How do I get my Nike employee discount?

What is the Nike employee discount?

The Nike employee discount is a special discount that Nike employees can take advantage of to get Nike products for cheaper than retail price. As a Nike employee, you are eligible for significant discounts on Nike products and apparel for yourself and your family members. The exact percentage of the discount varies based on your position and tenure at Nike, but most employees can get a minimum of 25% off Nike products. This discount applies both in Nike retail stores and on

Who is eligible for the Nike employee discount?

All regular full-time and part-time Nike employees are eligible for the employee discount after completing a short waiting period at the start of employment. Temporary, seasonal, and contract workers are generally not eligible.

In addition to employees, immediate family members are also eligible for the discount. This includes spouses, domestic partners, children, parents, siblings, and other dependents living in the employee’s household. Employees will need to formally register family members who wish to use the discount.

How much is the Nike employee discount?

As mentioned, the percentage discount varies based on your employment status:

– Hourly retail employees get 25% off
– Salaried retail employees get 30% off
– Corporate office employees get 40% off
– Higher level executives can get 50% off or more

The discount applies to both Nike branded products (shoes, apparel, accessories) as well as Converse, Hurley, and other affiliated brands owned by Nike.

Some specialty or limited edition products may have caps on the maximum discount allowed. But for most regular Nike products, you will enjoy the full employee discount in the tier you qualify for.

Where can the Nike employee discount be used?

The Nike employee discount can be used at any Nike owned and operated retail location globally. This includes Nike stores, factory stores, and Converse stores across the United States and internationally.

You can also use your Nike employee discount code online at and through Nike apps to purchase products and have them shipped to you. Your discount will be applied at checkout. Note that your discount cannot be applied at other retailers like Foot Locker or Dick’s Sporting Goods – it is only valid through Nike direct channels.

How do I get and use my Nike employee discount?

Once you are hired at Nike, you will receive instructions on setting up your employee discount account. Here are the basic steps:

1. Set up your Nike employee portal account

As a Nike employee, you will have access to Nike’s intranet employee portal. You can log in using employee credentials created for you by Nike IT.

2. Register for your discount in the employee portal

Early on during the onboarding process, you will be prompted to visit the employee discount section of the intranet portal. There you can register yourself and add any family members you want to extend the discount to.

3. Get your discount verification

Once registered, you will receive a discount verification letter with your ID number by email and mail. This will include your discount percentage tier. You will need to save this to reference your ID number when using your discount.

4. Present your discount ID in stores

At Nike stores, simply provide your discount ID number when checking out. The store associate will verify it is valid and apply your discount automatically.

5. Use your discount code online

When shopping on or apps, apply your discount ID code at checkout and the discount will be applied to your entire order.

6. Re-verify your discount annually

To ensure only active employees use the discount, you will need to re-verify your employee status each year when prompted. Simply go back to the employee portal to complete the annual reverification process.

Can my family members use the discount without me present?

Yes, registered family members can use your Nike employee discount when shopping without you present, either in store or online. They simply need to provide your discount ID number at checkout to get the applicable discount. Of course, you should ensure your family members only use the discount for legitimate personal purchases for themselves and household members.

What are the restrictions on the Nike employee discount?

Nike wants employees to enthusiastically take advantage of the generous employee discount. However, there are rules around how you can use the discount to protect against abuse. Here are some key restrictions:

– Only registered employee and family members can use the discount ID. Do not share it outside your household.

– Purchases must be for personal use only. Buying products with the intent to resell is prohibited.

– There are order quantity limits per season to prevent bulk buying. These vary by product line.

– The discount cannot be combined with any other coupons or promotions.

– Employees in the accounting, procurement, and vendor management groups may have additional restrictions related to avoiding conflicts of interest.

Violating these terms can result in disciplinary action from Nike.

Can I use my discount at Nike Outlet stores?

Yes, the Nike employee discount can be used at Nike Outlet locations. However, products sold in Outlets are already discounted from the retail price. Your employee discount percentage will apply on top of the existing outlet discount. Because of the lower base price, your employee discount may not be as impactful at Outlet locations. But you can still take advantage of the stacked discounts to get Nike products for less.

When does the Nike employee discount start after being hired?

Most new Nike employees become eligible for the employee discount shortly after their start date. Here is a rough timeline:

– Weeks 1 – 2: Enroll in employee portal and register for discount

– Week 3: Receive discount verification and ID number

– Week 4: Able to start using employee discount in stores/online

So within your first month at Nike, you should have full access to start taking advantage of the generous employee discount to shop Nike products! It’s one of the great perks of being part of the Nike team.

Is there an annual spending limit for the Nike employee discount?

No, there is no annual spending limit for how much you can purchase with your Nike employee discount. However, there are restrictions on maximum order quantities per product line per season to prevent abuse. As long as your purchases are for personal use only within the quantity limits, you can use your employee discount as much as you want all year long. Take advantage of this great benefit!

Can my Nike employee discount be used at Converse and Hurley stores?

Yes. As a Nike employee, your employee discount also applies to products sold at Converse, Hurley and any other brands owned by Nike. You can use your Nike discount ID and enjoy the same great savings on these brands, since they are all part of the Nike Inc. family of companies. So shop Converse shoes and clothing or Hurley surf apparel at a discount as a Nike employee benefit.

Does my discount work online for

Absolutely. Your Nike employee discount can be used to save money when shopping on, through Nike apps, and any ecommerce order direct from Nike. Simply use your employee discount ID number at checkout and the applicable employee discount will be applied to your entire order. You get great online savings direct from Nike.


The Nike employee discount is an excellent benefit offering substantial savings for employees and their families. Make sure to register early on through the employee portal to access your unique discount ID number. Understand the discount tiers based on your employment status and any applicable quantity limits per season. But overall, take full advantage of this benefit to get amazing Nike products at reduced prices! Both in Nike stores globally and online at, the employee discount provides all Nike employees with special savings opportunities.

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