How do I use Target coupons in store?

Using coupons at Target can help you save money on your purchases. Target accepts both Target coupons and manufacturer coupons in stores and online. Here are some tips for making the most of Target coupons:

Types of Target coupons

There are a few different types of coupons you can use at Target:

  • Target store coupons – These are coupons created and distributed by Target itself. You can find them in Target ad circulars, directly printed on Target products, mailed to you, or available digitally through the Target app or website.
  • Manufacturer coupons – Coupons created and distributed by product manufacturers. You’ll find these in newspaper inserts, magazines, directly printed on products, or available digitally.
  • Mobile coupons – Coupons accessible through the Target mobile app. You can clip digital coupons directly to your Target account.
  • Cartwheel offers – Special discounts available through the Target Cartwheel app or website. You can select offers and have a barcode generated to scan at checkout.

Where to find Target coupons

Here are some of the most common places to find Target coupons:

  • Target ad circulars – Check the weekly ad circulars that come in the mail or are available at Target stores. They will often have store coupons inside.
  • – Go to the Target website and look for the Coupons section. You can browse available coupons and clip them to your Target account.
  • Target mobile app – Open the app and go to the Coupons section to find digital coupons to clip to your account.
  • Newspapers – Check the Sunday paper or other newspaper inserts for Target coupons and manufacturer coupons to use at Target.
  • Magazines – Many magazines include Target store coupons or manufacturer coupons for products sold at Target.
  • Products – Look for coupons printed directly on Target product packaging that you can redeem on your next purchase.
  • Mail – Target may mail out packets of coupons and ads to your home or include coupons in promotional emails if you’ve signed up for their mailing list.

How to use Target coupons in-store

Using Target coupons in-store is easy. Here are some tips:

  • Look for coupons in the weekly ad or Target app before you shop and clip or print the ones you want to use.
  • Bring any paper manufacturer coupons and show them to the cashier when checking out.
  • If you have digital coupons loaded in the Target app, the discount will come off automatically when the cashier scans your barcode.
  • You can also scan paper coupons from the ad using the Scanner function in the Target app while shopping.
  • Give the cashier any paper Target store coupons after all your items have been rung up.
  • Coupons will be applied to your total purchase amount one at a time. Make sure the cashier has scanned all your coupons.

Stacking Target coupons

One great way to maximize savings at Target is stacking coupons. This means using a manufacturer coupon and Target coupon on the same item. Here are some stacking tips:

  • Look for Target coupons in the app or ad that match up with manufacturer coupons you have.
  • Be sure the item, size, quantity limitations match up between the coupons.
  • When purchasing the item, give the manufacturer coupon first, then the Target coupon.
  • You can use multiple manufacturer and Target coupons on a single purchase as long as each one meets the item requirements.

Using Target coupon exclusions

Some Target coupons have exclusions listed on them indicating what items or brands they cannot be used on. Always read the fine print. Here are some tips for using coupons with exclusions:

  • If a Target coupon excludes a certain brand or item, you cannot use it to purchase those excluded products.
  • Look for coupons without exclusions if there is a specific brand you want to purchase.
  • For general coupons that exclude some brands, look for competing brands in that product category that are not listed as exclusions.
  • Contact Target customer service if you are unsure whether your desired product is excluded from a coupon.

Getting the most value from Target coupons

Here are some of the best ways to get the most savings from your Target coupons:

  • Wait to buy items until you have a coupon for them. Sign up for Target emails or check the weekly ad to know what coupons are coming.
  • Combine coupons with Target sales, promotions, or clearance items. This is where you can save big.
  • Buy larger sizes or multiple items allowed by the coupon to maximize your savings.
  • Stack coupons, using a manufacturer coupon and Target store coupon together.
  • Use coupons on the highest regular priced eligible items to save the most money.
  • Combine coupons with the 5% REDcard discount for even more savings.

Target coupon policies

Here are some key Target coupon rules and restrictions to keep in mind:

  • Coupons apply to regularly priced items only. They cannot be used on clearance items or other discounts and promotions.
  • Printable coupons can be used up to four times unless otherwise stated.
  • Manufacturer and Target digital coupons can only be applied to one transaction.
  • Coupons cannot be applied after payment has been made.
  • Coupons are not redeemable for cash unless required by law.
  • One manufacturer and one Target coupon may be applied to an item if restrictions allow.

Finding Target deals without coupons

Beyond coupons, there are other ways to save money at Target:

  • Look for clearance deals – Check the end caps, clearance aisles, and use the Target app to scan items to find markdowns.
  • Shop Target sales – Stock up during sales on categories like clothing, home goods, and electronics.
  • Price match – Take advantage of Target’s price match policy and provide proof of lower prices from competitors.
  • Use a Target REDcard – Save 5% on every purchase when you use your REDcard debit or credit card.
  • Buy Target brands – Purchase up & up and other Target brands that are typically less expensive.
  • Create a Target baby or wedding registry – Take advantage of completion discounts offered for purchasing remaining items yourself.

Getting Target coupons without shopping

If you want to take advantage of Target coupons without actually buying anything, here are some tips:

  • Browse weekly ads and clip just digital coupons without purchasing items. The coupons will load to your account to use later.
  • Pick up an ad circular when you’re in the store but don’t actually shop. Clip or scan desired coupons.
  • Call the customer service line and request that coupons from ads and promotions be mailed to you.
  • Follow Target on social media. They sometimes release printable coupons through Facebook and Instagram.
  • Sign up for Target emails and texts. Digital coupons and promotions will be sent right to your inbox.
  • Go through your mailbox. Target sometimes mails booklets of coupons to households without requiring a purchase.

Creating a Target coupon strategy

Here are some tips for organizing Target coupons to maximize savings:

  • Maintain a coupon organizer with sections for different coupon types.
  • File away mailed coupons and clip digital or newspaper ones to have on hand.
  • Use a notes app or spreadsheet to log coupons you have for future reference.
  • Plan shopping trips around weekly or monthly promotions and coupons.
  • Focus on coupons for household essentials you buy regularly.
  • Set reminders to check for new coupons if there are none currently available for items you want.
  • Coordinate coupons with sales for double savings. Check store ads for upcoming deals.
  • Organize coupons by expiration date so you use them in time.

Saving on Target grocery pickup and delivery

You can use coupons on Target grocery pickup and delivery orders. Here are some tips for savings:

  • Add digital coupons to your Target account before checkout. They will automatically apply.
  • When adding manufacturer coupons, note the coupon details in your cart for the fulfillment team.
  • For pickup, provide paper coupons upon arrival for the team to apply to your order.
  • For delivery, give paper coupons to your delivery driver to be deducted from your total.
  • Stack digital and paper coupons following Target’s coupon policies.
  • Check the final total on your receipt to ensure all coupons were applied accurately.

Troubleshooting Target coupons

Here are some common Target coupon issues and solutions:

Problem Solution
Coupon scans but discount doesn’t come off Cashier should enter coupon code manually or call customer service for assistance
Coupon rejected due to restrictions Review coupon for exclusions. Choose another coupon or different product.
Coupon doesn’t scan Check the expiration date. If valid, cashier can manually enter coupon code.
Multiple coupons rejected Ensure coupons are for different products. Stacking multiple coupons not allowed.
Digital coupon not applying Contact Target customer service. They can add the coupon manually.
Expired coupon rejected Expired coupons cannot be accepted. Find and use a valid coupon.

Getting help with Target coupons

If you have any trouble using your Target coupons or have additional questions, here are some ways to get help:

  • Ask the cashier for assistance if coupons are not applying properly at checkout.
  • Call 1-800-591-3869 to reach Target customer service for support using or troubleshooting coupons.
  • Visit the Guest Services desk at your local Target store and speak to a team member for help.
  • Go to and use the Help option to chat online or submit an email inquiry.
  • Reach out on social media by tweeting @TargetSupport or commenting on a Target Facebook post for a response.


Using coupons at Target is an excellent way to stretch your dollar and save big on your shopping trips. Take advantage of Target coupons by looking for them in weekly ads, on product packaging, directly from Target, and from manufacturers. Stack coupons, combine them with sales and promotions, and follow coupon policies to maximize your savings. With the right organizing system and coupon strategy, you can routinely save money on purchases for your home and family.

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