How many 1oz shots are in a 750?

A standard 750ml bottle of liquor contains approximately 25.4 fluid ounces of liquid. Since a typical 1oz shot is equal to 1 fluid ounce, this means a 750ml bottle contains about 25 standard 1oz shots.

Calculating Shots in a 750ml Bottle

To calculate the number of 1oz shots in a 750ml bottle, we first need to convert the milliliters (ml) to fluid ounces (fl oz):

  • 750ml = 25.36 fl oz (750 ml * 0.033814 fl oz/ml)

Next, we determine how many 1 fl oz servings there are in the entire bottle:

  • 25.36 fl oz / 1 fl oz (one shot) = 25.36 shots

So a standard 750ml bottle contains about 25 1oz shots.

Key Things to Note

  • 750ml is the standard size for most liquor bottles.
  • 1oz is the typical jigger measurement used for pouring shots.
  • 25.4 fl oz is the fluid volume of a 750ml bottle after conversion from milliliters.
  • The serving size of a shot is commonly accepted as 1 fl oz in the United States.

Does Bottle Shape Matter?

The shape of the liquor bottle does not change the volume or affect the number of shots contained. While the dimensions, design, and silhouette of the bottle may vary between brands, the standard 750ml volume remains the same. As long as the bottle is labeled as 750ml, it will contain roughly 25 to 26 shots when poured in 1oz servings.

Variation by Country and State

There can be slight variation in the definition of a shot based on location. In some countries, a shot may legally be 1.5oz instead of 1oz. Some U.S. states also adhere to different pour sizes for shots.

For example, Utah legally defines a shot as 1.5oz. So in Utah, a 750ml bottle would contain approximately 16 to 17 shots when poured at that larger state-regulated size.

Typical Number of Servings

Here is an overview of the typical number of 1oz shot servings in common liquor bottle sizes:

Bottle Size Total ml Total fl oz Number of 1 oz Shots
Mini/Airplane 50 ml 1.7 fl oz 1 shot
Half Pint 200 ml 6.8 fl oz 6 shots
Pint 375 ml 12.7 fl oz 12 shots
Fifth 750 ml 25.4 fl oz 25 shots
Liter 1000 ml 33.8 fl oz 33 shots
1.75 Liters 1750 ml 59.2 fl oz 59 shots

Cocktail and Mixed Drink Yields

When making cocktails or other mixed drinks, the number of servings from a 750ml bottle can vary quite a bit depending on the recipe. Factors like the amount of mixers, juice, ice dilution, and glass size all affect the total yield.

For example, a 750ml bottle of 40% alcohol vodka mixed with cranberry and soda at a 1:3 vodka to mixer ratio would make approximately 15 to 20 drinks.

On the other hand, if making strong 2oz martinis with just a splash of vermouth from a 750ml bottle of gin, you may get 18 to 20 martinis.

So the number of cocktails can range anywhere from 12 to 25 drinks or more depending on the recipe proportions and glass sizes.

Finishing a 750ml Bottle

Drinking an entire 750ml liquor bottle in one sitting is never recommended. However, when sharing a bottle across multiple people, it may be finished over the course of an evening.

For example, if four people split the 25 shots in a 750ml bottle, that would be around 6 shots per person. Consuming this amount would result in a blood alcohol level well over the legal driving limit and carries serious health risks like alcohol poisoning.

Moderation is always advisable when consuming alcohol. Enjoy responsibly within limits and carefully pace any liquor drinking over an extended timeframe.


A standard 750ml liquor bottle contains approximately 25.4 fluid ounces. When divided into 1oz shot servings, this equates to 25 to 26 shots per 750ml bottle. This can scale up or down proportionally for different sized bottles. However, factors like recipe proportions and glass size can affect the yield when making cocktails or mixed drinks. Responsible moderation is always advisable when consuming alcohol.

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