How do you secure wrapping paper rolls?

Why is it important to secure wrapping paper rolls?

Securing wrapping paper rolls is an important step to keep them from unraveling and making a mess. Unsecured rolls of wrapping paper can easily come undone from their cardboard cores, leaving you with a pile of wrinkled and crumpled paper. Taking the time to properly secure rolls of gift wrap will keep them neat, tidy and ready to use for wrapping presents.

Quick tips for securing wrapping paper:

  • Use rubber bands – Wrap a rubber band around each end of the roll to hold it in place.
  • Tape ends down – Place a small piece of tape over the ends of the paper to seal it to the cardboard core.
  • Store upright – Stand rolls upright and lean against a wall or place in a gift wrap organizer.
  • Use paper clamps – Paper clamps can secure the ends of the paper roll tightly.
  • Store in plastic – Slide rolls into plastic bags or wrap in plastic wrap to keep protected.

Taking just a minute to properly secure each roll of wrapping paper as soon as you bring it home will save hassle and frustration. Rolls that are tightly secured will be much easier to work with when it’s time to wrap all those holiday gifts.

What are the best materials for securing wrapping paper?

There are a variety of handy materials around the house that can be used to neatly secure gift wrapping paper rolls:

Rubber Bands – Small rubber bands or hair ties are perfect for wrapping around each end of a paper roll to hold it in place. The rubber grips the paper and keeps the roll from unwinding.

Masking Tape – A short piece of masking tape sealed over each end of the roll will help keep it securely fastened. The tape adhesively sticks to the paper and core to prevent unraveling.

Paper Clamps – Specialty paper clamps are designed to tightly clamp down on each side of the paper roll to hold it together. The metal teeth grip the paper securely.

Twine/String – Twisting a short length of twine, string or ribbon around each end of the roll will tie it closed to prevent unwinding.

Plastic Wrap – Wrapping paper rolls stored in a sheet of plastic wrap or a plastic bag will keep rolls contained in a tidy wrap.

Cardboard/Paper Tubes – Leftover tubes from wrapping paper, aluminum foil or plastic wrap can be used on each end to secure gift wrap rolls.

Using materials already on hand is an easy and effective way to keep gift wrap rolls from unraveling before use.

What are some ways to store secured wrapping paper rolls?

Once rolls of wrapping paper are properly secured, there are efficient ways to store them for wrinkle-free access later:

Upright – Stand secured rolls upright leaning against a wall, in a closet corner or inside a bookcase. This keeps them contained and prevents rolls from unwinding.

Bin Storage – Place smaller secured rolls standing upright in bins, boxes or decorative baskets to corral them in one spot.

Hooks – Hang rolls securely from hooks on the wall or over cabinet doors to store out of the way.

Shelving – Display secured rolls neatly on closet shelves, bookcases or utility shelving units.

Wrap Organizers – Specialty gift wrap organizers have slots or tubes to neatly stand each roll upright and organized.

Under Bed – Slide secured gift wrap rolls under the bed to keep them dust-free and out of sight but easy to grab when needed.

Garage Storage – Secured wrapping paper can be stored protected from dirt and moisture in plastic bins in the garage.

Taking the time to properly store secured rolls of gift wrap will keep them organized and prevent them from unraveling, wrinkling or tearing before their festive wrapping debut.

What tools can make securing wrapping paper easier?

Having the right tools on hand can simplify the task of securing gift wrap and keeping it tidy:

Dispenser – Tabletop dispensers neatly hold, cut and dispense gift wrap without the rolls unraveling.

Storage Chest – Wrapping paper storage chests have built-in dividers and tubes to organize each roll.

Core Extenders – These small plastic discs slide onto the ends of paper rolls to help keep them from telescoping off the core.

Washi Tape – Decorative washi tape comes in fun prints and can replace plain tape for securing paper ends.

Roll Holder – Wall-mounted roll holders allow you to tear off paper hands-free without the rolls unwinding.

Electric Slicer – Electric wrap dispensers neatly store and cut wrapping paper to desired lengths.

Gift Wrap Caddy – Portable plastic caddies can hold wrapping paper, tape, scissors and other supplies for easy access.

Investing in a few useful gift wrap tools can make the process of securing and storing paper quick and easy. The right dispensers, storage options and roll securing products can save time and frustration.

How does properly secured wrapping paper make wrapping gifts easier?

Taking the time to properly secure gift wrap rolls before storage makes a difference when it’s finally time to wrap all those holiday presents:

No Unraveling – Secured rolls won’t come undone while trying to wrap gifts creating a wrinkled messy pile of paper.

Less Waste – Preventing telescoping of paper rolls means no wasted paper from torn unusable ends.

Smooth Surface – Paper stays smooth and flat on a secured roll for nicer gift wrapping results.

Easy to Maneuver – Secured tight rolls are easier to handle and spin while wrapping packages.

Quick Access – Rolls stored upright in organizers or dispensers allow for quick unhindered access.

Portability – Secured rolls that maintain their shape are easy to pick up and move around while wrapping.

Neat Cuts & Tears – The paper tears cleanly off the roll without bunching or jagged edges.

Taking a little time up front to secure gift wrapping paper rolls saves frustration and makes the entire wrapping process easier and more enjoyable from start to finish.


Keeping rolls of wrapping paper securely fastened is an essential holiday preparation task. Properly secured paper will be wrinkle-free and ready to use when it’s time to conceal those presents in festive paper. Rubber bands, tape, paper clamps and other handy household items can easily keep gift wrap rolls from unraveling before their wrapping debut. Storing the secured rolls upright and organized will also prevent damage and keep them accessible. Investing in a few practical gift wrap storage and dispensing tools can further simplify the process. Taking some time up front to properly secure and store wrapping paper rolls makes wrapping gifts a smooth and enjoyable holiday task.

Method Pros Cons
Rubber Bands Readily available, inexpensive, easy to use Can snap or lose elasticity over time
Masking Tape Sticks paper roll in place, widely available Not reusable, can leave sticky residue
Paper Clamps Designed specifically for securing wrap, reusable Not always on hand, can be bulky
Twine/String Natural material, knots to secure Can fray or come untied
Plastic Wrap Contains paper, protects from dust Can rip, not eco-friendly

Tips for securing specialty wrapping papers

Specialty wrapping papers like metallic, glittered and patterned paper can require some extra care when securing:

  • Avoid rubber bands or materials that could press into delicate papers and cause damage.
  • Use short pieces of rolled gift wrap ribbons to tie each end closed.
  • Opt for seamless methods like loose masking tape or washi tape across the roll ends.
  • Wrap tissue paper or plastic wrap around the outside of delicate luxury papers before securing the ends.
  • Store flat in a drawer or box, avoiding pressure from upright storage.
  • Consider investing in a specialty gift wrap organizer with protected paper compartments.

Taking extra steps to carefully secure more delicate or expensive papers will help prevent costly damages.

Creative ways to use excess wrapping paper rolls

Before tossing out the empty cardboard tubes from spent wrapping paper rolls, consider these crafty ways to reuse them:

Gift Wrap Storage – Slide new rolls onto empty tubes to keep organized in drawers or boxes.

Craft Projects – Cut tubes to make rings for napkin holders or decorate for pen holders and vases.

Gift Boxes – Use for bases, supports and pillars to build homemade gift boxes.

Wrapping Paper Holder – Stand empty tubes upright in a container to neatly store partially used rolls.

Gift Tags – Cut tubes into small slices and write gift tags on the round surfaces.

School Supplies – Decorate tubes with stickers, washi tape or paint for kid’s pen holders and pencil pots.

Party Fun – Craft handmade kazoos, megaphones and noise makers from leftover tubes.

Gardening – Use cardboard tubes cut open for biodegradable seed starter pots.

Repurposing the cardboard tubes from used up wrapping paper rolls can be a fun and eco-friendly project for holiday creativity and organization.

Troubleshooting tips for unsecured wrapping paper rolls

Despite best efforts to properly secure gift wrap, rolls sometimes still manage to come undone. Here are some troubleshooting tips to try:

Store Flat – Lay the roll on its side in a flat drawer or bin to prevent further unrolling.

Roll Backward – Gently roll backwards to retighten the paper onto the tube. Avoid tearing if possible.

Weight Down – Place a heavy object on top of the roll to press it down smoothly and keep it from continuing to unroll.

New Adhesive – If tape or clamps have failed, re-secure with fresh heavy-duty tape or strong clamps.

Add Reinforcements – Use rubber bands or ribbon to create an additional seal around easily unsecured ends.

Purchase Dispenser – For very stubborn rolls, a tabletop dispenser can control feeding of the paper.

Last Resort – For hopelessly unsecured paper, consider cutting lengthwise into manageable pieces to work from.

With a little patience and creativity, even the most stubborn unruly wrapping paper rolls can be reined in and restored to a tidy organized state.

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