How do you store a lot of Squishmallows?

Squishmallows have become incredibly popular stuffed animals over the past few years. With their soft, squishy texture and cute designs, it’s no wonder so many people have started collecting them! However, when your Squishmallow collection starts growing, storage can become an issue. Here are some tips on the best ways to store a large Squishmallow collection.

1. Use Bins and Baskets

One of the most common and affordable ways to store Squishmallows is in bins and baskets. Look for bins and baskets in different sizes that can neatly contain your Squishmallows. Tiered baskets that stack are great for displaying your collection while keeping it organized. Clear plastic bins are helpful for easily seeing everything inside. Store your Squishmallows in bins based on size or theme to keep things tidy.

Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets provide a breathable and stylish storage option. They come in many sizes, allowing you to pick baskets tailored to your Squishmallow collection. A benefit of wicker baskets is they allow air to circulate, preventing mildew or musty smells from developing.

Plastic Bins

Plastic bins are available in loads of sizes, configurations, and colors. Opt for bins with lids to prevent your Squishmallows from getting dusty. Clear bins let you instantly see what’s inside. Plastic bins are also easy to wipe down if they get dirty.

Fabric Bins

Soft, collapsible fabric bins are a cozy place to store your Squishmallows. They make your collection easy to transport and come in fun, bright patterns. Just be aware that fabric bins don’t offer the same protection as more rigid containers.

2. Use Shelving

Installing shelving units is an excellent way to neatly display your Squishmallow stash. You can find shelving in many configurations, shapes, and sizes. Floating wall shelves and cube organizers are two great options for showcasing your most prized Squishmallows.

Wall Shelves

Wall-mounted floating shelves let you creatively arrange and highlight your Squishmallows. Stagger stacked shelves in different configurations to add visual interest. Make sure shelves are securely anchored for safety. Only display small and medium-sized Squishmallows to prevent shelves from bowing under excess weight.

Cube Organizers

Cube organizers provide compartmentalized storage for wrangling even huge Squishmallow collections. Adjustable wire cube organizers can expand as your collection grows. They provide a simple backdrop for evenly displaying Squishmallows. For a more cohesive look, opt for cube organizers with woven baskets or bins in each cubby.

3. Use Storage Ottomans

Storage ottomans are a smart, multifunctional way to conceal your Squishmallows. Look for spacious storage ottomans that can accommodate the size of your collection. Square, rectangular, and nesting ottomans generally offer ample storage space. Top your ottoman with a cozy cushion to create extra seating when needed.

Nesting Ottomans

Nesting ottomans are a great space-saving option, providing hidden storage. Individual ottoman cubes slide neatly together when not in use. Separate them to access your Squishmallows. Nesting ottomans come in all shapes and sizes to suit your space.

Lift-Top Ottomans

Look for lift-top ottomans if you want quick and easy access to your Squishmallows. The hinged lid simply lifts up so you can reach inside. Lift-top ottomans also work well for adding concealed storage to living rooms.

4. Repurpose Furniture

Give existing furniture new life by repurposing it as Squishmallow storage. An old dresser or bookcase can easily be converted into a dedicated display area. Just make sure the furniture is sturdy enough to safely hold your Squishmallows.


Bookcases have shelves perfect for showing off Squishmallows. Place your biggest Squishmallows on lower shelves and smaller ones up top. If needed, adjust shelves to accommodate larger sizes. For an eclectic look, mix and match bookcases with different shelf configurations.


Dresser drawers provide compartmentalized spaces ideal for organizing by Squishmallow size, theme, or color. Use bottom drawers for your biggest plushes. Top drawers can hold smaller Squishmallows, accessories, and care items. A dresser gives you concealed storage with the option to leave some drawers open for display.

5. Use Closet Storage

That empty closet space is prime real estate for neatly stashing your Squishmallow horde. Install shelves or a clothing rod at heights that maximize the storage potential. Built-in closets with adjustable shelves also work wonderfully.

Closet Shelving

Take advantage of vertical space by installing shelves in closet interiors. Adjust shelves to fit Squishmallows of all sizes. Maximize space between shelves to allow room for your tallest Squishmalls. Consider incorporating cubbies or bins for better organization.

Hanging Storage

Hang fabric cubbies, shoe organizers, or other storage accessories on a closet rod to double your storage space. Use hanging storage for your smaller and medium-sized Squishmallows. Just ensure any hanging organizers are securely mounted and not overloaded.

6. Under Bed Storage

The ample space under your bed can become an ideal Squishmallow hideaway. All you need are a few mobile bins or boxes that can easily slide in and out when needed. This utilizes hidden real estate you may not even think about!

Under Bed Bins

Plastic underbed bins on wheels make accessing your Squishmallow stash a breeze. Look for bins designed specifically to fit under standard bed heights. Bins keep your Squishmallows tidy and protected from dust and dirt.

Slide-Out Drawers

Under-bed drawers provide organized storage that slides in and out for quick access. Some even have compartmentalized sections to separate your Squishmallows by size or theme. With slide-out drawers, gone are the days of crawling under your bed to dig out plushies!

7. Use Vacuum Storage Bags

For serious Squishmallow collectors with space issues, vacuum storage bags are a miracle solution. These oversized bags significantly compress your Squishmallows using your vacuum hose. This allows you to store 2-3 times as many Squishmallows in the same amount of space!

Space-Saving Design

Vacuum storage bags utilize durable, air-tight plastic that compresses stuffed animals down to a fraction of their normal size. Simply place Squishmallows inside, attach your vacuum, and suck out the air to compress.

Organized Storage

Group Squishmallows by size or theme in labeled vacuum bags for organized, space-efficient storage. Write labels directly on the bag or use removable stickers. Vacuum bags keep your collection clean and protected.

8. Designate a Squishmallow Room

For the ultimate Squishmallow purist, convert an entire spare room or basement area into a Squishmallow haven. You’ll have all the space you need to neatly display your epic collection. Make sure to incorporate plenty of bins, baskets, and shelving for organized storage.

Display Options

A dedicated Squishmallow room allows you to get creative with displaying your plush pals. Incorporate shelves, bookcases, and storage cubes. Hang net hammocks or wall shelving for elevated storage. Place baskets and bins anywhere space allows.

Keep It Organized

To avoid a cluttered look in your Squishmallow room, incorporate labeled boxes, bins, or shelving to keep things neat. Organize by size, color, theme, or season. Having a room just for your collection makes it easy to rotate plushies in and out of storage.

9. Store Seasonally

If space is extra tight, consider storing part of your Squishmallow collection seasonally. Keep out Squishmallows that match the current season or holiday, boxing up the rest. Swap them when the season changes for a refreshed look.

Holiday Squishmallows

Holiday-themed Squishmallows only need to be displayed during their associated season. For example, store Halloween and Christmas plushies for most of the year, bringing them out when the holidays draw near.

Seasonal Squishmallows

Squishmallows designed with seasonal motifs like spring flowers or autumn leaves can be cycled in and out as the seasons change. This gives you a reason to continuously refresh your displayed collection.

10. Regularly Clean and Care for Your Collection

No matter how you store your Squishmallows, proper cleaning is key to keeping them looking their best. Set a reminder to regularly launder Squishmallow covers and spot clean as needed.


Refer to your Squishmallow’s tag for specific washing instructions. Most covers can be machine washed on a cold, gentle cycle. Air dry fully before returning to storage. For delicate covers, opt for hand washing.

Spot Cleaning

In between full washes, spot clean dirty or stained areas using a small amount of gentle laundry detergent and a damp cloth. Take care not to over-wet the stuffing inside when spot cleaning.

Storage Method Pros Cons
Bins and Baskets – Affordable
– Easy to access
– Variety of sizes
– Can look messy if disorganized
– Offer less protection from dust
Shelving Units – Displays collection
– Customizable configurations
– Keeps plushies tidy
– Can take up floor space
– Weight limitations on shelves
Storage Ottomans – Multifunctional
– Concealed storage
– Provides seating
– Limited capacity
– Access less convenient
Repurposed Furniture – Customized to space
– Utitlizes old furniture
– Separated storage areas
– Weight restrictions
– May require modifications
Closet Storage – Uses underutilized space
– Keeps collection dust-free
– Integrated shelving options
– Inconvenient access
– Limited capacity
Under Bed Storage – Maximizes hidden space
– Wheeled bins easy to access
– Keeps plushies safe from dust
– Low ceilings limit options
– Can be awkward to arrange
Vacuum Storage Bags – Extremely space-efficient
– Compressed storage
– Contents protected
– Requires vacuum to use
– Bags can tear
Designated Room – Unlimited display capability
– Customized to your needs
– Complete organization control
– Requires spare room
– Not space-efficient
Seasonal Storage – Rotates collection
– Keeps displays fresh
– Saves space
– Requires swapping toys in/out
– Limits access to full collection


With a wide range of storage solutions to choose from, you can find options to suit both your space constraints and organizational style. Bins, baskets, shelving units, ottomans, repurposed furniture, closet storage, under bed containers, vacuum bags, a devoted plush room, and seasonal rotation are all great choices. Just be sure to regularly clean Squishmallows in storage to keep them fluffy and huggable. With a little trial and error, you can find a storage method to neatly and compactly house even the biggest Squishmallow collection!

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