How do you draw a simple smoothie?

Drawing a simple smoothie can be a fun and easy way to practice your art skills. In just a few simple steps, you can sketch a colorful blended beverage in a clear glass. All you need is a pencil and paper to get started.

In this article, we’ll walk through a step-by-step process for drawing a basic smoothie. We’ll cover the supplies you need, techniques for sketching different smoothie elements like fruit and ice cubes, shading tips, and how to make your smoothie drawing pop off the page.

With a little practice, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to create tasty-looking smoothie art! So grab a pencil and let’s get blending.

What Supplies Do You Need to Draw a Smoothie?

One of the best things about drawing smoothies is that you don’t need any fancy art supplies to get started. Here are the basics you’ll need:

– Paper – Plain white printer paper works fine, but you can also use sketchbook paper, cardstock, or mixed media paper. The thickness and texture is up to you.

– Pencil – You can use any standard writing pencil ranging from 2B up to 4H. Softer pencils like 2B will produce darker lines while H pencils make lighter lines.

– Eraser – Having a good eraser on hand allows you to easily fix any mistakes and adjust your smoothie drawing as needed.

– Optional: Colored pencils, markers, or crayons can be used to add pops of color or dimension to your smoothie drawing. But you can definitely just use a regular pencil if you prefer black and white.

The great thing about basic art supplies like these is that they are very affordable and easy to find. And it gives you the ability to create smoothie art anywhere – whether sitting at a desk or on the go. Now let’s get into the technique!

How to Draw a Smoothie Glass

Let’s start our smoothie drawing by mapping out the glass. Here are some tips:

– Use light, basic shapes – Draw an oval for the cup portion and a rectangle for the bottom of the glass. Sketch lightly so you can adjust the shapes as needed.

– Add the rim – Draw a slightly wider oval around the top opening of the glass to create the rim. Erase overlap.

– Refine the shape – Once you have the basic shapes down, darken the lines and refine the glass outline. The cup should be narrow at the bottom and wider at the top.

– Consider perspective – Draw the opening of the glass slightly angled up to show perspective. This makes it appear 3D.

– Draw through the glass – Sketch a second outline inside the glass to delineate the interior and make it look see-through.

Getting the glass shape right provides a great foundation for building the rest of your smoothie drawing. Take your time here to ensure proper proportions before moving on.

How to Draw Smoothie Ingredients

Now it’s time for the fun part – filling up your smoothie glass! Consider which fruits, vegetables, and other add-ins you want to include. Here are some tips for drawing different smoothie ingredients:


– Berries – Use small circles or oval shapes. Draw in seeds or stems for added detail. Cluster them together.

– Banana – Draw a curved elongated oval for the banana shape. Add a stem and cross-hatching for texture.

– Mango – Create wavy oval slices. Include a large pit shape in the center with lined texture around it.

– Pineapple – Sketch spiky pineapple rounds. Add a cross-hatched pattern.

Greens & Veggies

– Kale – Draw ruffled leaf shapes. Add a center vein and uneven leaf edges.

– Spinach – Create small, smooth oval leaves. Group them together.

– Celery – Use long straight lines for the stalks. Add cross-hatching.

– Carrot – Sketch long tapered ovals for sliced carrots.


– Yogurt – Draw blobs and drips to show yogurt swirled into the smoothie.

– Oats – Create small, uneven ovals to show oats sprinkled on top.

– Chia seeds – Use tiny dots to illustrate chia seeds.

– Ice cubes – Draw small circles or squares to depict chilled ice cubes.

Mix and match different ingredients to create your ideal smoothie flavor combination. Arrange them unevenly throughout the glass.

How to Shade a Smoothie Drawing

Shading is an important technique for making your smoothie drawing look more realistic. Here are some tips:

– Shade the glass – Use light side strokes to shade one side of the glass. This creates dimension to show how light hits the curved surface.

– Deepen ingredient shadows – Draw shadows beneath each ingredient to ground them in the glass. Darken already shaded areas.

– Shade overlaps – Where ingredients overlap, use shading to push the top items forward and sink lower items back.

– Lighten highlights – Erase shine marks along the upper ridges of ingredients to make them appear rounded and lifelike.

– Reflect items in glass – Lightly sketch inverted ingredient reflections inside the bottom of the glass.

– Shade background – If including a background, use shading to push the glass forward and make it stand out.

Take your time when shading. Build it up slowly in layers for a natural look. The shading process can really make your smoothie drawing pop off the page!

How to Make Colors Pop

Once complete, consider adding color to your finished smoothie drawing:

– Lightly color in ingredients – Use corresponding colors and varying pressure to tint each ingredient its natural hue.

– Deepen shadows – Go over shaded areas with darker shades of gray or colors for extra dimension.

– Add glass effects – Use light blue, green, or purple to tint the glass. Add white for fizz, foam, or condensation.

– Splatter paint – Lightly splatter other colors around the page for a fun, textured look.

– Outline ingredients – Darkly outline each ingredient against the glass for definition.

– Color the background – Fill in the background around the smoothie with colors like yellow or orange.

The color possibilities are endless for smoothies. Get creative and use different color palettes to set the right mood. The options make it fun to create different smoothie drawings.

Smoothie Drawing Inspiration

Stuck on what kinds of smoothies to draw? Here are some fun, delicious combinations to inspire your creativity:

Tropical Smoothie

Mango, pineapple, banana, coconut milk, lime

Green Machine Smoothie

Spinach, kale, mango, banana, ginger, lime juice, honey

Berry Blast Smoothie

Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, Greek yogurt, almond milk

PB & J Smoothie

Banana, peanut butter, strawberries, Greek yogurt, milk

Carrot Cake Smoothie

Carrots, pineapple, bananas, walnuts, cinnamon, vanilla Greek yogurt

Chocolate Cherry Smoothie

Cherries, cacao powder, chocolate protein powder, almond milk, chia seeds

Mix and match your favorite ingredients to create a custom smoothie drawing. Let your creativity guide you!

Tips for Smoothie Drawing Success

Follow these tips to help ensure smoothie drawing success:

– Lightly sketch shapes first and darken lines later

– Study smoothie reference photos for inspiration

– Draw basic shapes like circles, ovals and lines to outline ingredients

– Overlap ingredients to show depth

– Use shading and highlights to create realism and dimension

– Splatter and blend colors for fun, colorful results

– Don’t worry about perfection – quirky drawings have charm!

– Practice your smoothie art skills with different color schemes

– Add fun garnishes and accessories like straws or mixer sticks

– Get creative with glass shapes – use glasses, mugs, jars or bowls

– Draw backgrounds like tables or countertops for added context

The more smoothies you draw, the more your skills will improve! Don’t be afraid to experiment and find your own artistic style.

Smoothie Drawing Techniques to Try

Once you’ve mastered the basics, try out these fun techniques to take your smoothie drawings to the next level:

Splatter Painting

Use an old toothbrush or brush to splatter drops of paint onto your smoothie drawing for added texture and dimension. Mix colors on a palette before splattering for a rainbow effect.


Cut out photos of fruit or textures from magazines and collage them onto your smoothie drawing to incorporate fun mixed media elements.

Glitter or Sand

Use glitter glue or sprinkle glitter or sand over your drawing while wet to integrate shiny or sandy textures. Let dry fully before brushing off excess.

Gel Pens

Outline ingredients or add details with metallic, neon, or glitter gel pens to make elements pop. Gel pens come in endless bright colors and effects.


Use watercolor paints to add a fun, fluid look to your smoothies. Let the colors bleed and blend for a colorful, whimsical style.

Get creative and come up with your own innovative techniques too! The possibilities are endless when you’re drawing imaginary smoothie creations.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some common mistakes to watch out for when drawing smoothies:

– Forgetting to draw the inside of the glass – Don’t forget to sketch a second outline so the contents don’t look floating.

– Making ingredients too small – Size up pieces so they look substantial enough to fill a smoothie.

– Skipping the shadows – Shading is crucial for making the drawing appear three-dimensional.

– Messy color – Avoid careless scribbles. Take time coloring neatly inside the lines.

– Weird proportions – Make sure glass and ingredients look proportional or it will seem off.

– Forgetting the overlap – Ingredients need to overlap at different depths for accurate perspective.

– Bad glass shape – Use an appropriate cup or glass shape instead of something like a wine glass.

– Missing details – Small touches like seeds, drips, shine marks etc. can make a big difference.

– Not enough contrast – A full range of lights and darks are needed to create strong definition.

Avoid these errors to help your smoothie creations look appealing, delicious and realistic on the page!

Smoothie Drawing Inspiration

Need a spark of inspiration? Here are cute and clever ideas for making your smoothie drawings unique:

– Draw an imaginative glass shape like a hollowed out pineapple

– Show ingredients splashing out with the blender going

– Add fun garnishes like umbrellas, flowers or straws

– Draw characters enjoying the smoothies like animals or people

– Create a full scene at a cafe, beach, park or kitchen

– Add text with smoothie flavors, quotes or fun words

– Use unexpected ingredients like cookies, pretzels or spices

– Draw smoothies inspired by your favorite movie or TV show characters

– Design a full menu board with colorful smoothie options

– Create a smoothie still life with other objects like fruit bowls

Let your creativity flow as you draw smoothies that are cute, clever or completely wacky. The possibilities are endless for making fun artistic smoothie creations!


Drawing a tasty-looking smoothie may seem difficult, but it can actually be simple and fun with just a few basic steps. By following the techniques for sketching smoothie glasses, swirling ingredients, adding shading, and incorporating color, you’ll be creating vivid blended beverage art in no time.

The best part about smoothie drawing is that you can let your creativity shine through. Experiment with imaginative fruit combinations, fun presentation styles, creative color schemes, and added visual effects to make each smoothie drawing unique.

So grab a pencil, find your inspiration, and start blending! With a bit of practice, you’ll be amazed at the realistic, mouthwatering smoothie illustrations you can sketch. Your creative smoothie drawings are sure to look sweet enough to sip right off the page.

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