How do I select a store on Kroger app?

Selecting a store is one of the first steps to take when using the Kroger app to shop online and have groceries delivered or ready for pickup. The Kroger app makes it easy to choose your preferred store so you can shop the selection you are used to and pick it up or have it delivered to your home or office. Here are some quick answers about selecting a store on the Kroger app:

Why do I need to select a store on the Kroger app?

You need to select a store on the Kroger app because each Kroger store carries slightly different products and inventory. By choosing your preferred store, you will shop the product selection you are accustomed to for pickup or delivery. The prices and available items can vary across Kroger locations, so the app needs to know which store you want to shop.

How do I select a store on the Kroger app?

Selecting a store on the Kroger app only takes a few simple steps:

  1. Open the Kroger app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap the profile icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Under Settings, tap “Change Store.”
  4. You will see a list of Kroger store locations near you. Tap “Set this store” next to your preferred store.
  5. The app will now save your selected store for future grocery orders.

What if I want to change my store later?

Changing your preferred Kroger store on the app is easy. Just follow the same steps to get to the store selection list and tap on a new store to switch your default selection.

How does the app know my location?

When you first open the Kroger app, it will use your phone’s GPS location to pull up the Kroger stores closest to you. You can then pick from this list of nearby stores. The app only accesses your location to show nearby stores – it does not track your location at any other time.

What if my store doesn’t show up as an option?

If your preferred Kroger store is not showing up as a selectable option on the app, it likely means that store does not currently offer grocery pickup or delivery services. Only locations participating in Kroger’s Pickup and Delivery programs will be available to choose from. You may need to select the next closest participating store.

Can I change the store for each order?

Yes, you can change the selected store each time you place a new grocery order on the Kroger app. When you enter your zip code on the shopping page, available stores in that area will appear and you can choose one for that specific order.

How far in advance can I select a store?

You can select your preferred Kroger store as far in advance as you want. There is no limit on when you can pick a default store. Just remember to change it if you move or want to start shopping at a different location.

Why can’t I select a store upon registering?

The Kroger app does not prompt you to select a store during the initial registration process. After registering an account, you will need to go into the app’s settings to choose your store. This allows the app to pull up the stores nearest your location when you are ready to pick one.

Do I have to select a store to browse items?

You do not have to pick a store just to browse products and prices on the Kroger app. You can search items and add them to your cart without selecting a location. However, you will need to choose a store that carries your items before you can proceed to checkout.

Can I use the Kroger app at multiple stores?

Absolutely! Selecting one Kroger store as your default does not prevent you from shopping at other locations. You can change your chosen store any time you want to shop a different one for variety or convenience.

Troubleshooting Store Selection

Problem: My store changed or closed.

If your preferred Kroger store closes, changes format (like converting from a Kroger to a Fred Meyer), or stops participating in grocery pickup/delivery, you will need to select a new store location in the Kroger app. The app will alert you if your old store is no longer available.

Problem: I’m traveling/moving and need a new store.

No problem! The Kroger app makes it easy to select a different store if you are traveling or relocating. Just follow the steps to change your store in the app settings and choose your new desired location. You can update the store as often as needed.

Problem: I’m not near a participating Kroger store.

If the Kroger app does not show any available store options near your location, it unfortunately means you are not currently in an area served by a participating Kroger store for pickup and delivery. You may need to wait until you are near a participating store to use the app’s services.

Tips for Choosing Your Kroger App Store

  • Pick the store you regularly shop at in-person for the product selection you prefer.
  • Consider choosing the store closest to your home for convenience.
  • Make sure the store participates in grocery pickup and delivery before selecting it.
  • Check if your local fuel center or specialty Kroger-owned store like Fred Meyer participates.
  • Consider traffic patterns around stores at busy times of day for pickup/delivery.

Kroger Store Options

The Kroger company owns a variety of store chains around the country that may participate in the grocery pickup and delivery program. In addition to Kroger stores, some of the other banners to look for include:

  • Fred Meyer
  • Harris Teeter
  • King Soopers
  • Fry’s Food Stores
  • Mariano’s
  • Ralphs
  • Smith’s Food and Drug

Not every location of these chains participates. Check the app when selecting a store to see which options carry pickup and delivery services in your area.

Kroger Delivery Areas

Kroger currently offers grocery pickup services at most stores across 35 states. Delivery is available in fewer locations, covering 1,300 stores across the following states:

Arizona Indiana Nebraska
Alabama Georgia South Carolina
Tennessee Kentucky Kansas
Utah Idaho Nevada
Colorado New Mexico

Check the Kroger website and app to see if your local store offers delivery services. More regions are being added over time.

Kroger Pickup and Delivery Fees

When ordering groceries on the Kroger app for pickup or delivery, you may be subject to some additional fees depending on the service:

  • Pickup: Free for orders $35+; $4.95 fee for orders under $35
  • Delivery: $9.95 delivery fee applies, no minimum order size

Make sure to factor in the cost of any pickup/delivery fees depending on the type and size of your Kroger grocery order.

Order Minimums

Aside from pickup orders under $35 incurring a fee, there is no general minimum order value to place a grocery order on the Kroger app. However, you may need to meet a delivery minimum depending on your store:

  • Most stores require a $30 minimum order for delivery
  • In some metro areas, the minimum is $50-$60
  • There is no minimum for grocery pickup orders

Check your local store’s page on the app to confirm if a delivery minimum applies.

Scheduling Pickup and Delivery

When placing a grocery order on the Kroger app, you will need to schedule your pickup or delivery time. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Pickup: Choose a 1-hour window for picking up your order.
  • Delivery: Select a 2-hour delivery window.
  • Time slots are available from early morning to late evening.
  • Schedule times up to 7 days in advance.
  • peak times like evenings book up faster.

Plan ahead to get the pickup or delivery time you want. Schedule as far in advance as possible for more availability.

Prescription Delivery

In addition to groceries, many Kroger locations allow you to get prescription medications delivered through the app. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Make sure your pharmacy is linked and your medication is eligible.
  2. Provide insurance and prescription information.
  3. Select delivery at checkout for eligible prescriptions.
  4. Choose a delivery window like grocery orders.

Prescription delivery makes getting your medications easy and convenient.

Kroger App Tips

Selecting your store is just the first step to placing a grocery order with the Kroger app. Keep these additional tips in mind:

  • Add rewards card to save on orders.
  • Browse weekly ad and coupons.
  • Shop private selection Kroger brands.
  • Build up a list of favorite items for easy reordering.
  • Report any missing or wrong items for refunds.
  • Rate your experience to improve local stores.


It only takes a few taps to select your preferred Kroger store on the grocery app. Choosing your regular location lets you shop the selection you know and love, while enjoying convenient pickup or delivery. Keep an eye out for promotions tied to the app for even more savings. With your store chosen, you can now start filling your cart and enjoying easy grocery shopping from Kroger!

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