  • Humidor up to 300 cigars – 4 packs
  • Large humidors and cabinets – 5+ packs

It’s always better to use more packs than needed. The packs will last 2-3 months on average. Keep an eye on your hygrometer and refresh packs as needed.

What are Boveda packs?

Boveda packs are small, rectangular packets containing a salt solution in a food-grade purified water. They are designed to maintain a constant relative humidity level inside a sealed container like a humidor or jar.

Here are some key facts about Boveda packs:

  • Come pre-filled with a saturated salt solution.
  • Regulate humidity by releasing or absorbing moisture.
  • Available in different RH levels like 65%, 69%, 72%.
  • Non-toxic, non-scented, and food-safe.
  • Last 2-3 months on average.
  • Work in any air-tight container.
  • Prevent mold, bacteria, and over-humidification.
  • Maintenance-free – just toss old packs and replace.

The packs work via the physical process of osmosis. The salt solution creates a equilibrium of moisture flow between the pack and surroundings. If the humidity is too low, the pack releases moisture. If too high, the pack absorbs excess moisture.

Boveda Pack Sizes

Boveda packs come in a variety of sizes:

  • Small 4g packs
  • Medium 8g packs
  • Large 60g packs
  • Extra-large 69g packs
  • Jumbo 320g packs

The number on the pack such as “62” refers to the humidity level it maintains – in this case 62% relative humidity (RH).

For most uses, the 60g or 69g pack size is recommended. The larger 320g packs are meant for very large humidors and cabinets.

How many Boveda packs do you need?

The number of Boveda packs needed depends primarily on these key factors:

1. Container Size

The size of the container you are humidifying determines how many packs it needs:

  • Small desktop humidors – 1-2 packs
  • Large cabinet humidors – 4-6+ packs
  • Extra-large walk-in humidors – Dozens of packs

For a rough estimate, allow for 1 pack per 25 cigars worth of storage space. A 100 count humidor would need 4 packs.

Use more packs for larger spaces to have sufficient moisture reserves. Under-packing a space risks the packs drying out.

2. Container Material

Some materials are more “moisture-friendly” than others:

  • Spanish cedar – Mid moisture absorption
  • American hardwoods – High absorption
  • Acrylic, metal – Low absorption
  • Glass top humidors – High evaporation

Porous materials like wood will absorb moisture from the packs so you need more packs. Non-porous materials require fewer.

For example, an acrylic humidor needs 1 pack per 50 cigars while a wood humidor needs 1 pack per 25 cigars.

3. Desired Humidity Level

If you want to maintain a higher RH, then more Boveda packs are required:

Desired Humidity Recommended Boveda RH%
65% RH 65% pack
68-70% RH 69% pack
70-75% RH 72% pack

A lower RH pack like 65% won’t have to work as hard in dry conditions. A 72% pack maintains higher moisture levels.

4. Ambient Climate & Season

Dry climates and seasons require more humidity control:

  • Arid regions – More packs needed
  • Humid regions – Fewer packs needed
  • Winter – Heaters dry out air
  • Summer – A/C removes moisture

Adjust the number of packs based on moisture levels in the surrounding air. Use more packs in a dry Arizona winter vs. a humid Florida summer.

5. Quantity of Cigars & Contents

The amount of cigars or other contents also determines how many packs you need:

  • More cigars = more surface area to humidify
  • Larger cigars = more moisture absorbed
  • Non-porous items require less moisture

A box of 25 churchill cigars will need more humidity than 25 petite coronas. Include additional packs if housing multiple boxes.

General Boveda Pack Guidelines

Here are some general guidelines for the number of 60g or 69g Boveda packs to use:

Container Size Recommended # of Packs
Small 25 count humidor 1 pack
50 count humidor 2 packs
100 count humidor 2-3 packs
150 count humidor 3-4 packs
300 count humidor/coolerador 4-5 packs
500 count cabinet humidor 5-6 packs
1000+ count walk-in humidor Dozens of packs

These numbers assume an average moisture-absorbing wood humidor in a temperate climate. Adjust upwards or downwards based on your specific conditions.

When in doubt, use more packs than you think you need. It’s better to have leftover humidity than not enough.

Tips for Using Boveda Packs

Here are some useful tips for getting the most out of Boveda packs:

  • Activate new packs before use by leaving outside packaging overnight.
  • Use more packs than you think you need, especially in dry conditions.
  • Place packs evenly throughout humidor, not clustered in one spot.
  • Allow 2-4 weeks for seasoning a new humidor before filling.
  • Add 1-2 packs when transporting cigars to maintain humidity.
  • Don’t let packs touch cigars directly or cedar surfaces.
  • Replace packs every 2-3 months, sooner if they harden or shrink.
  • Discard old packs instead of rejuvenating with distilled water.
  • Consider a digital hygrometer to monitor humidity levels.
  • Equilibrate new packs with hygrometer for accuracy.

Proper use of Boveda packs will keep your cigars, pipe tobacco, and other items at just the right humidity level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you recharge and reuse Boveda packs?

The manufacturer recommends discarding Boveda packs once they have fully dried out. Adding distilled water to rehydrate can throw off the equilibrium of the salt solution and affect performance. Simply replace spent packs with fresh ones.

Where should Boveda packs be placed in a humidor?

Distribute packs evenly throughout the humidor, not clustered in one area. Avoid direct contact with cigars and cedar surfaces which can cause over-humidification. Place some packs towards the top, bottom, sides, and middle for even coverage.

Do you need Boveda packs for a coolerdor?

Yes, Boveda packs regulate humidity perfectly in a cooler converted into a humidor or “coolerdor”. The plastic walls have no humidity absorption so packs are essential. Allow 1 pack per 25 cigars, more in very dry conditions.

Can you use too many Boveda packs?

It’s generally not possible to over-humidify with Boveda as the packs are designed to maintain a set RH level. The packs simply absorb excess moisture if the RH gets too high. More packs provide a larger moisture reserve. Too few packs can dry out in larger spaces.

Does humidifying cigars dry out Boveda packs faster?

Yes, the additional moisture absorption by porous cigars and cedar does exhaust packs faster than humidifying an empty container. Allow for at least 1 pack per 25 cigars to account for this. Check packs more frequently when humidifying lots of cigars.

Do Boveda packs affect cigar flavor?

No, Boveda packs have no scent or taste. They slowly release pure water vapor. Many users report cigars taste better maintained at proper humidity levels. The salts and minerals inside the packs are food-grade and inert.


The ideal Boveda pack quantity depends on your specific humidor size, construction, climate, and contents. Start with the general recommendations above but monitor humidity closely and adjust pack amounts to fit your conditions. Keeping cigars at the optimal 65-70% RH will ensure maximum enjoyment!

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