How do I clear my Google Play activity?

Quick Summary

You can clear your Google Play activity history in a few easy steps:

  • Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device.
  • Tap on the profile icon in the top right corner.
  • Go to Settings > General > Manage activity controls.
  • Tap on Manage activity.
  • Select the time range for which you want to clear activity data.
  • Tap Clear activity data.

Clearing your Google Play activity removes your search and browsing history, helps and feedback, and other activity from Google’s servers. This can help protect your privacy.

What is Google Play activity?

Google Play activity refers to the record Google keeps of your interactions with the Google Play Store and content you access through it. This includes:

  • Your search and browsing history in the Play Store app.
  • Details about apps, movies, books, and other content you view or purchase.
  • Your ratings, reviews, wishlists, and other engagement with content.
  • Music and podcast listening history.
  • Interactions with Google Play support, such as help queries.

Google records this activity in order to provide personalized recommendations, surface relevant content, improve the Play Store experience, and for analytical purposes.

Why would I want to clear my Google Play activity?

There are a few key reasons you may want to clear your Google Play activity history:

  • Privacy – Clearing your activity removes the detailed record Google stores about your browsing habits and purchases. This gives you more control over your privacy.
  • Recommendations – Clearing your activity can reset your recommendations and suggestions to remove bias from your previous actions. This can surface new, more relevant content.
  • Troubleshooting – Sometimes clearing your activity can help resolve odd issues with recommendations, search results, or other glitches.
  • Before selling a device – You’ll want to wipe your Google Play activity before selling or gifting your Android device to another person.
  • General housekeeping – Like cleaning out old files, clearing old activity can tidy up your Google account and get a fresh start.

Regularly clearing your Google Play activity, such as once a month, can be good privacy practice.

How to clear Google Play activity

Clearing your Google Play activity is simple to do right from the Play Store app:

  1. Open the Play Store app – Launch the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  2. Visit account settings – Tap the profile icon in the top right corner, then tap Settings.
  3. Go to activity controls – Scroll down and select General > Manage activity controls.
  4. Select “Manage activity” – On the activity controls screen, tap Manage activity.
  5. Choose a time range – Select the time range of activity you want to delete, from the past hour up to all time.
  6. Tap “Clear activity data” – Review the types of data that will be cleared, then tap Clear activity data.

Once you tap to clear your activity, it will be immediately deleted from Google’s records. Your Google account will show no Google Play activity for the selected time period.

Clearing search & watch history

Following the steps above will clear your full Google Play activity. If you only want to clear your search and watch history:

  1. Go to Settings > General.
  2. Tap Clear search history and Clear watch history.

This removes your search terms and record of content you’ve watched through Google Play Movies & TV. Other activity will remain unaffected.

Does clearing activity delete apps or purchases?

Importantly, clearing your Google Play activity does not delete or uninstall any apps, games, movies, books, or other content. Your purchases and downloaded content will remain available even after clearing your activity history.

Clearing activity only deletes the record of your actions from Google’s perspective. Your content and apps will work the same as before.

You would need to manually uninstall apps or delete content to remove them from your device. Clearing activity does not affect the actual items.

Can I selectively clear parts of my activity?

Unfortunately, you cannot selectively or partially clear pieces of your Google Play activity history. The only options are:

  • Clear your entire activity history for a selected time frame.
  • Clear just your search and watch histories.

There is no way to, for example, clear just your music listening history or app downloads while leaving other activity intact. It’s an all-or-nothing approach.

Does cleared activity get deleted forever?

When you clear your Google Play activity, it is permanently deleted from Google’s records. The selected activity does not get saved or stored in another location.

However, there are a couple important caveats:

  • Activity may persist in other Google services – If you engaged with Play content across Google services, traces may remain in your Google account history or other timelines.
  • Synced devices may retain activity – Devices like Android TVs that sync Google Play activity may still retain some history locally.
  • Backups could restore activity – Restoring an old device backup after clearing activity could bring that history back.

So while the activity is deleted from core Google Play systems, remnants may still be scattered across your broader Google footprint.

Other ways to view and manage activity

In addition to clearing your activity entirely, there are a few other ways to view and control your Google Play history:

  • View activity dashboard – See an overview of your Google Play activity through your Google Account. This lets you browse and search your history.
  • Pause watch history – Stop your watch history from being saved for a set period of time.
  • Turn off personalized recommendations – Disable personalized suggestions based on your activity.
  • Device dashboard – View and manage activity recorded on specific Android devices.

While clearing is the most definitive approach, you have some options to selectively limit Google’s activity tracking.

Clearing Google Play activity on iPhone or computer

The above instructions are for clearing your Google Play activity directly on an Android device via the Play Store app.

If you want to clear your Google Play history on an iPhone, iPad, or computer, you can:

  1. Visit and sign in.
  2. Go to Data & Personalization > Manage your activity controls.
  3. Follow the steps above to manage or clear your Google Play activity.

The process works the same through the web dashboard. You just need to sign in to your Google Account and visit your activity controls.

Why does my Google Play activity keep coming back?

If you are trying to erase your Google Play history but it keeps reappearing, there are a couple potential reasons:

  • You have synced devices – Other linked Android devices may be syncing activity back to your account.
  • You restored a backup – Device backups from before you cleared activity will restore that old history.
  • You re-authenticated apps – Logging in again to apps linked to your Google Account can bring back associated activity.
  • Other Google services fill it in – Services like YouTube and Google Search may reconstruct history.

To completely purge Play activity, you would need to also unlink synced devices, avoid restoring backups, disconnect apps, and clear other Google service history.

Is it better to pause or clear Google Play activity?

Pausing your Google Play activity temporarily stops tracking of your current actions, while clearing deletes your past history. Which option is better depends on your specific goals:

  • Pausing – Temporarily halt tracking of new activity. This maintains your history.
  • Clearing – Permanently delete existing activity from Google’s records. Ongoing tracking continues.

Pausing is useful if you just want a brief break from activity tracking. Clearing removes your full history and provides a clean slate.

Many privacy-focused users do both – pause activity for a while, then periodically clear their full history. This prevents too much new data from accumulating after clearing the past.

Is clearing Google Play activity safe?

Clearing your Google Play activity is generally safe to do and won’t negatively impact your account or devices. A few points to be aware of:

  • You’ll lose personalized recommendations – Content suggestions will become less tailored until new activity is accumulated.
  • Restored backups reinstate activity – As mentioned above, restored backups bring back your history.
  • Devs lose access to analytics – Developers will lose visibility into your usage of their apps.
  • Can affect troubleshooting – Google Support may have less historical data to help troubleshoot issues.

As long as you are comfortable losing recommendations quality and diagnostic data, clearing activity is safe for your account and devices. Just be careful about backups.

Clearing Google Play activity on a child’s device

To clear a child’s Google Play activity on their supervised Android device:

  1. Sign in to the Family Link app as the parent/guardian.
  2. Go to the child’s account > Manage settings.
  3. Tap on Manage Google Play activity.
  4. Follow the steps to clear the desired date range of activity.

This will permanently delete their Google Play history on that device. Keep in mind other devices linked to the same Google Account will retain their activity.

It’s a good idea for parents to periodically clear a child’s Google Play activity as part of maintaining their digital privacy and online safety.


Clearing your Google Play activity removes the detailed record Google keeps about your interactions with Google Play content and services. While your apps, purchases, and other content will remain unaffected, deleting this history can enhance privacy, reset recommendations, and address odd issues. Just be aware it also means losing valuable usage data that can enhance the Google services you rely on. Approaching activity management in moderation, such as periodic clearing, can balance these pros and cons effectively.

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