How do you store a Rolex when not wearing?

A Rolex watch is a luxury timepiece that requires proper care and storage when not being worn. How you store your Rolex depends on the model, its materials, and how often you plan to wear it. Follow these tips to keep your Rolex in excellent condition whether you wear it daily or just on special occasions.

Should You Wind a Rolex That Is Not Being Worn?

Rolex watches are self-winding mechanical movements, meaning the natural motion of your wrist winds the mainspring when wearing it. If storing your Rolex for a prolonged period, you’ll need to wind it manually about once per month to keep the lubricants distributed. Turn the crown about 25 times clockwise to wind it partially without overtightening the mainspring.

How to Wind a Rolex

  • Turn the crown clockwise gently until you feel resistance
  • Wind the crown about 25 times only
  • Wind once per month if not wearing daily

What Is the Best Way to Store a Rolex Box and Papers?

Keep the original Rolex box, manuals, warranty card, and any paperwork in a safe, dry place. The box provides optimal storage conditions. If you don’t have the box, wrap the watch in a soft cloth inside a drawer or jewelry case.

Rolex Box Storage Tips

  • Keep box in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
  • Do not place heavy objects on top of box
  • Store warranty card and manuals neatly inside box

Should You Keep or Reset the Date and Time if Not Wearing the Watch?

Always keep the date and time correctly set on an automatic mechanical Rolex, even when storing it. Letting the date and time run out of sync can damage the movement. If storing for over a week, periodically reset the date and time as needed.

Keeping Proper Date and Time

  • Do not let date change at midnight when not wearing
  • Reset date and time if storing longer than 1 week
  • Moving hands counterclockwise can damage movement

What Are the Best Storage Conditions for a Rolex?

Rolex watches should be stored in a dry, dust-free environment away from major temperature fluctuations and direct sunlight. Ideal conditions are approximately 68°F (20°C) and 40-50% relative humidity. Avoid exposing your Rolex to high heat, cold, or moisture.

Ideal Rolex Storage Environment

  • Temperature: Approximately 68°F / 20°C
  • Humidity: 40-50% relative humidity
  • Avoid direct sunlight, high heat, cold, and moisture

How Should You Position a Rolex for Storage?

A Rolex should be positioned dial up when storing it. Laying it dial down can allow dust and debris to settle on the crystal and hands. For very long term storage, it is recommended to gently place the watch on its side to take tension off the mainspring.

Rolex Watch Storage Orientation

  • Short term (up to 1 month): Dial up
  • Long term (>1 month): Gently on its side
  • Never dial down to avoid dust on crystal

Should You Store a Rolex With the Crown Screwed Down?

Always screw the crown down tightly before storing your Rolex to prevent accidental adjustment of the hands and date mechanism. This keeps moisture and dust out and ensures the crown does not pop open by accident.

Storing Rolex Crown Position

  • Always screw crown down completely
  • Prevents accidental adjustment of hands
  • Keeps out dust and moisture

Is It Okay to Store a Rolex on a Watch Winder?

Modern Rolex watches are designed to be self-winding from wrist motion and do not require a winder. Continuous winding on a winder can cause unnecessary wear. Use a winder only if wearing the watch infrequently, such as less than once per month.

Rolex Watch Winders

  • Only use if wearing less than once per month
  • Not required for daily or weekly wear
  • Excess winding can cause unnecessary wear

Should You Continue to Wear Other Jewelry When Storing a Rolex?

Take off any bracelets, rings, or other jewelry before storing your Rolex to prevent accidental scratching of the case and bracelet. Even minor scratches can negatively impact resale value. Store your Rolex separately from other watches and jewelry.

Storing Rolex Separately

  • Remove all jewelry and watches before storage
  • Store Rolex separately in box or watch case
  • Prevents scratching on case and bracelet

How Should You Clean a Rolex Before Storage?

Gently clean your Rolex before storage using a soft toothbrush and warm soapy water to remove any dirt, debris, or body oils from the band and case. Dry completely with a soft cloth. Avoid using chemicals, solvents, or abrasives that could damage the finish.

Cleaning Rolex Before Storage

  • Use soft toothbrush and mild soap and water
  • Dry completely with soft cloth
  • Avoid chemicals, solvents, abrasives

Should You Have Rolex Service a Watch Before Long Term Storage?

It’s a good idea to have Rolex officially service your watch before long term storage or if it has been 3-5 years since the last service. This ensures it is running properly, has fresh oils, and is monitored for any potential issues before storage.

Servicing Rolex Prior to Storage

  • Service if longer than 3-5 years since last service
  • Ensures watch is running properly before storage
  • Fresh oils and gaskets prevent drying out

What Are the Best Places to Store a Rolex Safely?

The optimal places to safely store your Rolex are in a home safe, bank safe deposit box, or professional storage facility with controlled temperature and humidity. Never leave a Rolex out on a nightstand or dresser long term. Keep it hidden from view.

Safe Rolex Storage Locations

  • Home or bank safe
  • Safe deposit box
  • Professional storage facility
  • Never leave out visible

Should You Have Your Homeowner’s Insurance Appraise Your Rolex?

It’s smart to have your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance company appraise anddocument the current value of your Rolex in writing, preferably with photos. This proves ownership and provides documentation for insurance claims if the watch is damaged, lost, or stolen.

Insuring Your Rolex

  • Provide appraisal and photos to insurance provider
  • Documents current value for claims
  • May require rider or separate policy

Where Should You Not Store Your Rolex Long Term?

Avoid storing your Rolex anywhere with extreme temperatures, humidity, or direct sunlight such as an attic, basement, garage, or shed. Also refrain from leaving it in a gym locker, rental storage unit, or anywhere else unattended. Only keep it where you or trusted family can monitor it.

Where Not to Store a Rolex

  • Attic, basement, garage, shed
  • Storage rental unit
  • Gym locker or anywhere unattended
  • Avoid extreme heat, cold, moisture

Should You Take Extra Precautions When Traveling With a Rolex?

Take extra precautions if bringing your Rolex on a trip. Keep it concealed under sleeves or in a pocket rather than flaunting it publicly. Consider using a travel case or pocket watch wallet. Do not leave it in your checked luggage – only carry-on. Keep it locked in the hotel safe when not on your wrist.

Traveling With a Rolex

  • Keep concealed, do not flaunt it
  • Use travel case or wallet
  • Never check it – carry-on only
  • Use hotel safe when not wearing

How Frequently Should You Wear Your Rolex to Keep It Working Properly?

Rolex watches are designed to run accurately when worn daily. The recommended minimum frequency is at least a few hours every 2-4 weeks to keep the lubricants distributed. If worn infrequently, the watch may need more frequent manual winding and timekeeping adjustments.

Rolex Movement Requirements

  • Designed to be worn daily
  • Minimum wear every 2-4 weeks
  • May need more winding and adjustment if infrequent wear

Should You Take Your Rolex Off Before Physical Activities?

Strenuous physical activities can put extra stress and vibration on your Rolex and increase the risk of shock damage. It’s best to gently remove your Rolex and store it safely before activities like sports, yardwork, exercising, playing with kids, or performing manual labor.

Protecting Rolex During Activities

  • Remove Rolex before strenuous activity
  • Avoid damage from shock and vibration
  • Includes sports, yardwork, exercise, playing, manual labor

Does Rolex Recommend Any Special Storage Products?

Rolex does not endorse or recommend any unauthorized third-party watch storage products. Only use original Rolex boxes, pouches, travel cases, and marketing displays designed specifically for their watches. See an official Rolex jeweler for Rolex storage accessories.

Rolex Storage Accessories

  • Use only original Rolex boxes and cases
  • Avoid third-party products
  • See Rolex jeweler for official accessories


Storing your Rolex properly when you are not wearing it ensures it remains in flawless condition and retains its value. Be sure to keep it wound monthly, set the date and time accurately, and store it dial up in a safe place free from dust, debris, and moisture. Taking care to clean and service your Rolex before extended storage allows it to be preserved in pristine condition. With proper care and handling, your Rolex will withstand the test of time and provide generations of enjoyment.

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