How do I get rid of Pop-ups on Play Store?

Pop-up ads can be annoying when trying to browse or download apps from the Google Play Store. Thankfully, there are a few ways to get rid of pop-ups on the Play Store app and make your browsing experience better.

What causes pop-up ads on the Play Store?

Pop-up ads on the Play Store are caused by adware that gets installed on your device without your knowledge. This adware displays intrusive ads in apps and browsers to generate revenue. Some common ways adware can get installed include:

  • Downloading apps from third-party stores outside the official Google Play Store
  • Installing apps or games that have adware bundled into them
  • Visiting suspicious websites that trigger adware downloads
  • Clicking on malicious links in emails or messages

Once installed, this adware monitors your browsing activity and displays popup ads related to sites you visit or apps you use. On the Play Store, they target your search queries and app pages to display pop-up ads.

Disable pop-ups in Play Store app settings

The easiest way to stop pop-ups on the Play Store app is to disable them directly from the app settings:

  1. Open the Play Store app on your Android device
  2. Tap on the hamburger menu in the top left corner
  3. Go to Settings > General
  4. Turn off the setting labeled “Show Notifications”

This will disable all types of pop-up notifications in the Play Store, including ads. Do keep in mind that it will also stop useful notifications about app updates and installs. But you can enable those back if required.

Use a pop-up blocker app

Another simple option is to install a pop-up blocker app that can detect and stop intrusive ads across your device, including Play Store. Some good options include:

  • Adblock Plus – Uses filters to block various ad domains and stop pop-ups.
  • Blockada – Open source ad blocker for Android using local VPN.
  • AdGuard – Works across browsers and apps to remove ads.

These apps run in the background and filter out pop-up ad requests from all the apps on your phone, including web browsers. They provide an overall ad-free experience without major configuration. You can try a few to see which works best.

Reset advertising ID

Play Store uses your advertising ID to serve relevant ads based on your interests and browsing history. Resetting this ID can help stop targeted pop-up ads:

  1. Go to Settings > Google > Ads
  2. Tap on Reset Advertising ID
  3. Confirm the action again on the prompt

This will reset your advertising profile and stop targeted ads for some time till the new profile is built up again. Doing this regularly can reduce the number of pop-up ads based on your interests.

Disable Interest-based ads

You can also opt-out of interest-based ads to avoid pop-ups related to your browsing history:

  1. Go to Settings > Google > Ads
  2. Turn off “Personalized ads”
  3. Also turn off “Ads based on your interests”

This will stop Google from showing targeted ads, including the pop-ups while browsing Play Store. However, you may still see generic pop-up ads.

Don’t allow ad personalization

When you install new apps from the Play Store, they often show permissions for ad personalization to serve targeted ads. Denying this permission can reduce pop-ups:

  1. Go to Settings > Apps
  2. Select the app and tap Permissions
  3. Turn off Allow Ad Personalization option

Do this for apps like Play Store, Google Search, Chrome etc. This will limit ad targeting capabilities for these apps.

Use a trusted VPN service

Using a trusted VPN app routes all your device traffic through an encrypted tunnel to its servers. This hides your IP, location and browsing data from ad networks:

  • Ads can’t target you based on local interests
  • VPN encryption prevents adware from tracking browsing
  • Changing VPN location fools ad networks

Some good VPNs for blocking ads and pop-ups include ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark etc. They also provide malware protection against suspicious ads or downloads.

Install a firewall app

Firewall apps like NetGuard and NoRoot Firewall can be used to block internet access for specific apps. You can block Play Store’s access to ad servers:

  1. Install firewall app and configure
  2. Deny internet access to Play Store app
  3. Allow access only to Google DNS and CDNs for app downloads

Without access to ad networks, Play Store won’t be able to receive or display any pop-up ads. A firewall gives you granular control over app internet access.

Try a different Play Store version

Sideloading an older version of Play Store app, before they added intrusive ads can also help. You can download APK from APKMirror or other trusted sources:

  • Uninstall updates for Play Store to revert to factory version
  • Disable auto-update for Play Store
  • Download Play Store APK version you want
  • Install APK and pin it to prevent updates

This will disable pop-ups as the older Play Store versions didn’t have integrated ads. However, you won’t get latest features or security fixes.

Perform antivirus scan

It’s a good idea to perform a full antivirus scan on your device using a trusted security app. This can detect and remove any underlying adware causing pop-ups:

  • Use antivirus like Malwarebytes, AVG, Norton etc.
  • Do a full scan of system files and apps
  • Quarantine or delete any adware/PUPs found
  • Restart device after cleaning adware

Removing the adware generating pop-ups provides a permanent solution. Update your antivirus regularly and scan device to prevent future adware.

Factory reset as last resort

If all else fails and pop-ups persist, the last option is to factory reset your device. This will wipe the device clean of all apps and software issues:

  1. Backup important data before reset
  2. Go to Settings > System > Reset options
  3. Choose Erase all data (factory reset)
  4. Tap Reset and confirm screen lock if prompted

Once the device reboots after reset, avoid sideloading dubious apps or files from unknown sources. Only install apps from trusted sources like Play Store to stay safe from adware.


Intrusive pop-up ads can ruin the Play Store experience but they can be dealt with effectively. Using ad blockers, disabling targeted ads, installing firewalls and scanning with antivirus are some ways to get rid of Play Store pop-ups. Be careful when installing apps from outside Play Store and don’t click suspicious links. A clean device free of adware is key to avoid annoying pop-up ads on your Android phone.

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