How do Aries act on their period?

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is known for being passionate, enthusiastic, and adventurous. However, when Aries women get their periods, their behavior and moods can change dramatically. Understanding how Aries women act during menstruation can help partners and friends support them through this time.

Increased Irritability and Impatience

One of the most common personality shifts Aries women experience during their periods is increased irritability and impatience. Aries women are typically direct, assertive, and eager to get things done. However, hormonal changes during menstruation can amplify these traits to extremes. Aries women are prone to snapping at loved ones, having frequent outbursts of anger, and feeling irritated by small annoyances. Their naturally fast pace gets even faster, and they have little tolerance for anything perceived as wasting time.

Partners and friends should be extra patient and avoid taking an Aries woman’s moodiness personally. Letting snide remarks go unacknowledged and giving Aries women space to vent frustration constructively can help minimize hurt feelings. Lightening the mood with humor can also help take the edge off.

Heightened Sensory Sensitivity

Aries rules the head, so many Aries women find their senses go into overdrive leading up to and during their periods. Bright lights, loud noises, strong smells, and tactile sensations can become almost unbearable. To compensate, Aries women may isolate themselves more than usual and avoid crowded social situations.

If an Aries friend or partner is exhibiting signs of sensory overload like covering her ears or eyes, turning down the lights, or avoiding touch, be respectful of her boundaries. Speaking softly, limiting noisy activities, cooking mild-smelling foods, and providing a quiet space can help her ride out intensified sensory input each month.

Increased Need for Comfort and Reassurance

Though they typically project strength and independence, Aries women often privately crave comfort, affection, and reassurance during their periods. The influx of hormones can make them feel off-kilter emotionally, mentally, and physically. Simple gestures like hand holding, cuddling, back rubs, words of praise, and small gifts go a long way in helping them feel cared for.

Partners should be generous with physical touch and verbal affirmation during an Aries woman’s time of the month. Friends can lend support by frequently reaching out, spending quality time together, and reminding her of her positive qualities. A little extra TLC helps restore an Aries woman’s spirits and confidence.

More Introspection and Reflection

While Aries women are usually outwardly focused, they are prone to increased introspection and reflection during menstruation. Hormones seem to soften their typical hard-charging edge, turning their gaze inward. An Aries woman may use this time to mentally process recent events, ponder future plans, work through emotions, and tap into her creative side. Journaling, art, music, poetry, and meditation can all be constructive outlets.

Friends and partners should recognize this occasional need for solitude and avoid pressuring an Aries woman to be more social than she is comfortable with while menstruating. Expressing a willingness to listen without judgement if she feels like opening up can also be helpful.

Fluctuating Energy Levels

Aries women are powered by seemingly endless reserves of energy, but the fatigue and body aches accompanying PMS and menstruation can take a toll. One day she may be her usual lively self, while the next she can barely drag herself off the couch. Pushing through pain and exhaustion often just exacerbates the problem.

Partners and friends must refrain from judging an Aries woman for what may look like laziness during her period. Instead, be understanding of lowered energy levels and resist making her feel guilty for resting and taking it easy. Offer to bring meals in bed, help with chores, and make plans for low-key activities like movie nights.

Increased Desire for Comfort Food

Aries rule the head, but during their periods food cravings tend to shift distinctly southward! Spicy, greasy, and salty foods often have an irresistible appeal. Partners and friends shouldn’t make an Aries woman feel badly about giving in to cravings in moderation. Keep her favorites on hand, surprise her with a special treat, or suggest satisfying yet healthier alternatives.

More Emotional Sensitivity

Aries women have a reputation for being tough, stubborn, and strong. But the truth is they can get hurt and overwhelmed by emotion like anyone else – especially during menstruation. Hormonal changes make it harder to keep feelings in check and leave Aries women prone to mood swings, tender feelings, and even crying jags.

Partners and friends need to approach an Aries woman gently during this time and avoid joking around in ways that could be misconstrued as hurtful. Don’t accuse her of overreacting if she gets upset. Show empathy and compassion instead. Saying things like, “That sounds really hard, I’m here for you,” can defuse tension.

Increased Sexual Appetite

Thanks to hormonal fluctuations and increased blood flow to her pelvic region, an Aries woman’s libido often kicks into high gear before and during her period. This contrasts with the conventional myth about women being less interested in sex during menstruation. Partners shouldn’t make assumptions and should let her take the lead in initiating intimacy.

More Prone to Making Impulsive Decisions

Aries women are known for following their gut instincts and making split second decisions. However, these impulsive tendencies get dialed up during PMS and menstruation. Powerful emotions and physical discomfort can override logic, making it difficult for Aries women to think through decisions rationally or consider long term consequences.

Partners and friends can help by gently raising counterpoints, providing reassurance there’s no need to rush, and encouraging Aries women to breathe and give themselves extra time before committing to anything consequential. Remind them their judgement is likely clouded at the moment.

Hints of Vulnerability Behind the Tough Exterior

Despite the independent, fearless front Aries women put up, their confidence can waver each month when hormones run rampant. Physical tenderness, emotional sensitivity, and second guessing undermine their typical bravado. Close confidants may be able to detect small cracks in their armor and glimpses of vulnerability.

Rather than point out chinks they’d probably prefer to hide, offer reassurance instead. Remind your Aries woman friend or partner that it’s normal to feel off balance sometimes, that you still admire her strength, and that you’re there to support her in whatever way she needs. She’ll appreciate you having her back.


While Aries women may seem strong, fiery, and invincible much of the time, menstruation can temporarily disrupt their typical equilibrium. Hormonal changes affect their mood, energy levels, impulsivity, emotional sensitivity, libido, and more throughout their cycle. How Aries women experience PMS and their periods is also highly individual.

The best approach for partners and friends is to check in about what she needs month to month and avoid making assumptions. Offer plenty of TLC while also giving space when required. With compassion and patience, supporting an Aries woman through her period will strengthen your bond and her appreciation.

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