How does the cup work in FPL?

What is the FPL cup?

The FPL cup is a knockout tournament that runs alongside the regular Fantasy Premier League (FPL) season. It gives FPL managers the chance to test their skills against other managers in a cup competition format.

The cup starts after the first 4-6 gameweeks of the FPL season. Managers are randomly drawn against each other in the first round. The winner of each tie progresses to the next round, while the loser is eliminated. This process continues until the final gameweek when the two remaining managers contest the cup final.

How do I enter the FPL cup?

Entry into the FPL cup is automatic for all managers once they have created a team and entered a league. There is no need to register separately. As long as your FPL team is active, you will be entered into the cup before the first round begins.

The cup is open to all FPL managers regardless of when they joined the game. Even if you create your FPL team after the season has started, you will still be entered into the cup before the next round begins.

When do the FPL cup rounds take place?

The FPL cup runs concurrently with the main Fantasy Premier League competition. The rounds take place in the following gameweeks:

Round Gameweek
First round Gameweek 5
Second round Gameweek 7
Third round Gameweek 9
Fourth round Gameweek 12
Fifth round Gameweek 17
Sixth round Gameweek 21
Quarter-final Gameweek 25
Semi-final Gameweek 30
Final Gameweek 38

The first four rounds take place during the busy festive period when there are a lot of fixture postponements in the Premier League. This can add an extra layer of difficulty and unpredictability to the cup in the early stages.

The semi-finals and final take place in the last few gameweeks when managers are fine tuning their teams and using their chips to maximise points for the end of season run-in.

How are the ties drawn?

In the first round of the cup, the draws are made randomly to pair up managers. From then on, the winning managers are placed geographically to minimise travel time between opponents.

Managers are split into regions – England & Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Rest of World. As far as possible, you will be paired with another manager in the same region to reduce travel for the later rounds when managers meet each other in person.

FPL managers living in remote regions like the Scottish Islands or overseas territories may be paired with someone from another region out of necessity.

The draw for each round is made shortly after the gameweek deadline so you will know your next opponent with plenty of notice to prepare.

How do I win an FPL cup tie?

The crucial factor in the FPL cup is your gameweek score relative to your opponent.

In each cup tie, your gameweek total is compared against your opponent’s gameweek total. The manager who scores the most fantasy points over that gameweek progresses to the next round.

If the scores are level, then the manager with the highest gameweek rank will go through. This acts as the tie-breaker when managers are tied on points.

For example:

Manager 1 score: 65 points
Manager 2 score: 65 points

Manager 1 gameweek rank: 2,543rd
Manager 2 gameweek rank: 5,972nd

In this scenario, Manager 1 goes through with the higher gameweek rank.

All other factors like overall rank, transfers, chips used, team value are irrelevant in the cup. The only thing that matters is your gameweek score compared to your opponent’s score.

What happens if I don’t set my team for a cup match?

You must set your team by the gameweek deadline to participate in a cup match. If you fail to do so, it counts as forfeiting the tie.

Your opponent will automatically progress to the next round regardless of how their team performs in that gameweek.

It is critical that you remember to confirm transfers and set your starting XI and captain in preparation. If you have made no changes to your team, you must still click the ‘Save Team’ button before the deadline.

Can I use chips in the cup?

Yes, you can use chips such as Triple Captain, Bench Boost and Free Hit in the cup matches. This adds an extra element of strategy to give you an advantage over your opponent.

The most popular chip for the cup is Free Hit. By using your Free Hit, you can overhaul your entire squad for one week without any long term consequences. This allows you to build a super squad tailored to the cup fixture.

Some managers hold back chips until the later rounds. If you have multiple chips left for the semi-final and final, you have more options to deploy a tactical advantage over two legs.

What happens if a cup match is postponed?

If one of the gameweeks overlaps with a period of mass postponements, the cup rules are adapted slightly:

– If a manager has 11 eligible starters, the match goes ahead as normal.

– If both managers have less than 11 starters, the match is postponed to the next viable gameweek.

– If only one manager has less than 11 starters, the match also gets postponed.

Postponed matches are rescheduled for the next available gameweek where neither team has a blank or double gameweek. Priority is given to finishing the current round before starting the next round.

What happens if I withdraw from the FPL cup?

Managers are not allowed to voluntarily withdraw from the FPL cup once it has started. Doing so will result in a sanction from the Fantasy Premier League for unsporting behaviour.

If you no longer wish to participate in FPL at all, you can delete your team. This will automatically withdraw you from the cup. However, try to avoid deleting your team where possible as it causes disruption to the schedule.

In exceptional circumstances, such as a family emergency, the FPL moderators may grant a withdrawal request and pass your opponent through to the next round with a bye.

What prizes are on offer in the FPL cup?

The main incentive for participating in the FPL cup is bragging rights over your mini-league rivals and the wider FPL community. Knocking out other talented FPL managers boosts your credibility as a manager.

However, there are also prizes and giveaways on offer:

– Each round winner receives a voucher for the FPL online store. The voucher value increases each round.

– The manager who scores the highest gameweek total in each round wins a small cash prize.

– The cup champion and runner-up receive all-expenses paid trips to the Fantasy Premier League end of season awards gala.

– There is a randomly drawn prize giveaway for managers who set their team each cup round, with signed jerseys and merchandise up for grabs.

How can I track my progress in the FPL cup?

When you log in to the Fantasy Premier League site during the cup competitions, you will see a ‘Cup’ tab on the navigation bar.

Clicking here takes you to a page showing full details of your cup run, including your upcoming fixtures, results, and live league tables.

The web app and mobile app also have a dedicated cup section where you can check your next opponent, tie history and more. Enable push notifications to get reminders before each cup deadline too.

There is a seperate league table tracking the progress of all remaining managers in the cup. You can see who the potential challengers are in your region as the tournament progresses.

Does the cup winner win Fantasy Premier League overall?

The FPL cup winner is not necessarily the same person who finishes top of the Fantasy Premier League overall rankings. They are separate competitions running concurrently.

It is possible for a manager to win the cup and place poorly in the overall game or vice versa. This is because success in the cup is based on beating your opponent in a one-off tie, rather than sustained consistency over a whole season.

The cup requires a specific skillset and strategy tailored to two-legged knockout matches. The overall FPL champion has shown their quality across 38 gameweeks.

On a few occasions, a manager has completed the prestigious cup and league double. But it is extremely rare due to the contrasting formats.

Why is the FPL cup worth entering?

Here are some of the main reasons to get involved with the Fantasy Premier League cup:

– Gives you an additional competition to target separate from your mini-league and overall rank.

– Tests your skill at picking a squad tailored to a specific opponent.

– Chance to win prizes not available in the normal game.

– Pit your wits against other talented managers.

– Experience the excitement of cup football with playoffs, two-legged ties and knockout rounds.

– Opportunity to meet other FPL fanatics at in-person events.

– Winning earns you nationwide bragging rights and credibility as an FPL manager.

While the regular Fantasy Premier League game rewards long-term consistency, the cup is ideal for managers who enjoy tinkering for one-off matches. The unpredictability and sudden death format adds drama and bragging rights to the season.


The FPL cup adds an exciting new element alongside the traditional fantasy football competition. It puts your strategic planning and decision making up against a direct opponent in a battlefield scenario.

Success requires adapting your normal style to thrive in the unique dynamics of the cup. There is more emphasis on maximising your points potential in individual gameweeks to win your ties.

If you enjoy the tactical battle and mental mind-games involved in knockout football, the FPL cup provides the perfect stage. The chance to test yourself against rival managers in a high pressure environment offers a new incentive along with the usual season-long marathon.

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