How do you check balance on Lycamobile?

Lycamobile is a prepaid mobile virtual network operator providing low-cost international mobile calls and data services. With Lycamobile, you can enjoy great value mobile plans without being locked into a contract.

One of the key things you need to keep an eye on with a prepaid service like Lycamobile is your account balance. It’s important to know how much credit you have left so you can top up when required. Here we’ll walk through the various ways to check your Lycamobile balance so you can stay on top of your usage.

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Check Lycamobile balance online

The easiest way to check your balance is online via the Lycamobile website or mobile app. Here’s how:

Via the Lycamobile website

1. Go to the Lycamobile website and log into My Lycamobile using your phone number and password.

2. Once logged in, your account dashboard will display your balance front and centre.

3. You can also click ‘Balance’ in the menu to view more detailed info on your main balance, data balance, international calling balance etc.

Via the Lycamobile app

1. Download and install the Lycamobile app on your phone from either the App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Open the app and log in with your Lycamobile phone number and password.

3. Your account balance will display on the main screen. Tap the balance to view a detailed breakdown.

The Lycamobile website and app make it quick and convenient to check your up-to-date account balance 24/7. As long as you have internet access, you can log in at any time to view your balance info.

Check balance via USSD code

Another fast way to check your Lycamobile balance is by dialling the USSD codes:


To use USSD codes:

1. Open the phone dialer on your Lycamobile phone

2. Enter the USSD code *#123#

3. Press the call button

4. Your Lycamobile balance will display on screen once the request processes.

USSD codes provide an instant way to check your balance directly on your phone without needing to have mobile data or an internet connection. As long as you have cell signal, you can check your balance in a few seconds via USSD.

Check via SMS

You can also check your balance by texting a keyword to a shortcode number:

To check your main account balance, text BAL to 3333
To check your data balance, text DATA to 3333
To check your international calling balance, text INTL to 3333

You will receive a reply SMS with your balance details within a few seconds.

SMS balance checks provide a straightforward way to get your balance info delivered directly to your Lycamobile phone without needing internet access or to log into an app.

Set up low balance reminders

To avoid getting caught without credit, it’s handy to set up low balance reminders with Lycamobile. This way you’ll get an automatic notification when your account is running low on funds.

You can set up low balance alerts by:

1. Logging into My Lycamobile
2. Going to ‘Alerts’ in the menu
3. Clicking ‘Low Balance Alert’
4. Entering your preferred low balance threshold amount
5. Clicking ‘Save Changes’

Once setup, you’ll receive an email, SMS or app notification when your balance drops below the threshold amount. Low balance reminders provide an easy hassle-free way to monitor your credit levels.

Keep tabs on usage with billing records

Checking past balance and billing info can also help you keep on top of your Lycamobile usage.

In My Lycamobile you can view recent:

– Top ups
– Balance deductions for calls/texts/data
– Account activity for the last 90 days

Having visibility over past account activity makes it easier to understand your spending patterns and manage your usage effectively.

Avoid bill shock when roaming

One important thing to keep in mind is that roaming on other networks can eat into your balance very quickly.

To avoid any nasty surprises, make sure to:

– Check Lycamobile’s roaming rates before you travel so you know what to expect
– Set up a roaming cap to limit roaming charges
– Disable roaming if you don’t need it
– Manually enable roaming selectively when required
– Check your roaming data usage and switch it off once you hit your limit
– Consider buying an international roaming SIM card or local SIM if roaming for an extended time

Keeping close tabs on your balance and roaming usage will help you avoid any unexpected overage charges.

Top up easily when required

Once you’ve checked your balance and identified you need more credit, topping up Lycamobile is quick and easy:

– Via My Lycamobile using your credit/debit card
– Using PayPal

In person:
– At any Lycamobile retailer displaying the Lycamobile sign
– At Australia Post offices
– Via selected partner resellers like 7-Eleven

Using vouchers:
– Purchase top up vouchers from Lycamobile retailers and resellers. Enter the recharge PIN into My Lycamobile or dial *131*recharge PIN#

– Set up recurring automatic payments in My Lycamobile to maintain your balance.

– Recharge through the Lycamobile app

Having multiple convenient ways to top up makes it easy to add more credit as needed.

Keep your number active

If your Lycamobile prepaid account remains inactive (no chargeable outgoing activity) for 90 days, it will be disconnected and you may lose your phone number.

To keep your number active:

– Top up your account or make a chargeable outgoing call at least once every 90 days
– Alternatively, set up auto recharge in My Lycamobile to automatically top up your account every month

As long as you regularly top up or make outgoing calls/texts, your Lycamobile service will remain active.

Know exactly what’s included

To make the most of your Lycamobile service and balance, be sure to understand exactly what is and isn’t included in your plan allowance:

– How many national minutes are included?
– Do you have unlimited national texts or a set allowance?
– How much mobile data is included?
– Are international calls included? Certain countries or zones?
– Does your plan include any roaming?

Also check extras like:

– Voicemail
– Directory assistance
– Premium SMS
– Intl roaming
– Prerecorded video calls

Having clarity on which services eat into your pay-as-you-go balance helps avoid unexpected deductions or overage fees. Check your plan inclusions before signing up.

Understand the rates

Prepaid rates can vary so it’s important to know the charges for different services including:

– National calls
– National SMS
– Mobile data
– International calls
– Directory assistance
– Premium SMS

Lycamobile makes their prepaid rates transparent and easy to find online. Be sure to review the rates for your usage needs before purchasing a plan.

Having full visibility minimises the risk of higher than expected deductions from your balance.

Monitor data usage

Data overages on prepaid can drain your balance rapidly so monitoring your usage is key.

Track your mobile data by:

– Checking your data balance directly via USSD, SMS or My Lycamobile.
– Enabling data usage alerts at 80% and 100% of your allowance.
– Disabling data roaming to avoid inadvertent overages when travelling overseas.
– Using tools on your phone to restrict background mobile data for certain apps.
– Connecting to WiFi whenever possible tominimise mobile data usage.

Proactively keeping tabs on data usage ensures you have credit available for calls and texts.

Avoid paying for voicemail

Lycamobile provides an optional prepaid voicemail service for a daily fee deducted from your balance.

To avoid voicemail fees:

– Disable voicemail by texting OFF to 90120.
– Disable answered call voicemail by texting OFF to 90121.
– Disable unanswered call voicemail by texting OFF to 90123.

With voicemail disabled, callers will hear a standard message that the customer can’t take the call.

Disabling voicemail prevents unnecessary spend eating into your prepaid credit. You can reactivate it anytime by texting ON to the relevant shortcode above.

Use spend caps

Lycamobile provides spend caps as a free safeguard against excessive prepaid charges:

– Set a daily national calls and data cap
– Set a monthly international calls cap
– Get notified when you hit 80% and 100% of your spend limit
– No cut-off – you just receive notifications
– Caps can be changed or removed at any time

Spend caps provide greater visibility and control over your prepaid expenditure.

Recharge vouchers

When topping up your Lycamobile prepaid service, you can choose from a range of recharge vouchers and amounts.

Key things to consider when buying a top up voucher:

– Select a voucher denomination that aligns with your usage needs. Common amounts: $10, $20, $30, $50.
– Larger value vouchers often provide better rates for international calling, so consider topping up less often with a higher amount.
– Voucher expiry:
— Standard 2G, 3G, 4G top ups expire after 365 days
— IDD Calling vouchers expire after 180 days
– Check the expiry date on the recharge voucher to ensure it’s still valid before purchasing. Expired vouchers cannot be redeemed.
– Note you can have a maximum unused voucher balance of $1000 at any time.

Choosing the optimal voucher amount and utilising it before expiry helps you maximise the value of your top ups.

Contact support

If you have any issues checking your Lycamobile balance, the customer support team can assist:

– My Lycamobile live chat
– Email [email protected]
– Phone 1300 854 607 (From your Lycamobile phone)
– Phone +61 2 9053 7008 (From any other phone)

Lycamobile customer support is available 7 days a week during business hours. They can help troubleshoot any balance related inquiries.

Tips for managing your balance

Here are some handy tips for effectively managing your Lycamobile balance:

– Check your balance regularly via the website, app, USSD or SMS to avoid surprises.
– Set up low balance alerts so you’re notified when credit is low.
– Review your usage history monthly to identify spending patterns.
– Use WiFi for data whenever possible to minimise deductions.
– Disable paid services like voicemail and directory assistance you don’t require.
– Understand Lycamobile rates and monitor spend against caps.
– Recharge proactively using auto top up or buying top up vouchers before balance expires.
– Avoid roaming without sufficient balance buffer to prevent overages.

Proactively monitoring your balance and staying on top of your usage makes it easy and cost effective to manage your prepaid Lycamobile service.


Keeping tabs on your available balance is an essential aspect of managing any Lycamobile prepaid account. There are numerous straightforward and convenient ways to check your balance at any time via the website, mobile app, USSD codes, SMS and by contacting customer support. Setting up balance notifications and spend caps provides additional oversight on usage. Understanding included values and prepaid rates helps avoid unexpected deductions. With ongoing monitoring and timely top ups, you can optimise your Lycamobile prepaid service and always have credit available when you need it.

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