How do I check my AT&T balance via text?

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There are a few easy ways to check your AT&T wireless account balance via text message. You can text specific short codes to receive your account balance, remaining data allowance, and other account details directly on your phone. Checking your AT&T balance by text can be done quickly without having to log into your online account or call customer service. In this guide, we’ll outline the steps to check your AT&T balance through text message.

Check AT&T Balance by Texting BAL

The quickest way to check your AT&T wireless account balance is by texting the word “BAL” to 4004 on your AT&T cell phone. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Open the text messaging app on your AT&T cell phone.
  2. Create a new text message to phone number 4004.
  3. Type the word “BAL” in the message body.
  4. Tap send.

You’ll promptly receive a text message in response containing details about your AT&T wireless account balance. The text will show your current balance due, recent account activity, remaining data allowance if you have a limited data plan, and the current bill cycle dates. This is the simplest way to quickly retrieve your AT&T account balance info by text.

Sample BAL text message response

Here’s an example of the text message response you’ll receive when checking your AT&T balance by texting BAL to 4004:

AT&T Free Msg: Your account balance is $78.34. Details on monthly recurring charges, data usage or other activity visit or call 800-331-0500.

The text will include your current total account balance amount along with a brief summary of charges. You can visit the AT&T website or call customer support for more detailed information if needed.

Check Specific Balances by Texting Keywords

In addition to your total wireless account balance, you can also text other keywords to 4004 to retrieve specific balances and details from AT&T. Here are some other useful text commands:

  • Text “DATA” to get your remaining monthly data allowance if you have a limited data plan.
  • Text “MIN” to check your available monthly minute allowance.
  • Text “SMS” to get your remaining text/SMS message allowance.
  • Text “PAY” to view your most recent AT&T bill payment.
  • Text “DUE” to see your next AT&T bill due date and amount.

Simply text these keywords individually to the AT&T short code 4004 anytime to quickly retrieve that info. The text response times are very fast, usually under a minute.

Sample text responses

Texting “DATA” may return something like:

AT&T Free Msg: You’ve used 3.2 of 6 GB of data this bill period. For details visit or call 800-331-0500.

While texting “DUE” would respond with:

AT&T Free Msg: Your next bill of $93.45 is due on 10/22/2023. Make a payment now at or use the myAT&T app.

So texting these shortcuts are a quick way to check those specific AT&T account details on demand.

Get Free Text Notifications from AT&T

In addition to checking your AT&T account details on demand, you can also set up free proactive text message alerts from AT&T. This way AT&T will automatically text you alerts when important account events occur, without having to request the info.

Here are some of the free AT&T account notification texts you can enable:

  • Payment received confirmations
  • Bill ready alerts
  • Data usage nearing your monthly limit
  • International roaming notifications
  • Plan change confirmations
  • Payment past due reminders

To set up these free AT&T text notifications:

  1. Login to your AT&T online account.
  2. Go to Profile > Notifications.
  3. Select Text for your alert delivery method.
  4. Check the text alerts you want to receive.
  5. Click Save Changes.

Going forward, AT&T will send you automated text messages when those account events occur. This helps you monitor your AT&T account without having to constantly check on it.

Check AT&T Prepaid Balance

The steps to check your balance work similarly if you have AT&T Prepaid wireless service. However, you’ll text a different short code number and keywords.

To check your AT&T Prepaid balance, text the word “BAL” to 611611 from your AT&T Prepaid phone. You’ll get a text with your current prepaid balance amount.

Some other AT&T Prepaid text commands include:

  • Text “BAL” to 611611 to check your balance.
  • Text “PAY” to 611611 to check your recent payments.
  • Text “DATA” to 611611 to get remaining data allowance.
  • Text “MIN” to 611611 to check available minutes.

So the process is the same as AT&T postpaid, you just use the designated 611611 short code for prepaid accounts. This allows you to quickly view your prepaid balance and account details on the go.

Check Balance on AT&T PREPAID SM App

Another way to check your AT&T Prepaid balance is by downloading the AT&T PREPAID SM app for your smartphone. This free mobile app allows you to conveniently manage your AT&T Prepaid account right from your device.

To use the PREPAID SM app to check your balance:

  1. Download the PREPAID SM app from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android).
  2. Open the app and log in with your AT&T username and password.
  3. On the main Account tab, scroll down to view your Balance.
  4. You can also view Details like data usage and payments here.

The AT&T PREPAID SM has many useful account management features beyond just checking your balance. You can pay bills through the app, track data usage, change plans, view statements, set up auto pay, and more. So it can be a very convenient way to monitor and manage your AT&T Prepaid account if you want more than just a basic balance check.

Check Balance on myAT&T App

If you have AT&T postpaid wireless service, you can also use the myAT&T app to check your account balance and details. The myAT&T app offers similar account management capabilities for postpaid customers as the PREPAID SM app does for prepaid users.

Follow these instructions to use the myAT&T app to check your postpaid balance:

  1. Get the myAT&T app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Open the app and enter your AT&T username and password to log in.
  3. On the main Bills tab, scroll down to view your current balance.
  4. Tap View Details to see specific charges and payments.

The myAT&T app also allows you to view past bills, make payments, track data usage, manage devices, and customize account settings. Having the app provides a quick and easy way to monitor your AT&T postpaid wireless account on your phone or tablet in addition to texting BAL.

Check Balance on AT&T Website

The last method we’ll cover to check your AT&T wireless account balance is by logging into your account on the AT&T website.

To view your balance on

  1. Go to and click MyAT&T at the top.
  2. Enter your AT&T username and password and click Log In.
  3. On the overview page, scroll down to the Account Balance box.
  4. View your balance amount and due date.
  5. Click View Details to see charges, payments, data usage etc.

Accessing your AT&T account online allows you to get the most detailed information on your balance, usage, charges, and account details. However, the website should be used when you need more expansive account management capabilities, while texting and mobile apps are better for quick on-demand balance checks.


Checking your AT&T wireless account balance by text message is fast and convenient. Here are some key points summarizing the different ways to check your balance by text:

  • Postpaid: Text “BAL” to 4004
  • Prepaid: Text “BAL” to 611611
  • Other keywords like “DATA” or “DUE” provide account details.
  • Set up free AT&T alerts to automatically text you balance info.
  • Use the myAT&T or PREPAID SM apps to check your balance.
  • Full details can be viewed by logging into your account online.

Hopefully this guide has outlined the simple process to check your current AT&T wireless account balance via text message from your mobile device. It provides a fast and convenient way to monitor your balance and account details on the go.

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