How do you know if an Aries man loves you?

Determining if the Aries man in your life has feelings for you can be a challenging endeavor. Aries men are known for being independent, dynamic, and ambitious. They often keep their emotions closely guarded. However, with some detective work and observation, there are several signs that can reveal if an Aries man is in love.

He Makes the First Move

As a cardinal fire sign, Aries men are bold and assertive. If an Aries man is interested in you romantically, he will likely make the first move and ask you out. Aries men enjoy the thrill of the chase, so if he sets his sights on capturing your heart, he will pursue you directly. Don’t expect a lot of subtle hints or coyness. An Aries man in love will make his intentions clear from the start.

He Opens Up to You

While Aries men often maintain an outer persona of strength and independence, underneath lies a sensitive soul. An Aries man who is in love will feel comfortable opening up to you emotionally. He will share secrets, hopes, fears, and dreams that he keeps concealed from most people. By allowing himself to be vulnerable around you, an Aries man shows that he trusts and feels emotionally intimate with you.

He Goes Out of His Way for You

Ruled by energetic Mars, Aries men are always on the go and focused on their own projects and interests. However, an Aries man in love is willing to interrupt his busy schedule to help you out or spend time with you. He’ll go out of his way to be there for you, take care of you when you’re sick, and make sure your car is serviced before a long road trip. His selfless gestures and desire to protect and provide for you reveal his heartfelt devotion.

He Gets Jealous

Fiery Aries men are prone to jealousy when they set their sights on someone. If your Aries crush gets angry, possessive, or moody when you spend time with male friends, it’s often a clear sign he has fallen for you. While some jealousy is unhealthy, a little bit can actually be an indicator of passion. Just don’t let him take it too far! A small dose of envy shows he can’t stand the thought of losing you.

He Talks About the Future

Carpe diem Aries men tend to live in the moment rather than plan far ahead. However, when picturing the future with you, the Aries man in love is excited at the prospect of someday sharing a home, having kids, and growing old together. He may talk about future vacations, meeting each other’s families, or how he envisions the years ahead. These discussions indicate he is very invested in being with you long-term.

He Misses You

Independent Aries men often enjoy spending time alone and rarely get attached quickly. But an Aries man falling in love thinks about you all the time when you’re apart. He’ll call or text you just to say hi and let you know he misses you. If he can’t stop daydreaming about your next date and counts down the hours until he sees you again, it means he’s caught the love bug.

He Gets Protective

When it comes to love, Aries men can be sentimental softies under their bold exterior. If he’s developed feelings for you, he’ll start to act protective and defend you from harm. For example, he’ll offer you a ride home so you don’t walk alone at night. Or he’ll hold your hand securely when walking through a crowd. His primal instinct to safeguard you and keep you from danger is very telling of his heart.

He Remembers the Details

Aries men are often accused of being self-involved. But when one is falling for you, your happiness and needs will be his priority. He’ll remember your favorite flower, favorite song, and favorite restaurant. And he’ll take mental notes about the highlights and challenges of your day. His laser sharp memory when it comes to you shows how special you are to him.

He Includes You

Independent Aries men tend to have a wide circle of casual acquaintances, but only let a select few into their inner domain. When he brings you into his inner circle and includes you in activities with his closest friends or family, it signals he trusts you completely and wants you to become an important part of his life. You know an Aries man loves you when he weaves you into the fabric of his world.

He Surprises You

Aries men crave excitement and embrace spontaneity. When you have an Aries smitten, get ready for impromptu adventures. He may show up unexpectedly outside your office window in the middle of the day whisking you away for an exotic lunch date. Or he’ll bring you on a weekend getaway with no notice, just because he wants to be impulsive and create moments to remember. His spur-of-the-moment surprises add thrill and romance to the relationship.

He Likes All Your Quirks

We all have small quirks and flaws that can annoy others over time. But an Aries man in love finds all your idiosyncrasies endearing. Whether you sing out loud with the radio or forget where you left your keys daily, he doesn’t get irritated. Instead, he’ll just chuckle and remind you where your keys are. To him, your quirks are part of what makes you unique and lovable.

He’ll Fix Things for You

Handy Aries men love figuring out how to build and repair things. When he’s falling for you, that DIY spirit will translate into taking care of your stuff. Is a shelf broken? He’ll replace it. Needs the lawn mowed? He’s on it. Car making weird noises? He’ll pop open the hood and diagnose the problem. His desire and pride in being able to fix things for you shows his dedication and service-oriented love.

He Encourages You to Pursue Your Dreams

Supportive Aries men believe in cheering on their partners. They want the person they love to achieve her highest potential. He’ll encourage you to apply for that dream job across the country or finally write the novel you’ve been talking about for years. Even if your hopes don’t directly benefit him, he’ll be your biggest advocate because making you happy is his top priority.

He Talks About the Importance of Trust

Trust and honesty are paramount values to the Aries man. If he emphasizes how important it is that couples trust each other fully, it’s a hint about his deeper feelings for you. He envisions developing a profound bond with you built on loyalty and openness. Discussing this sensitive subject proves he’s ready for an exclusive and committed relationship.

He’ll Compromise

Aries men are notoriously stubborn. They strongly dislike being told what to do. But once an Aries man falls in love, he’ll surprisingly start to compromise because your happiness becomes very meaningful to him. For instance, if you really want to go bowling but he hates it, he’ll begrudgingly tag along just to make you smile. His willingness to meet you halfway is a definite reflection of his devotion.

He Gets Sentimental

While arguments and discord can occur in any relationship, he takes conflicts with you very seriously. The Aries man in love will get emotional thinking about the prospect of losing you or causing you pain. After a fight he’ll immediately work hard to make amends, bring you small gifts, and reaffirm his unwavering affection. Underneath his proud exterior lies a tender heart.

He Discusses the Future

The forward-thinking Aries man has visions and goals for his own future. When he pictures you in that future as well, it’s a telltale sign you hold a special spot in his heart. He may talk with you about dreams like starting a family, buying a home together one day, or even where he’d like to retire with you by his side. These conversations show he envisions a long life with you.

He Wants to Merge Friend Groups

Early in a relationship, Aries men often keep their lover separate from the rest of their social life. But when one starts falling, he’ll actively try to merge your friend groups into one cohesive whole. Planning guys’ night and girls’ night mashups, group camping trips, and hosting joint dinner parties allows him to integrate you fully into his world. He wants his closest companions to love you as much as he does.

He Drops Subtle Hints about the Future

An Aries man won’t come right out and define the relationship if he’s not ready. But you may notice him dropping little hints about the future that reveal he sees long-term potential. Offhand comments like, “This recipe would be great for the kids, one day” or “When we finally get a place together, I definitely want a man cave” show he imagines keeping you around for good.


Figuring out if the special Aries man in your life shares your feelings can be confusing. But paying attention to the signs he displays can provide the answers you seek. When an Aries man falls in love, he will pursue you ardently, open up emotionally, get protective and jealous, remember every detail about you, include you in his sacred inner circle, surprise you with romance, cheer you on, and envision a beautiful future together. While every relationship develops on its own timeline, noticing these indicators can reveal if his heart belongs to you. With some patience and observation, before long you’ll know without a doubt that your Aries man is head over heels.

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