How long has Dickssportinggoods been in business?

Dick’s Sporting Goods has been in business for over 70 years. The company was founded in 1948 by Richard “Dick” Stack in Binghamton, New York. Originally called “Dick’s Bait and Tackle”, the small business started out as bait and tackle shop. Over the decades, Dick’s grew into one of the largest sporting goods retailers in the United States.

When was Dick’s Sporting Goods founded?

Dick’s Sporting Goods was founded by Richard “Dick” Stack in 1948 in Binghamton, New York. The original store was called “Dick’s Bait and Tackle” and primarily sold fishing bait and equipment. At the time, Richard Stack was only 18 years old. The store got its name from Stack’s nickname “Dick” which he had been called since childhood.

Who founded Dick’s Sporting Goods?

Dick’s Sporting Goods was founded by Richard “Dick” Stack in 1948. Dick got his nickname as a child and decided to name his small bait and tackle shop after himself when he started the business at age 18. Although it had humble beginnings, Dick’s Sporting Goods is now one of the leading sports retail chains in the U.S.

How did Dick’s Sporting Goods expand over the years?

Dick’s Sporting Goods gradually expanded in the years after it was founded. Some key milestones in the company’s growth include:

  • 1958 – A second store opens in Vestal, NY
  • 1971 – Dick Stack hands over management to his son Edward “Ed” Stack
  • 1977 – Store count grows to five locations
  • 1980 – First location outside of Binghamton opens in Utica, NY
  • 1984 – New 25,000 square foot store prototype debuted
  • 1994 – Chain expands to Rochester, NY area
  • 1995 – Enters Pittsburgh, PA market
  • 1996 – Opens first store outside of NY in Erie, PA
  • 1997 – Launches e-commerce site
  • 2002 – Enters Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia markets
  • 2004 – Opens first locations in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Jersey

In the 2000s and 2010s, Dick’s Sporting Goods accelerated expansion throughout the Eastern U.S. and eventually nationwide. Today the company operates over 850 stores in 47 states.

What were the key events in Dick’s expansion history?

There were several notable events and milestones in Dick’s Sporting Goods’ growth from a small local business to national retailer:

  • 1971 – Founder Dick Stack hands over leadership to son Ed Stack, who expands the business
  • 1984 – New large-format 25,000 sq ft store prototype opens
  • 1994-96 – First expansion beyond founding market of Binghamton, NY
  • 1997 – E-commerce site launches allowing nationwide shipping
  • Early 2000s – Rapid expansion throughout the Eastern U.S.

How many stores does Dick’s Sporting Goods operate today?

Today, Dick’s Sporting Goods operates over 850 stores across 47 U.S. states. This includes a mix of Dick’s Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy, Field & Stream, and Going Going Gone! outlet locations. The company has grown to become one of the top sports retail chains in the country.

What is Dick’s Sporting Goods’ footprint today?

Dick’s Sporting Goods has a nationwide presence today across the United States. Key facts about their current footprint include:

  • Over 850 total stores
  • Stores in 47 U.S. states
  • Presence across the East Coast, Midwest, South, and West Coast
  • Different banners include Dick’s Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy, Field & Stream, and outlet stores

How has Dick’s Sporting Goods performed financially in recent years?

Dick’s Sporting Goods has maintained steady growth in recent fiscal years. Here is a summary of their key financial results from 2018-2021:

Fiscal Year Total Sales Same Store Sales Growth Gross Margin Net Income
2021 $12.29 billion 18.2% 35.75% $1.52 billion
2020 $9.58 billion -1.9% 32.56% $530.27 million
2019 $8.75 billion 3.7% 29.66% $397.77 million
2018 $8.44 billion 3.2% 29.51% $319.94 million

The company saw strong growth in 2021 as sports retail rebounded from the pandemic. Dick’s sales have continued to increase year-over-year and they have maintained profitability.

What do recent financials show about Dick’s business performance?

Recent financial results for Dick’s Sporting Goods highlight:

  • Steady sales growth pre-pandemic from 2018-2019
  • Decline in 2020 due to COVID-19 impact
  • Strong recovery in 2021 with sales rebounding 18%
  • Increasing profitability with gross margin expansion
  • Net income of over $1.5 billion in 2021

This shows Dick’s has maintained resilient operations and growth despite challenges like the pandemic. Their retail stores and online channels continue driving strong financial performance.

What role has e-commerce played in Dick’s growth?

E-commerce has been an increasingly important sales channel for Dick’s Sporting Goods. Some key facts:

  • Dick’s launched its website in 1997 to expand beyond bricks-and-mortar
  • Online sales grew from $1.2 billion in 2017 to over $3.75 billion in 2021
  • E-commerce sales now represent 30% of total company sales
  • Curbside pickup and ship-from-store expand digital fulfillment capabilities

Dick’s has invested significantly in e-commerce infrastructure and technology to elevate the online customer experience. Their website and apps have made it easier for customers to browse, purchase, and receive Dick’s products.

How has Dick’s adapted its business to e-commerce?

Dick’s has adapted in a few key ways to grow with e-commerce trends:

  • Launching website in 1997 and regular website upgrades
  • Building omni-channel capabilities for buy-online-pickup-in-store
  • Expanding digital payment and fulfillment options
  • Improving online ordering, shipping and returns processes
  • Leveraging stores for e-commerce through ship-from-store
  • Increasing use of analytics and personalization to enhance digital experience

Adapting to e-commerce has been crucial for Dick’s to meet changing customer expectations and shopping behaviors.

What new store concepts has Dick’s introduced over the years?

Dick’s Sporting Goods has rolled out various store concepts to enhance the customer experience and tailor stores to specific markets. Some of the major formats include:

  • Golf Galaxy – Specialty golf stores acquired in 2006. Currently over 90 locations.
  • Field & Stream – Outdoor recreation concept launched in 2013. Over 35 locations.
  • Clearance Stores – Discounted outlet stores opened in 2009. 100+ locations.
  • House of Sport – Experiential flagship stores with attractions. Opened first location in 2021.

These store concepts help Dick’s offer more specialized products and experiences tailored to golfers, outdoor enthusiasts, bargain-seekers, and general sports fans.

How has Dick’s adapted its retail concepts over time?

Dick’s retail concepts have evolved to meet changing consumer demands including:

  • Golf Galaxy – Acquired in 2006 to expand golf offerings and expertise
  • Field & Stream – Created in 2013 to tap into hunting/fishing markets
  • Clearance Stores – Discount outlets launched in 2009 during the recession
  • House of Sport – Experiential stores started in 2021 to engage local sports communities

Rolling out specialty retail banners allows Dick’s to tailor its product assortment and experiences to customer interests.

What community initiatives has Dick’s Sporting Goods championed?

Some community initiatives Dick’s has championed over the years include:

  • Sports Matter – Raised over $50 million since 2014 to provide sports funding and access for youth athletes
  • The Dick’s Foundation – Supports youth sports teams and leagues each year with donations
  • Inclusion – Partnerships to drive diversity, equity and inclusion in youth sports
  • Sustainability – Goal to divert 81% of store waste from landfills by 2025

Dick’s also runs an annual Sports Matter Giving Week around the holidays where donations go towards youth sports causes.

What community initiatives are important for Dick’s?

Some key community initiatives for Dick’s Sporting Goods include:

  • Sports Matter – Funding youth sports access and equality since 2014
  • The Dick’s Foundation – Long-running charity supporting youth leagues/teams
  • Inclusion efforts – Championing diversity in youth sports
  • Sustainability – Waste and plastic reduction goals for stores

These programs aim to leverage Dick’s scale to provide all kids the benefits of sports.


In summary, Dick’s Sporting Goods has grown from a small bait and tackle shop opened by 18-year-old Dick Stack in 1948 to one of the largest sporting goods retailers. The company steadily expanded in New York through the 1990s before accelerating growth nationwide in the 2000s. Today Dick’s operates over 850 stores across 47 states and has an advanced online retail operation. By adapting its product offerings, store concepts, and community engagement for the modern era, Dick’s Sporting Goods continues to serve athletes and outdoor enthusiasts throughout the United States.

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